April 15, 2011

spilling open....

as i sit here typing, the wind outside is behaving badly. if i had a "no surfing" flag
i'd plant it firmly in my front yard, just to make the neighbors laugh.
charlie our weather guy, who i can hear off in the distance,
just said 40 miles per hour winds. so it's also a day not to wear hats.
i talk a lot and often and when i don't, people wonder what's wrong even when i say "i'm fine."
here's the thing. when i am quiet, something is wrong.
i guess i'm an open book that way.
page 67 or 99. take your pick.
they both say "she's not talking right now."
that's what happened last night.
but you know what. my being quiet is as ugly as an egg salad sandwich
for me and anyone around me
today's a new day,
even if this so called day is trying to blow itself to another continent.
so my words have returned.
granted, they're being a bit shy.
but they're here. sitting in a circle on carpet squares with wide eyes and their hands raised. waiting to be called on.


  1. I am the Public Relations Council for the Eggs Salad Sandwiches of the world and we are very concerned about your recent analogy. Take it back!!!! ;-)

    I happen to love egg salad....

    And, I hear you whether words or images are emanating from you or not. Your silence is yours; turn it off when the time is right. I hear you either way. I hear you.

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  3. well, the wind is fierce here in Texas too so it must be one heckuva a day across the midwestern sector! i know the storms are fierce.

    i liked holly's smackdown on behalf of all egg salad lovers... :)

    and i hope you have your voice again. i too tend to get quiet and bottle it up. bad. very bad.

  4. Raising my hand - asking you to "pick me" OOOO pick me to talk to!

    Hope that wind blows out all the bad. xoxo

  5. I love Charlie! Except when he says things like "high of 42" and "winds up to 40 mph". Charlie, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!!!!

    Sorry you've been feeling bad/sad/dumpy or whatever adjective you would like to insert. Need to talk? I'm a talker too but I also have pretty big ears (not in the literal sense ~ I hope).

    May the nasty cold winds blow happiness your way.

  6. There seem to be a wave of similar feelings around. I am glad you are back talking...

  7. Hmm...I think you have it right, Anyes.
    However, today I am looking forward to taking my middle son to lunch for his birthday. :)
    ~hugs~ all around!

  8. silence is never to be taken as there is nothing to be said. it is just the lack of know how and want to communicate.

  9. I am laughing out loud because YOU my friend Beth, always have a funny way about words...EGG SALAD sandwiches are so damn ugly...and who knew, that it would become a topic of conversation.I adore you...and forgot ho much I like egg salad..I might make some since I just had delivery of local free rangers!

  10. Oh yes, I read your words and think too "they are here. beautiful as ever." Sigh, always love visiting here. And our wind? Brought SNEAUX, many inches of it, and that beats egg salad in my book any day :)

  11. egg salads exhibit extensive variety as do conversations.

    the value rating system of either is solely at the discretion of the talker/talkee
    or the eater/eatee :D


  12. Umm... I make a pretty egg salad sandwich?

  13. oh man...are WE 2 peas in a pod!!

  14. Oh I see that hand raised and saying "oh, oh, oh pick me". But egg salad sandwiches, I would say you must not have had one of my good ones with hot chili paste added - oh yummmm!

  15. i love egg salad....and even though it's not the pretty sandwich, like say a club with it's crust cut away, it's a nurisher and doer ...... and that makes it extra special.

  16. OK, I guess you have figured out that there is a lot of egg salad fans out here. I bet you weren't expecting that. I love the yellow and white.

  17. Ok me too, love that egg salad. love quiet days too.

  18. Ha- I didn't realize my name would still be up there from yesterday! It looks like I said something really bad to you! lol I'm glad you found your words and today have returned to 'effusive'!

  19. "as ugly as an egg salad sandwhich"
    ....still grinning over that:)
    Hope you're called on like
    the teacher's pet!

  20. love the notion of
    the no surfing flag.

    myself, i would like
    a storm warning
    hat to don and
    doff as appropriate

  21. you make me smile, always. it must be something in the air again, i have been in a rotten mood for a week. yesterday i had a good cry and got most of it out of my system.

  22. I don't know if it is completely "wrong" when you are quiet - just not a comfortable place. But those places have to be visited in this life some times, I think, so that when we get back home, we realize how magnificent it is. Welcome Home, Lovely One ! I hope you get to linger long in this comfortable place.
    Love you !

  23. You sent the wind our way. Did you send the 3" of snow predicted. I think it may be a bit south of us, but not too big a bit! SOON. PLEASE. SOON!

  24. Ugly as an egg salad sandwich....where do you get these great words from?? Even when you are few on words, you choose the most perfect ones.
    Every time.


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