April 20, 2011

i just can't help myself....

i love my turtles
when i looked at this photo from last week
[that i took prior to the %#*^&@^ snow storm that blew in here yesterday]
it made me smile
then it reminded me of all of you
of all of us
how in this crazy world of blogging
we hang in there 
how we're there for each other
through the good and the bad
the ugly and the sad
i just wanted to say
thank you


  1. That is an excellent photo. Love the b/w and how the turtles are hanging on the log together. And beautiful words too.

  2. It's truly an amazing shot. Thank YOU for sharing it.

  3. ... and oh, how we are not alone swearing at the weather ... the chance of may flowers after april flurries is getting a bit silly ... the flooding continues and has yet to crest (we live between two river valleys, but gratefully are high and dry) ... the snow drifts are still high in the bushes ... the farmers are far from seeding in the fields ... what was that word you used? %#*^&@^
    and yet the spring birds are singing a song that makes me believe that spring will surely come ... surely ... : )
    LOVE your turtles ~ an outstanding capture! how they love to feel the sun ... (oh, and so do we ... better not get started on THAT again!)
    cheers beth!

  4. Lovely sentiments my dear. And your words in parenthesis are cracking me up!!! Lovely turtles representing lovely bloggers. Which one are you? ;0)

  5. right back atcha dear girl!
    we all band together to flip each other back over if we land on our backs :D



  6. About once a month I seriously think about tossing the whole land of blog out the window, but then I find something that reminds me why I don't. I came over from Susan's Just A Moment and I want to say howdy and thanks for the inspiration.


  7. i love the sleek and shiny backs of your turtles. ours are green and gunky with algae... guess your winter weather is good for 'clearing the shell'. :)

    and i'm glad you're my blog neighbor!

  8. what a great photo, beth... and each little turtle such an individual and hanging in there together... a perfect portrayal of this lovely land of blogging friends. thank you. -xok.

  9. I think it is a brilliant photo. you are always in the right spots at the best times. I have never seen turtles like that. nor did I ever figure I would have such a great group of blogging friends.
    and yes the snow....although it is slowly going here. supposed to be a nice weekend. so I hope it melts for you too and that Spring knocks on your door.

  10. I have always loved turtles too and have several around the house. You know what they stand for,right?

    The Chinese traditionally see the tortoise as a supporter of the world, its four feet being the four corners of earth.
    In Mongolian myths, the central mountain of the universe is carried on the back of a golden turtle.
    To many Africians, the tortoise is generally a symbol of wisdom, skill, power, often depicted as a trickster figure.
    In Hindu tradition, the world rests on the back of an elephant, a male solar symbol, which in turn stands upon a tortoise, a feminine lunar symbol.
    The Iroquois of North America believe they are descended from a turtle that rid itself of its shell.
    Other Native American tribes see the turtle as a symbol of endurance and persistance.

    In Greek mythology the turtule was a symbol of the god Hermes, one of the 12 Olympian gods.

  11. Super special! The photo and YOU!

  12. Fantastic shot . . . . love it.

  13. The pleasure is all mine.

  14. That is such a sweet photograph! And you words ring true. I value all my blogging buddies so much. They sure have been a great support as I've lamented the loss of my job and suffered with being a new retiree. I've learned so much from all of you and managed to laugh through my tears!

  15. thinking about how our weather has been
    pure awesomeness this Spring
    (except for the flying trees and stuff).
    Already tan, already air-conditioned,
    already bee-stung, fire ant bit, mosquitoe bit,
    already pulling weeds from the gardens.
    But I know Spring will come your way.
    And when it does,
    I'll re-live it all again
    and find myself soothed
    as I swelter and my chest heaves up and down
    as if trying to suck air through a tiny straw
    in humidity as thick as peanutbutter.
    And I'll long for Fall,
    when cool breezes blow and lift heaviness from the air again.
    It's funny how our experiences can be so different
    and still so similar.
    It will come a-warming:)
    Hang in there....it will come.

  16. THAT is one amazing capture!!!
    Love it.
    And thank YOU!!!!

  17. right back atcha. (They really are very chummy turtles, aren't they? I don't think Florida turtles are so friendly with one another. Maybe it's too hot down here. "Don't touch me! Can't you see I'm all sweaty?")

  18. Love love love this post, Beth. The photo is perfect and the sentiment just what I have been thinking today too. Thank you right back, my friend !
    Love ya!

  19. Great shot! Reminds me of a family doing it's best to survive.


  20. awwwwwwwwwwwww, now I'm all mushy again, beth. Thank YOU for your friendship.

  21. Beth, I just love your turtle shot so much and your lovely words, too. What a blast reading the comments, oldgreymare really hit what it's felt like for me lately! ... thank goodness for help in getting flipped back over! love this land!

  22. I love the shot and the idea that it's all of us hanging out on that log. Every time I see a turtle I'll think of that now :)

  23. I love creatures that live in ponds and lakes. The turtles are so cute!

  24. I like what Barbara said too..

    You always brighten my day, Beth. Thank you for that.

  25. A chorus line of turtles. Perfect, Beth!

  26. Smart turtles enjoying each other's company on a floating log ;-)
    and a big Thank you back, Beth for the way you share your life with us

  27. And I should be thanking you ~

  28. What a great shot! Sorry I haven't been around, but my mom is visiting so my time on the computer is very limited. Don't forget me!

  29. How sweet! I feel like there should be a congo beat playing somewhere so they can shake a shell feather.

  30. Oh sweetie!!! This warms my heart. It's so true. Thank you for being here!!! xoxo

  31. Well, thank you. Love those turtles, and I hope the snow has melted already. Give it up already winter, would ya?

  32. Oh, look at them all!

  33. well said Beth...I love this photo on so many levels

  34. That is just pure organic adorableness!


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