June 29, 2009


I think maybe working for the olympics makes my hubby look even more handsome
if that's possible
how lucky is he to have had a photo op with
michelle kwan
a little teaser
for tomorrow
wait until you see the rock star I hung out with for hours on sunday


  1. I'm star struck. That young girl is so lucky to be seen with that guy...

    Star struck I tell ya! Me...Hollywood doesn't make good looking actors like that guy any more...

    But, I hear, you should see that guy's wife...now HER? She's known to be good looking and incredibly talented. So, maybe he's the lucky one after all!

  2. My oh my, he is a handsome husband....I bet he misses his wbeautiful wife Beth....apparently there is only one woman like her...we love ya and i am sure so does he, and Holly is right he is the lucky one...Michelle has nothing up on you....what does she do skate, tennis....lol. Take care, cinner

  3. wow ~amazing photo ...beth cannot wait to see YOUR rockstar!

  4. Nice photo but ... if you took it, it would have been so much more.

    A job is a job is a job ... it's not home ...

    Sounds like you had a most interesting weekend though ...

    Do tell ...

  5. I love the photo shoots pics...especially the one where they're all jumping, but in order....how did you ever manage that? You are truly a great photographer. I do agree with JC...a job is a job. From what I read between your lines, you and your husband have a strong relationship that time apart will only strengthen.

  6. That is so fun that he gets to meet such amazing people.

    I want to know about the rock star. =]

  7. you have the hottest husband!!! :) so handsome...and Michelle seems like she would be so sweet to have dinner with - I'm glad he got to have a good time.

    now tell me about your good time.

  8. what a great picture of your hubby! for a second, i thought this was one of your photos. but then i recongnized michelle kwan right away and knew it must be your hubby in the picture.

    you're right—your hubby IS handsome, if that's okay for me to say. how fun to be able to meet great olympic athletes. what a great job!

    hmmmmm . . . who's this rock star you speak of? funny you should say that, 'cause i got to hang with a rock star on sunday, too. :)

  9. Honey, you are one lucky wife. :) I bet he misses you like crazy.

  10. He is model-handsome all right. You're not too shabby yourself, dear one. You two are so lucky in love.

  11. wow!!! handsome! and michelle kwan is one of my all time favorites. she is pure grace on the ice. how exciting!

  12. Looks like his job is doing him well ! Lucky Michelle that you lent him out for a bit !

  13. Looky Looky! Your mister is soo handsome!

    He looks just radiant in this picture! I know you are so super stoked for him!

    And, MAN, Michelle has grown into a beautiful young woman!

  14. I'm not sure which is more handsome -- John or Michelle! Pretty darned cool!

  15. That is cool. Very cool. But, I am wondering how you are? Really.


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