June 30, 2009

oh, she's a rock star alright...at least in my world she is...

this is georgia
my new rock star friend
{come on look at her cowboy boots~she's totally cool}
who through blogging
I feel like I've known for a very long time
not forever though
as that's a very very long time
and how do we really know how long forever even is
{said once again in my craig ferguson accented voice}
so the story goes like this
we've been blogging buds for quite some time now
the two of us
me and georgia
georgia and I
when I looked on the map and saw how close we live to one another
well I knew we needed to meet in person
I suggested the flea market that I go to during the summer
which ended up being perfect
she loves vintage and old even more than I do
if that's possible
maybe it's a tie who has the greater vintage love
but whatever
we laughed
loved many of the same things
~she really loves vintage fabric anything
jewelry and owls
noticed how gorgeous these table cloths were all lined up by color~
shared a cinnamon roll
a basket of fries
{not at the same time silly}
got pushed over by gusts of wind
fell in love with many things we couldn't buy
smiled at ourselves for the things we did buy
~that green striped beach umbrella that georgia is standing under
now belongs to me...for a mere $10~
bicycles and things with wheels seemed to be the theme of the day
as they were everywhere

if we lived in the same town together
we might have gone home with this bike
so we could ride around together taking photos
with our feet kicked out in the wind
while we held on tight to our cowboy hats
while I sat in back pretending to help with the pedaling
hee hee
we both wanted these chairs
but neither of us had anywhere to put them
so we left them for some other lucky person to find
this great bike was marked $30 and was sold right behind our backs to a little boy for
10 bucks
then we both kicked ourselves
for missing out on that sale
here's georgia doing some serious looking
I think I heard her say to herself
"walk away from the wicker purse georgia"
by the end of the day
having only seen a third of the booths
we were
a little sunburned
our feet and shoulders were sore
our hands were filled with purchases as we walked to our cars
after five hours of being together
we knew a little bit more about each other
talked about how amazing our blogging tribe is
how it kind of blows your mind when you finally get to meet each other in person
how those who don't blog just don't "get it"
how we need to plan a big get-together for all of our blogging loves
you and you and you
{I think it might actually happen}

when we hugged good-bye
I knew it meant
"only until I see you again"
thanks georgia for all the fun and for all you blog loves
wherever georgia's name is highlighted
it' a different blog of hers each time
so check them all out
as she's a super cool vintage loving rhinestone wearing photographer rock star
who made sunday a day I won't forget


  1. How wonderful!!!!!!! I am so happy that you got to meet another person from the tribe! Georgia sounds great and I hope you guys get together a lot more. And there is that flea market! Someday......

  2. yay!!! wonderful shots and I would have been drooling all over that stuff too. so what all did you buy???


  3. :)

    i smiled and laughed through this whole thing. you are so sweet. and you said it best when you said, "only until i see you again."

    i had SOOO much fun, beth. i really did. and i can't wait to do it again.

    thanks for this! it made me smile and made my day.

    oh, and i'm thinking i need to work on my rock star posture. i don't think rock starts slouch like i do. oh, my! i was mortified when i saw that second picture! :)

  4. oh my what a very special time together you two ...I am so happy that you got together and at a flea market...the best possible scenario I am a little bit envious (a lot!)

  5. Oh~ how very fun! I so wish we had a big flea fair in our area...but nothing that fun is around. But, even if we were just sitting on a rock someplace, I think it would be fun with you, regardless.

    How very fun to meet in person and realize that if we are truthfully sharing what we think and see on our blogs, when we get to meet in 'real time' it feels so natural and as you might expect!

    So, very cool for both of you!

  6. Hi fun for both you and Georgia!!!! What an incredible opportunity and the flea market looks WONDERFUL!!! I loved your other posts as well- how cool is the picture of your husband! It sounds like an interesting job. Have a wonderful day~

  7. It looks like you girls had the time of your life :)

  8. Oh man! I'm so bummed I missed out on this! I'm in for a blog get together sometime! You know that, though. Your pics made me smile...and I'm so glad that you both had so much fun together! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Oh FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! my my my my ... I agree, and my V-Luv has been proposing, too, that there be some sort of Blogger Tribe Meeting next year ... this inspired me to consider that much more carefully ...

    and yesterday's post ... god, if I hadn't READ it I would not have known that was Michelle Kwan ... being as I never watch TV and certainly not ice skating (what a dork) but boy does JOHN look hot!!! (hee!)

  10. That flea looked great...was it Kane County? or some other little unknown one? Right up my alley for sure.

  11. That day looks like so much fun! I think I'd have to take the "little" car so I could impose limits on myself (you can't buy what you can't carry).

  12. Oh, how I wish I could have been there to see you two rockin' chicks together! I bet you got along famously and had so much fun! Thanks for all these great pictures. It's inspired me to go in search of some fun outdoor sales!

  13. P.S. We totally need to plan a get-together. Have blog, will travel!!!!

  14. Sounds like you had a great time.....I'd be a little nervous to meet any of you in person...what if I couldn't find anything to say?? (Yes, I'm shy and insecure in that way). You're writing is beautiful....and that flea market! You only got 1/3 through?? Man, I wish we had flea markets like that!!(I don't suppose you're near the BC border by any chance??
    Good for you,both of you.

  15. This is so cool beth ! How great that you and georgia took the plunge and found the perfect place to meet in person and get to know one another face to face ! I am so envious. My greatest soul dream right now is that I will find a sense of community and friendship like I have with my blogging friends in my "real world" - it has been missing in my life for awhile and I need it to be rebuilt with like-minded, loving peeps like I have met on line. Your day gives me hope that my dream is coming! Perhaps, Squam will help too !!!;) Such fun ! Yay for you ladies !

  16. Sign me up, I'd love to rock out with my homegirls!!

    Flea markets make me swoon. Like, the Scarlett O'Hara-Gone With the Wind-Ah am gonnuh faint-swoon!

    Looks like you had a blast!

  17. This is so cool! You sound like kindred sprits! I have had the great good fortune to meet several blog buddies and have never been disappointed!

  18. way too cool! how great would it be if you both made this a great habit and shared it with all of us!?!!!
    can we do this when i visit? :)

  19. AnonymousJuly 01, 2009

    you are so right - those who dont blog, just dont get it!

  20. georgia really is a very special person.

    so happy that the two of you had such a funky day!

  21. So glad you had a wonderful time. Sounds faboo!!

  22. I'm so jealous that you two got to hang out with eachother! I love Georgia to bits too. Sounds like a perfect outing. Count me in for the big get together too!

  23. I love this post because, yes, Georgia seems fairly wonderful and, two, because your writing voice has a decidely A.A. Milne vibe to it. Love it. Looks like a day well spent with a good friend. I've yet to meet anyone from blogland but look forward to reading and commenting most everyday on the blogs I love. Thanks for stopping by mine and sharing your music tastes. I'll have to add you to my blogroll. :)

  24. OH! Lucky, lucky both of you. Thanks for sharing your day with us. You've made me smile.


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