June 26, 2009

oh for the love of children...

I'm blessed to live in a lively neighborhood
where the three homes whose yards back up to us
a total of
all under the age of
they all know that I'm
the girl with the camera
the chic with a lens addiction
the mom who doesn't have any littles at home anymore to photograph
they welcome me with open arms
to sit in their yards
click away at their beautiful children
I'm so blessed


  1. I'm blessed too! I have two young nieces and lots of friends with very young children. Not sure what I'd do with myself if they wouldn't let me be a part of their lives... I try to capture as much as possible on film. Your work is wonderful. Very inspiring! Have a great Friday!

  2. Blessed? Indeed you are. Blessed? Indeed we are because we can see the world through your eyes, and it's a very fine view, Indeed!

  3. Hi Beth~ How fun!! I love when the outside reverberates with the sound of kids playing. We live near a big park and to hear the play groups and ball games is wonderful. Thanks for the kind comment- I did take some pictures of some of the things I did not take- great idea! Have a wonderful weekend~

  4. you can't beat the beauty of children :-)

    wonderful shots

    best wishes

  5. Beth you capture them beautifully. I have 2 newphews and a niece coming in July...I will see what I can do athough they usually end up looking goofy and posed...oh well. take care, cinner

  6. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    i especially like the second one, with the water streaming down.

  7. gorgeous shots! so much fun to capture their joy.

  8. Hello,
    I am new to your blog, just wanted to say I enjoy the picture of children you took. Yes, you are indeed very blessed to surrounded by pure innocent souls around you :-)

  9. oh, i can see how you enjoy that. the pictures are so beautiful. happy. and priceless for the parents, later, when they're grown up.
    i love your blog header. it reminds me of, "always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of someone else." judy garland, i believe. but yours is more concise. thank you!

  10. Yes..you are so lucky!! What beautiful images of such beautiful children!!!!

  11. That's so wonderful! You have captured some special photos :)

  12. There is nothing better than seeing children delight in the fun and sun of summer!

    So glad for your community, Beth! Those sounds of laughter must be music in the air!


  13. I like kids.....in pictures like the ones you took, where you capture their souls. But I say I'll take the calmness of our rural property over screaming kids, even if they are screaming with laughter. (Ok, I'm bad, but I'm honest!!)

  14. great action shots. my fave is the first with the water mid-air.

    glad you have the little kiddos around to take pics of. we are the only residents on our street—everything else is business. so we don't get to see that at all. have to go to the pool for that. and people just don't look very kindly on bringing a camera to the pool, you know? :)

    i'll have to go to my sister's house for that.

  15. Cute shots! I live in a neighborhood with no children at all. So, I will have to live vicariously. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. of course...you know how *I* feel about your children's photos...:)

    These are true Magic...


  17. All great shots, especially that picture of an angel you took in the 3rd one. Just great! You missed your calling.

  18. First one is my fav but they are all beautiful.

    sweet captures.

  19. after spending 5 days with my sister's wonderful kiddos, I am in such agreement with you, beth, those children are such a huge blessing in our lives. They remind us to live in the here and now big time ! Gorgoeus shots !

  20. I was thinking you should be a bird photographer, but now I'm convinced you should be a children's photographer. These are stunning.

  21. I envy you and I say that without hesitation. Children are my favourite subject and yet I always feel that I am intruding because I am never sure if parents would be happy to just let me sit and snap away. Maybe I need to find a neighbourhood like yours...

  22. Any time you want, you have an invitation to Missouri to photograph my little chickie.

    These photos are wonderful, by the way.


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