June 27, 2009


wish me luck today
I have a photo shoot with a family of five adults
by now you know my true love is children
the weather all week here has been brutally hot and filled with sun
today the clouds are rolling in and it's supposed to storm
right about the time I'll be unpacking my camera
if I understood the mother correctly
they're all wearing matching clothes
deep breathing and balancing
that's what I'm doing today
how about you
are you balancing something in your life today


  1. you'll be great beth! hopefully they'll just be a family of big kids!

    and i'm crossing my fingers about the rain! i actually prefer overcast days because you won't have to deal with shadows on people's faces but rain...another story! i hope it holds off or you find somewhere sheltered!!!!

    can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Hi Beth,

    This isn't the Osmonds is it??!! I hope you'll be colour co-ordinated too!

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2009

    all the best - though i doubt you'd need luck!

    do post pictures, if you can, to show us all how it went.

  4. Matching clothes? You're gonna have to share those pics for sure!! But I hope you're not going to try to "balance " them on that rickety looking wharf! Although, come to think of it, you might get some great shots!

  5. Just think of them as rather large children ...

    Is same colors good or bad for photos ?

    I'm sure you'll figure something fabulous for the photos ...

  6. I am giggling just a bit... You will be just fine and I bet it will be a fun experience! You are so talented... Have fun today!

  7. the matching clothes kills me (my SIL does that too) - just imagine me talking my SIL into taking pictures on the deck instead of white dresses on white sand. LOL

    good luck (but I KNOW you will do fantastic)

  8. thinking of you ...i am so happy that you have this opportunity ...weather, clothes matching and all!

  9. i am sending you luck and love.

  10. Okay, I confess to a bit of a chuckle at the matching outfits...I wonder who's idea that was?!?!

    I have no doubt that you'll coax out their Inner Children....

    sending you lots of creative energy...and a whopping dose of patience...

    Me? I'm trying to balance feeling like a giant pile of poo with taking care of kidlets who feel like only slightly less giant piles of poo....who's for a nap?


  11. good luck, dear. i'll call soon.

    {lovely photo as always.}

  12. oooh, i love this photo! perfect!

    balancing something? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahhahaha... life is ONE big balancing act after another?
    You will be amazing, as always!

  13. Hi there my fellow highwire performer! So tell me how it went? And photos of groups wearing the same colors? I think they can add a cohesive look that make you look at the faces which is really why they wanted the picture to start. And you will make them look wonderful!

  14. Oh Derrick you've made me laugh big time here.
    And Beth you'll do great, as you always do. Just have faith that you're in balance because you will. Hope to see some of the pics here. I'm curious about the color theme.

  15. This shot is absolutely AMAZING. I love it!!!

  16. I am balancing time.

    Time with my son.
    Time with my husband.
    Time to be falling down silly with my sister.
    Time to be checking in with a school I'm applying to.
    Time to be transferring & calling & doing so much busywork with new career opportunities.
    Time to be silent & reflective & appreciative of my abundant blessings.
    Time to sleep. lol
    Time to slow down and realize that these are the days...


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