April 7, 2014

a little place to call my own

we're all busy. in fact too many people seem to glorify "busy-ness" and that's sad. "any who" {and my apologies if i stepped on any toes...the truth hurts sometimes} i love this post. it made me stop and think and well frankly, it made me use both of my hands and my morning was so much more enjoyable. my computer and phone didn't even miss me.

i'm still on my iPhone 4s. should i get the 5? i'm due for a upgrade. unfortunately i don't love change.

whose using LR 5? i'm still on LR 3. tell me how wonderful LR5 is and make me switch. i dare you.

oh, and i want this. to write in. to play in. to dream in. to create in and to sleep in after all my senses have been awakened and i'm too exhausted to move.

{photo found on tumblr}


  1. I'm too much like you- stick with what I know until sometimes I am forced to change. If I don't know half of what my phone can already do, why would I want or need one that can do more?

    The last one- is a big YES. Hubby and I have dreamt of that- we would do a barn like structure and make a shooting space for him and a writing place for me!

  2. that building reminded me of all the good times i had in my playhouse. though my playhouse looked a lot different than that one it was a solitary place i would retreat to everyday. i had crates i would stack different ways to make a shelving unit and it had a hammock to swing in. a small table and chairs from my childhood and an upstairs. i loved that place. hope all is well. have a great day~

  3. I am learning to read the signs that my being gives me when I am just too busy being busy. Reading them is ok, but acting on them is still taken some work !
    I love the hut but want it at the beach with winds blowing through it instead of a fire place to warm it up.
    Here's to finding our secret spaces to just be.

  4. I agree with the busyness.... It just doesn't work for me anymore. Not that it ever did.

    And oh how I'd love a place similar to that to write and photograph and dream and rest and live.

  5. Beth, I'm trying out LR5 right now! I have 27 days left, as a matter of fact. I'm coming from LR2, so 5 seems faster and does a better job of removing noise. Plus, there are more choices in the Develop module.

    I have the iPhone 5 and it's nice, but if I were you, I'd wait for the 6 which should be coming out soon.

  6. Drinking coffee with 2 hands...yes...I need to do that! I want that shed too *sigh*. LR5 is the BOMB...amazing. Just do it! xo

  7. I am having the same phone conversation with myself. But if the 6 is coming out soon, heck, we should wait.

  8. Sorry, no help from me on the phone. I have a "stupid" pay as you go phone. Works for as much as I need one out in the world! And I am really working to give me time to be creative. It's not that I don't have time -- it's just how do I use it? Well, this week I'm using it for art!

  9. Love the shed and wished I had one. The greenhouse is my husbands domain.
    No phone tips or LR tips from me, but luck with change.


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