April 17, 2014

hippity hoppity

easter's on its way
the countdown has begun. our daughter comes home from australia may 1st. she's been working in ballina {south of brisbane} since this past august and to say that we are excited to see her is the understatement of the year. so in fourteen days, which is 20,160 minutes, she'll be home. squeal. we plan on celebrating her birthday, which was in february and then we'll just sit around and stare at her and occasionally touch her just to make sure she's real. we're fun like that.

i'm feeling the need for a change. a blog change. i know that right there with those 3 words, i just lost some of you and that's okay. i understand. i feel the same way when i read someone's blog and they are all "whoa is me. things don't feel right or the same anymore."

but hey…people change.

my first blog began on december 27th, 2005. then moredoors {be yourself} began a life on january 11th, 2008 and WOW...i have had an amazing run of over 9 years {stressing "nine years" people} in the blogging world. and now the itch. the itch of wanting a new place, a new space, new surroundings and a new feel, all while wrestling with the fact that this feeling doesn't come from someone who grabs "change"excitedly by the hand and skips across the street with a big smile on her face.

so, no whoa is me, where am i going with my life, what am i going to do now scenario….nope, i'm just talking out loud, getting things out of my head, sorting through thoughts and trying to figure out what sounds like the most fun. 

life's too short not to do what's the most fun…or the most exciting. right?

i hope you all have a wonderful bunny day. may the chocolate fairy be kind to you.


  1. So glad to hear your daughter is coming home, I'm sure you both over the moon. A blog change? Nope you didn't loose me.I'll be following you whether you like it or not.

  2. Love your photo.
    So very excited for you that daughter will be coming home.
    Blog change, I will follow you anywhere your heart takes you.
    Recently I had a brief thought of that myself, but not yet.
    Sometimes I am inspired and some times I am not. Life's
    ebb and flow is here to stay.

  3. So happy to know Cate is coming home !!! How great it will be for you to spend some sweet time with her.
    Things are crazy here. What keeps saving me is remembering that in this moment, all is well. And that the rest of it all is in imagination right now. One step at a time, and all that !
    Off to Canada for the weekend to have an Easter/Katie's 6th birthday/Kim and Dave move to Florida gathering. Should be fun !
    Much love to you and here's wishes of fresh air and spaces, just like you want them !

  4. Squealing right along with you, Beth...for her homecoming! I feel your joy. Blessings to you at Easter too.

  5. Happy Bunny Day to you -- but I think your big holiday will be May Day! That's so exciting!

    I love this photo. It just speaks to Easter so beautifully!

    And no, you'll have to go further than a WHOA BIG CHANGE to scare me into leaving! I've been there earlier on, and I'll be there whatever. Just make sure there is a whatever! Happiest Easter!

  6. YAY!!! your girl is coming -home-!

    I look forward to your morph.

  7. hope your visit with your daughter is all you expect and more. Happy Belated Birthday to her... good luck with your new blog and look... i'm sure everyone will love it as much as you do. have a great day~

  8. I know you won't feel at ease until she is there in your arms!
    Happy spring, my friend!

  9. Hmm sorry the comment hopped away before I finished it ?
    Good for you whichever way you go ~
    following our creative dreams and jumping out of the box every so often is always exciting !
    Follow your bliss.

  10. Enjoy your time with your daughter...and happy bunny day to you too!

  11. Is your daughter coming home for good or for a visit?

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  12. That is a fantastic basket. So glad to hear your daughter will soon be home. Blessings for this Easter weekend.

  13. Seems I can remember when she left. So glad she's coming home.

  14. I know you'll be beyond happy to see that daughter of yours right there where you are sitting. I am not too keen on the letting go that I'm going to have to do this year as Hannah goes off to college, but it's a good thing, too, to see these girls of ours becoming adults and settling in to the person that they are inside. (Does that make sense?!) Happy Easter to you, too!

  15. I love a blog change! I was looking into square space a few months ago...but didn't feel like paying to blog. Still, I love my new Caroline Dreams blog... Change is good! Try it :) Happy Easter my dear! xoxo

  16. So exciting to have your daughter home again. I know that will be a big celebration!

    As for your blog, I will always follow you, as long as I know where you are. I am a sporadic reader..can't even keep up with writing my own blog, what with trapsing back and forth between CA and India...but I enjoy your writing and your wonderful photography and I always seek you out when I stop for a breath.

  17. Love to see your new dig...where ever it is :-) Missing you xo

  18. I totally get this, and you are one of my heroes here; I have learned that it is incredibly hard to have things to say regularly. I've often wish instead of words, mine was a visual medium like yours....at least it 'seems' it would be easier to come up with a post. On lots of levels I know this is not true. But, I'm always looking for an excuse. With you, though, Beth, I have always loved, not only your pictures, but your way with words. You are gifted with sharing your experiences so very well. And, I would totally miss that if it was gone. Yet, I totally understand if you take yourSelf to a new place of sharing. I just hope I can always find you to 'see' what you are doing. BIG HUGS & Best Wishes!!!

  19. whatever you do will be beautiful.

  20. I completely "get" this. If you build something "new," it could be that a whole new community would rise up around you and you might be inspired in a whole new way. But for now- enjoy the time with your daughter and know we all adore you so- no matter what you decide to do!

  21. funny how as I get the itch to get back to blogging, and I wonder about you, if you're still so faithful to your blog, then I check in and see that you have the itch to change. Ironic!

  22. Dear Beth,

    Your blog site is one of a very few that I truly enjoy visiting often – for your outstanding images and entertaining articles without all the hype, drama and fluff.

    Whatever new blog adventure you choose, I will follow and enjoy it as well.

    I too am looking to branch into new areas to blog about and will continue to maintain Keeping it Simple for the foreseeable future. One of those new topics will be related to Fixing America – each of us can contribute to making a difference. Secondly – providing a place were people could express themselves on topics that really bothers them. The catch here is – Your article/comment must be respectful of others.

    Enjoy your time with daughter and may your transition in your new home be smooth and drama free.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth