April 13, 2014

in time

my older sister, her hubby and their daughter were here visiting this past week. they live in maine and we were all thrilled to have them home. they made me eat try this. it made my eyes water and my throat burn and even with water, it hurt me. my sister went back for seconds. i trespass into old, abandoned buildings and once had to answer to a sheriff who caught me and i think that's daring. she ate more than one piece of that bar. i think she wins.

the green that spring brings is not here yet.

oh sure, if you look closely under all things still packed tightly to the ground from the weight of winter, you might find it, but generally speaking…ahhh not really. this is an old photo. obviously i was feeling a bit orangey tonight.

as i type this, i'm sitting in my office/art studio surrounded by things that feel like home. granted, a really messy {shit is all over the floor and i can't see the top of my work table} home, but still, it's comforting to me. let's just call it spring cleaning…since technically i was cleaning all day and according to the calendar,  it is spring.

question...how many pens/markers does a girl need? come on, it's not a trick question. how many? well, because i was actually able to part with like over one hundred some today, the answer is 46.

i should be sleeping, or at least in bed thinking about sleep, but the rain has other plans for me. i'm not complaining. i love the sound of rain and all things rain related {except the constant humming of the sump pump} and i haven't typed or written in forever, so this is where i'm supposed to be. unfortunately though, my brain feels about as useful as a wadded up kleenex, so i'm going to read a bit. hopefully the words i skim will find a place to land and lull me to sleep.


  1. This post is intriguing; I am picking out a book in a few minutes from my TBR stash, to read before bedtime. I hope you found just the right book to help you head to sleep.

  2. I was up at 2am reading. If it wouldn't wake up the big dog, I would go into my office and blog. *sigh*

    I love when you let color in to your images, orange is bold.. let it all hang out :-)

  3. You always make me smile.
    Sleep deprivation, oh no. I have
    been up since 4:30, now if I read
    I probably would sleep but company
    is coming for lunch. The chocolate,
    now I am curious.

  4. Ick - I wouldn't have eating that anyway because I don't care for dark chocolate. But at least you tried it. Hey, I'll go snoop around an abandoned building with you anytime tho. :-)

  5. And it's snowing here...just sayin... That chocolate bar sounds totally gross...you're brave for trying it!

  6. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I love revisiting our wedding photos and re-living that day. I hope the book worked it's majic and you had sweet dreams!

  7. Your writing reminds me of how my great aunt wrote -- lulling, pulling, reaching, finding.

  8. Ugh. I hate it when I write a comment and then blogger won't post it! I just said I felt your comfort in being in your messy art/computer space; mine is like that too -- all the worse for art day yesterday. And I'm no fan of dark chocolate either. And that we don't have green, but I do have a few mini-daffs. And that periodically I purge markers that multiply like bunnies. I don't remember buying one in ages... but I said it far more eloquently! Happy Easter!

  9. I love dark chocolate...slightly dark, with things in it...almonds, bits and pieces of fruit...just not milk chocolate...and I sleep so little at night...for most of my life. I don't know if it comes from 21 years of being a forensic nurse, waiting for the beeper to summon me to the ER for a child abuse or rape case. I know I HAVE to get more than four hours of sleep a night but I rarely do and it is always in parcels of an hour or two. At least India is awake when it is night here so I can chat with my friends there on skype and vice versa when I am in India.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth