January 30, 2014


winter just won't give up. do you know those t-shirts that kids {and adults} wear that read, "plays nice with others"…well, mother nature does NOT own one of those. i think there must be an anger management class somewhere that has her name written all over it. just saying.

the photo above is something i created for the full circle class i'm taking with misty mawn. there are three hundred and nine beautiful women in the classroom with me, from all over the world and let me just say, we are having an amazing time.

yesterday we worked on superimposing photos, which i've been doing for a long time now {especially when making my banners/headers} but there is amazing app for iphones called superimpose that she introduced us to and can i just say, holy cow.

i'm a sucker for any photo related apps i can put on my phone and let's just say this one has knocked a few other ones to the bottom of the pile.

i hope wherever you are, you're warm and safe, especially if you were part of the absolutely horrible situations that happened in atlanta and alabama yesterday.

come on mother nature…redeem yourself. quickly. please!


  1. No snow here, you can send some this way if you have too much.

  2. lots of snow here, but that IS what winter is about, any way, it is in Indiana! I think that this will probably be a record-setting winter. The previous time we had frigid temperatures was 20 years ago. We Hoosiers have been spoiled, so Mother Nature kicked our feet from under us and ...hit us with lots of snow, big winds and subzero temperatures. I'm happy to be retired so I go out only when I have need.

  3. It's a horrible day here today - dark and cold and wet with low, gray skies - and all I could think of was the people living through SO MUCH WORSE for so much longer. Including you. Stay safe and warm, will you? (And thanks for the tip about the iPhone app - it sounds fun!)

  4. Your class sounds fun.... I love that image you created. And phone photo apps get me every time. That Atlanta mess was supposed to hit where I live, but instead we got just enough and schools closed ahead of time, so everyone was home where they needed to be. My sister was stuck in the Birmingham mess though. Finally got home the next day. Spring will be nice.

  5. Love your full circle.
    Hope it is warming up soon there.

  6. We are on the east side of Atlanta and did get snow but the roads were passable, unlike what was in town and on the west side of town. Thanking the lord that my hubby was sick and stayed home or he would have been out in this.

    You are quite gifted in many ways, not only with the lens but with the computer as well.

    Stay warm.

  7. Feeling blessed that this week was kind of run of the mill winter here in NH. It wirked okay for me.
    Glad you are enjoying the creative juiciness!
    Happy end of January !!!
    Love ya!

  8. A lot of ice. UGH! Why won't it stop?

  9. Gorgeous photo! I love what you have been doing lately! This class sounds like fun and inspirational:)

  10. Love your photo. Creating is such a good thing for winter when no one wants to be "out there." Of course, if you're still in Florida, "out there" isn't nearly so bad as "out here" where we're looking at another 6" today and tonight. Time to get out the glue.

  11. superimpose... Must have it!

  12. i am so far behind in the class but it's okay, i am drinking it all in like a tall favorite beverage meant to be sipped and enjoyed. (and listen to your calling, beth, come and visit over here!)


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