January 16, 2014

a rambling post

"indeed, i have long since come to know that nature feeds a woman's soul. it rarely gives direct answers, but it always nourishes, soothes and waters the spirit, so that eventually growth occurs."
thomas merton

  • i'm still loving editing my photos with a vsco look. i may tire of it at some point and go back to wanting or needing the look of truly crisp photos, but for now the vintage, darker film look is  simply making me happy.
  • the blacklist has returned and monday night's episode was amazing.
  • american idol started last night and i have always loved harry, but now i love him even more.
  • the gap is having some amazing sales…just saying.
  • i wore my tiny heeled boots the other day and even being tiny heeled my feet were all like "what is this?" i think my uggs and tennis shoes have spoiled my feet.
  • we make a lot of smoothies for breakfast. our favorite addition is kale and now we're adding sweet potatoes to them, too. yum.
  • some of you know i wear the "up" band to track my steps and sleeping. the other day, i walked more than 7 miles. i know, you're impressed. snort.


  1. I put kale in my smoothies too - I'll have to try the sweet potato tho. Is that just raw, fresh sweet potato chopped up and tossed in?

  2. I have to start practicing heels soon so that I don't fall on my face come Kevin's June wedding. Maybe some wedgie sandals will work... I fear not...

  3. Who, what??? Harry Connick Jr the love of my life (although he doesn't know it) is on American Idol??? You mean I can see him every week??? Be still my heart..... Now I need to go watch Hope Floats again and possibly take a cold shower... Just sayin'

    Oh, and nice pics :-)

  4. If I wear that band will I walk more? Serious question!

  5. Good for you! I love Harry too. Watching right now. Well, watching and reading a book.

  6. I am truly impressed with you walking 7 miles, way to go!
    I do love Harry and fell more in love with his acting in Hope Floats.
    I do love your photography and skills, will have to look into this VSCO look, this is new to me but boy what it does to your photos.
    GOD bless and keep you strong.

  7. Ramblings, what a great idea for a blog post! Kale and sweet potato smoothies.....nice. I'm on a kale kick and grew three different kale varieties in my garden last year.

  8. 7 miles, I am impressed!
    Oh I wanted so bad to see American Idol last night, but the TV wasn't getting it. I have got to do something about this.
    Curious what you are putting with the kale or sweet potato to make them smoothies?
    That quote is right on! Is that mushroom real? The photo is gorgeous, but the mushroom - I have never seen one like it.

  9. Kale, eh?
    I really like the depth in these pictures. They're muted but not flat.

  10. I love ALL of your photographs, and I am always marveling at just how pretty they are. This effect is nice. We've been watching Blacklist, too, but I missed it this week. I'm sure it's saved somewhere on there though. Morning smoothies are putting a smile on my face, too. We use chard and spinach... I'll have to try the kale. I add carrots usually, but now I'm wanting to throw some sweet potato in. That sounds good.

  11. Loving that sweet mushroom! The Gap, huh? I may have to check that out. I wish I was not so lazy…then I'd make smoothies! That's so bad, how hard is it to make a smoothie??? LOL

  12. i love that quote. nature does feed my soul!

  13. Funny how we stumble upon a certain photo edit style and fall in love with it -- I seem to do it frequently! Love your rambling thoughts -- I write in this format more often than not. :)

  14. I hope you're still having fun in the sun :)

    What do you mix with the sweet potato smoothie?

    One of my favorite morning mixes - kale, carrots, tumeric root, ginger root, raspberris, cacoa, pomegranite

  15. I actually just picked up VSCO the other day, but have not played with it yet.
    I just love the last photo here.
    One of my very favorite birds, and one of the few that are brave enough to hang around these parts in the winter!

    Have a great day, Beth!

  16. oh good grief, the blacklist is an aMAZing show. james spader cracks us up. have you ever seen the netflix series. "house of cards" with kevin spacey? that's one you should check out, too, if you like dark humor.

  17. I just love all this randomness. Personally, I am still learning how to make my photos perfectly crisp and clear. Wish we could do a photo walk together. You know so much!

  18. the first thing I thought when I read the blog title was "love for yourself" you are on fire girl!

  19. Ohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh. That mushroom! That is the most adorable mushroom ever!!!! I have never seen a real one that shape... it looks like one you would see drawn in a fairy tale book.
    And the quote underneath.. had to stop and write it down.

  20. I like this series and I like the processing.


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