April 9, 2013

the village, turkeys and a million dollars.....

i can't thank or applaud you enough
they say "it takes a village" and i am blessed to have all of you as part of my village. sharing with me, in my previous post, your stories, your struggles, your triumphs and your decisions regarding antidepressants was beyond wonderful. i truly wish we could have all been together in a room swimming with old vintage couches and down filled pillows while we filled our hearts with each others warmth and strength, but until that day comes (and it will) this was as good as it gets.

yesterday was finally warm. well, warm enough to be outside taking photos without wearing a winter coat. the problem was, i didn't  really know what i wanted to take photos of. so off i went to "my pond" for inspiration, only to find the walking trail barricaded due to "high water." arghh. 

a bit defeated, i set off in another direction where i ended up coming across a field full of wild turkeys. as i slowed down, two idiot turkeys were trying to cross the road...as if the grass was greener over there...anyway, one of the idiot skittish turkeys couldn't figure out what to do, as his partner flew up and over the front of my car. have you seen a turkey fly? funny stuff there. as he ran back and forth from side to side, i grabbed my camera, while panicking about the possibility of traffic coming up behind me and me being in total la-la land with my camera that i wouldn't see them and get hit from behind. good thing i'm so incredibly brave. snort. anyhow, idiot turkey number two spazzed out in the field next to my car for 1.1 second before he, too flew away {still so funny to watch} leaving me with these two shots.

these will make you happy. or sad. or filled with warmth and joy. i love it when i find, usually via other  blogs, things that make all my blog surfing hours feel like anything but a waste of time. seriously though, it's worth your time to read them. honest.

i came across some funny questions on tumblr the other day, that i read out loud to my hubby and our daughter and they rolled their eyes at me and laughed. i decided maybe i could/should ask them here: 
1. what's the first thing you wash after you jump in the shower? 
2. one million dollars will be paid to you if you spend the entire night in a haunted house. would you do it?
there were fifty questions all together, but some of them were weird {like the ones above aren't} and i thought you might have fun answering them.


  1. My face, yes, I would stay there and love these pix and they make me smile.

    Glad to be in your village, too!

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  3. Oh, my gosh. Those 60 tiny love stories! I had to stop about a third of the way through because I kept getting choked up.
    First thing? My stomach.
    Staying in a haunted house? The only way I could do it would be to split the million with someone else so that I wouldn't be alone. I can't even watch scary stuff on movies or TV, let alone stay somewhere overnight alone and risk being scared to death. Hahaha!

  4. Beth, be careful fully stopped on the road, now! I do the same thing, though. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen something and slam on the brakes, forgetting to look behind me first. On the questions...let's see...I wash my hair first, and No, I would not stay in a haunted house for a million dollars. I read #2 on the 60 love stories and got all gushy inside. :)

  5. I have rarely seen wild turkeys even if they are idiots I would like to see them in their wild habitat.
    1. I wash my front of my body first, then arms and onto other parts. Funny how we have a routine for washing in the shower.
    2. Yes, I would stay in a haunted house for a million dollars. I think the experience could be quite fascinating.
    How about you?

  6. I grab the soap bar (I love handmade soaps) and soap up my body.. starting with stomach. Why? I have no idea.

    Yes, I would stay... if I was able to bring along my dog, my husband, a priest, a real psychic (sp?) two armed body guards, and a flood light that lights up the whole house and yard, not just the room.

  7. My hair. I remember my gym teacher in 1st grade telling us we were supposed to start at the top of our head and wash downwards. I've just always done it that way since. :-)

    Yes to the haunted house. Have you ever seen "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" with Don Knotts? Funniest 60's movie ever!!

  8. Fun turkey pics but I must come to their defense. They're really not dumb. Really!
    I like to make it a habit to respect the food I eat. Yeah. I'm one of those. ;0)

    The love stories were lovely! Made me smile. Made my heart happy.

    The questions?
    1. hair
    2. yes, but I would probably be petrified the whole entire night!

  9. A turkey is the only animal I have ever hit with my car. I remember thinking, why didn't that dumb bird fly? Well, he kind of did, but not on his own speed...
    Shooting them with a camera is a lot nicer! :)

    Kooky questions interest me too!
    1. Hair
    2. Yes. I would ask the nice spirits to protect me and promise to give away a good chunk of the money to a good cause to keep the good karma flowing...
    Love you, Bethie.

  10. Those turkeys really are a bit dense ;-) be careful stopping in the middle of the road, Beth it could be a bit dangerous.

    Funny questions:
    1: my hair
    2: I do not believe I would be able to, no matter how tempting the one million dollars is. I am such a wimp :/


  11. And this is how the dance, "the turkey trot" came into being...yes? *snort*. You're making think of Les Nessman and Arthur Carlson who as god was his witness thought turkeys could fly..BEST. THANKSGIVING TV PROGRAMME. EVER.

    Your questions? I wash my face or my hair first, depending on whether or not it is a day for hair washing (every other day). As to staying in a haunted house for lots of money? I ain't afraid of no ghosts, but I don't "do" camping!! :)


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth