April 19, 2013

for the weekend.....

* i'm in love with lightly salted roasted edamame.

* i love reading these little stories. they make me happy, sad and grateful.

* yet another blog post regarding how we write about our so called perfect lives. nobody's perfect.

* holy cow. i want love everything in this etsy shop.

* i like what i see here and here. beautiful photos are so inspirational to me.

i hope that this weekend you are fearless and that your days are filled with love, happiness and family. don't be afraid to be you. don't be afraid to say what you think. believe in what you believe in and please, do what you love to do. oh, and dance. make sure you dance. even if you don't love to dance, do it anyway. i promise it will make you smile...and those dancing with you will smile and then they'll laugh and fall in love with you all over again. oh, and if you don't want your photo taken, close your eyes. your photo will still be taken, but you won't see it happen.


  1. So cute!!

    My grandbaby came a week early...and she's a girl...the answer to my prayers...such a sweetheart and so beautiful. Harper Ann Vukasinovic. First girl in the midst of my three sons, two male cousins on her mom's side, and two male cousins on my side! What a start for me as a grandma.

  2. Yes, dancing is good for the soul. I hope you have a great weekend, Beth!

  3. Had to click the link about perfect lives. So true. I've noticed on fb that certain friends use it to vent and complain, so the ones in lala land kind of balance it all out.

  4. What a sweet face. I'm eager to read the perfect lives. A lot of folks who have perfect lives to others don't. I'm curious.

    Have a lovely weekend. I will be chilling and trying to get over yuck. Finish one before another begins...

  5. Oh you know I'm dancing...in my chair, right now....feel the beat...

    Okay, I'm sorry but that photograph is too cute...and the face!! Well excuuuuse me for taking your photo anyway!!! lol!!! But you're right -- eyes closed, you can't see it and sometimes that makes all the difference in life, doesn't it?

    Off to click the rest of the links! Happy weekend Dancing Queen! xo

  6. I also love the items in the etsy shop.

  7. that photo makes me smile, and those little stories made me cry...

  8. I agree we must dance even when we are hurting.
    Loved the links. The photography was amazing.
    Sweet little closed eyed girl.

  9. love these tidbits
    and would LOVE to have you take my picture,
    eyes open or closed!

  10. Such a PRECIOUS candid photo.

  11. oh dear .. i guess i am part of those who make others think life is all sunshine margaritas and puppies ...

  12. Ha! I love the photo, how cute is that?

  13. Close my eyes-- So THAT'S the trick. I'll have to remember that :-)

    Hope your weekend was grand. Thanks for the tip n the post from SF Girl. Talk about hitting home. Perfect timing.

    xoxo jj

  14. Oh, I have wished all my life that I could feel comfortable dancing. I wish I knew how to move my body.
    Remember that post where you were talking about wishes? That would be quite near the top of my wish list.


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