January 27, 2013

weekending....to the last hour

it's impossible for me to not like the weekend. i love it when we have nothing to do and the hours, with their mischievous looking eyes, wander by with a  "hey, aren't you going to do something with us" attitude. 

i didn't do any crafting in my studio this weekend, even though these photos would lead you to believe that i did. that was actually two weeks ago that i was all glue fingered and playing in the ribbon. unfortunately, i'm just now getting around to editing some old photos without any excuse as to why. wait. i guess i could blame it on how i have this crazy ability to fall into tumblr's vortex. umm, or pinterest's vortex. don't call me crazy. i've seen some of you in there with me. snort.

we filled up today on some really good food. don't mistake that for "good for us" food, as that's not the case. we started the morning with almond croissants from trader joes. can i just say that these are the most amazing things ever. seriously, if you haven't tried these, run out now and get yourself some. 

for dinner tonight, we made our famous {well famous to us} mushroom and onion flatbread. this time {as we tend to mix it up every time} we added spinach, filet mignon, goat cheese and my very own aioli sauce. {i totally wing it when it comes to making this} yum. 

for dessert, i had strawberries that just weren't ripe enough to fall in love with....so i melted 5 lindor milk chocolate truffles and drizzled that all over our cut up berries and then sprinkled a bit of powder sugar on top. they were delicious and we both contemplated licking our plates after the berries quickly disappeared. okay fine. i did lick my plate.

i'm so blessed to have a hubby who loves to be in the kitchen with me, as that's a room that doesn't get along with me very well. i have my moments, but my best moments are with him, as we make a great team. fortunately we love watching the cooking channel together, too. i'm a very lucky girl.


  1. Enjoy !
    Best regards from Paris,


  2. Sounds like you had the perfect remedy for the not-quite-ripe strawberries. Lindor chocolate is about the only chocolate I can stand. It's nice to have a cooking partner in the kitchen. Bon appetit!

  3. I am so glad you have such a wonderful partner in this sweet, bittersweet life !
    Viva les weekends !
    Love ya !

  4. oooh, that menu sounds delicious! And yes, you are indeed :-)

  5. little women ... and most of the menu sounds delish ...

  6. i see you threw those glasses in there as a subliminal message! ;-)

  7. your art supplies look
    just as delicious as your foodie weekend sounds.
    melting truffles over fresh fruit....genius:)
    hope the hours find you happily enjoying
    all week long,

  8. Now that is a great way to spend a weekend!

  9. I really like how you eat. Mmmm.

  10. had to laugh at the ribbon shots as that's exactly what I was doing yesterday, sorting out my ribbons and laces and thinking I should have had a before and after shot. Melted Lindors....never thought of melting them but I do believe they would be good over anything and everything...thanks for that piece of dietary advice. I like people who lick their plates and aren't ashamed to admit it. I lick mine after hot apple pie with ice cream.

  11. OK I need to make friends with my kitchen today. Your food every bite of it sounds delicious. I have a weakness for almond croissants, thanks for telling me about these. At lease I think, thanks!

  12. Almond anything is a favorite of mine.

  13. A husband who watched the cooking channel with you? Girl, you are living right :-)
    xo jj

  14. Almond croissants are my weekend treat .. I have the small ones if I'm trying to be good ....

  15. Loving how you think with those berries and that chocolate! And the ribbon photo is wonderful.


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