January 13, 2013

and we melted.....

well, we didn't melt, but most of the snow around us has. thank you rain and unseasonably warm temperatures. 
i won't miss the white stuff at all and if spring wants to weasel her way in here, i'll help her by holding the door wide open. okay, fine. i know i live in wisconsin and it's only january and i'm wishing for possibly the impossible, but hey, a girl can dream.

the weekend is almost over and i'm okay with that. parts of it were great...like the huge bridal show that my hubby and i went to with our bride-to-be daughter, where my hubby might have been the only dad there {he's so great like that} and where i found a wedding planner {who i've already worked with before} who is going to help us with the big day and the fact that we can now check "the D. J." off our list...whew...but one part was really sucky and i hate sucky parts on the weekend {well anytime actually} so thank god it's been put to rest. actually, a resting state isn't enough. i hope and pray that i smothered the living daylights out of it so that it will never, ever surface again.

now, how about a question or two? first, what do you eat for breakfast on a regular basis? second, what's your favorite store to shop in for clothes for you? and let's do one more...do you wear a bathrobe after you shower/bathe, or do you go straight from a towel or two to your clothes?


  1. 1. i eat a zone breakfast bar almost every morning for breakfast, with a cup of tea.

    2. the gap outlet seems to be where i find the most things that fit me well....but almost always, i find goodies at marshals and t.j. maxi, too.

    3. always always always i put on a bathrobe after i climb out of the shower.

  2. 1. Nothing for breakfast on a regular basis, but I need to fix that situation.

    2. Favorite store is Macy's, or Loft.

    3. Straight for the clothes, baby. Straight for the clothes.

  3. I'm glad the weekend is over, too. Bob ran a high fever so I was afraid he had the flu, but all seems OK, though he feels weak. I like yogurt and fruit with tea, but maybe once a week Bob makes us an egg/ham/and bagel sandwich with salsa which we cut in half and share - that's my favorite. I hate shopping for clothes - I have more black pants than I want to admit and lots of plain turtlenecks. (Sorry - no fashion, though I do like it on others.) Well, sometimes when Eileen Fisher cashmere sweaters go on sale, I get a hankering for something soft and cuddly. What is a bathrobe - I only use the cushy ones at fancy hotels. PS I am in awe of the water drop, and I love the old trike.

  4. I love your photos. There. Now on to your questions:

    1.---honey nut cheerios with a banana cut up and 2 cups of coffee. Only way I can eat a banana since I had kids (bananas made me feel car sick when I was p.g with our first and that was 19 years ago.)

    2. I find a lot of cute things at American Eagle and JCPenneys.

    3. I usually just jump into my clothes or my p.j.'s after I shower, depending on the time of day. : )

  5. wow Beth, this are so stunning.

  6. 1. oatmeal made with skim milk, a light drizzle of natural honey, and whatever fruit I have on hand

    2. Rei, TJ Max, or an amazing consignment store near us

    3. straight to clothes post shower. bathrobe and pj's stay on as long as I can drag it out before the shower.

  7. Love your first photo -very cool looking.

    1. oatmeal with brown sugar OR half a bagel with homemade peach/mango jelly.

    2. OMG - I couldn't even tell you the last time I even bought any new clothes, but usually Kohls or Old Navy.

    3. towel and then clothes.

    Have a great week!

  8. Excellent water drop photo!

    Monday through Friday morning, I eat homemade yogurt with fresh fruit and a little granola.

    Macy's and REI are my favorite.

    Towel....coconut oil all over....then the bathrobe!

  9. The shot of the rusted bike is fabulous. All three are great, but that one evoked an emotion from childhood. :)
    1 No breakfast; coffee only
    2 Macy's and Ross
    3 towel off, then clothes

  10. Breakfast: Some sort of healthy muffin (I am partial to banana-oat ones), a slice of cheese, a slice of ham, some fruit. Quite European actually. Sometimes I make smoothies if it's very hot.

    Clothes: We have a shop here called Woolworths. I also love Miladys

    After bath: Towel, body cream. Pjamas. In the mornings I have the world's fluffiest bathrobe that I pull on while waking up.

  11. LOVE the rusty bike shot.
    1 - yogurt, then cup of fruit, then nuts and OJ - all spread out over a few hrs...
    2 - marshalls
    3 - towel-to-clothes

  12. happy bridal shower for your girl...i look forward to that day:)
    big joy there.
    hope the yuck stays smothered
    and that you enjoy these rare balmy days.
    eggs, REI, towel to lotion to clothes:)

  13. 1. it's always changing, never much, but at least a nibble of something and either o.j. or coffee.
    2. i'm a maxxinista and a marshallite! :-)
    3. my bathrobe time is before the shower, so it's straight to the clothes.

  14. Love the drop.
    Oatmeal most mornings, WHICH I HATE, but I hear its good for me.
    I don't have a favorite store, I hate all stores.
    Usually right to the cloths, but sometimes Sunday I go to the robe.

    I sound allfully negative today, but really I'm not.

  15. during week i eat breakfast every morning .. i get turkey sausage from our awesome cafeteria ...

    i shop sporadically at the little boutiques in my neighborhood or online .. occasionally going to the BIG stores on Fifth Avenue

    i go into the shower and then into my oversized terry bathrobe ... then i dress and dry my hair

  16. hmm, interesting questions. first love the bike shot, something about rust that just makes an image look extra special. breakfast - yogurt with granola cereal, fav place to buy clothes - Coldwater Creek and I always put on a robe after a shower.

  17. Breakfast - a shake - plain yogurt, blueberries or raspberries, a banana, flax seed oil, rice milk, honey - all blended together. Yum!

    I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl mostly. Anywhere I can find a decent fit. I love skinny jeans and burnout tees in soft cotton and feminine shape.

    I don't own a robe. Towel to clothes.

  18. Yes, a girl can dream of sunshine and roses.
    Wedding planning, how fun!
    Shop: I buy my jeans at J.Jill and tops at Old Navy and if I am lucky on a good sale at Anthropology. That is about it. I shop as little as possible.
    I hang out in my robe so long in the morning that once I shower I want to be in fresh, clean clothes.
    Breakfast: Usually a nice bread toasted and fruit, sometimes a scones, this morning I had some yummy plain yogurt from Costco with granola. And always a small pot of tea.
    Hope the start to your week is spectacular!

  19. Love that last shot of the bicycle

    1. Breakfast = coffee and yogurt, or cereal, or on a rare day something from Dunkin Donuts

    2. Macys, Althleta when I can afford it

    3. After a shower - Nutrogena body oil, towel, clothes


  20. Oatmeal with a splash of maple syrup and some fruit in it- strawberries or whatever and coffee (decaf most days)

    Tj maxx and Marshall's work okay but as a round chick, good clothes at good prices without shiny stuff or gross fabric is hard to find!!!

    Robe after shower. Return to bedroom to dress.

    Glad the yucky part is behind you. May the next yucky be far off.
    Love you, Bethie!

  21. For breakfast everyday - a fruit generally, occasionally bread and eggs. From bath to towel then to another towel, then bath robe and finally clothes.

  22. How on earth did you get those fragile strings of melt in your picture?? Love it! For breakfast, when I don't skip it a bowl of Honey Shreddies with no milk, just a glass of it on the side, or a bowl of oatmeal, or once in a while a couple of waffles. From bath/shower right to my jammies. Shopping....our small town is quite limited in that regard, either really cheap stores like Fields or really expensive specialty shops, so tend to order from Sears Catalouge.

  23. Beautiful melting photo! But I have to tell you that I love winter and snow and I hate the fact that it is melting here too:(

    I never skip breakfast and mix it up but it is always something fast...my go to breakfast is oatmeal with whatever fruit I have and a dollop of thick greek yogurt. But I do love a soft boiled egg on toast on occaision:)

    I hate to shop and will just say what I have on came from JJill which usually fits me well...

    I hang out in my pjs and big fluffy down bathrobe while reading and eating breakfast in the morning so when I take a shower I go straight to clothes or I would never be dressed!

    Glad the bad stuff is gone away!

  24. Peanut butter toast, or eggs with jalapeños.
    Right now, I shop nowhere as I don't care for the styles out there. Eddie Bauer is my go to when I have to get something.
    Straight to clothes ( or more likely, pajamas) from towel.

    All our snow melted too... It was so warm on Sunday, we cooked out and ate outside. In January, in new York. It was a little bit freaky. But I'm not complaining....

  25. That trycicle (?) photo -- fabulous! Our snow is pretty close to gone but cold as all get out!

    Breakfast - yogurt and berries on granola; bathrobe -- only on weekends -- generally its dry and dress and get out of the house; and clothes store -- I generally have good luck at a department store called Younkers.

  26. i dream of a beautiful, thick, wonderful robe...mine is anything but that...so the clothes are hung over the radiator to make them toasty and i climb right into them. xx

  27. Hi Beth great hearing about your bride-to-be-daughter actions. Fun fun fun. My dad came along with everything too so we are surrounded by great guys it seems. ;-)
    1. Brown bread (we have the best here in Holland) with cheese (the fresh ones I pick out at this chees store next to my work, they've got tons and tons off delicious flavours).
    2. Can't help you out here, because for my stores you'd have to come over to Holland (and you're more than welcome) but do check out my store www.kathmandu.nl
    3. During the week right into my clothes in the weekends into my house clothes which is some sort of yoga outfit.
    thanks for asking I'd loved to read about the other answers of #1,2,3.
    Happy day my friend and enjoy your onsnowy scenery. Like I will do mine covered in white.
    Hugs Dagmar

  28. Love that trike!

    Breakfast M-F I have a grapefruit and turkey bacon. sat-sun we go to our local diner and I splurge on blueberry pancakes.

    Hate shopping for clothes but the gap is my go to place.

    Straight to clothes girl.

  29. I sure hope you smothered that sucky-ness!! How exciting to be into the wedding plans, though. I've been on the sidelines for the past year - whew!
    Okay, to the questions...
    1. I believe in breakfast after years of eating nothing or crap. Now I put a handful of frozen blueberries in a bowl, add a big spoonful of Fage plain yogurt, about half a cup of Kashi cereal, then milk, with a cup of coffee. If I'm too cold, I'll have a slice of Pepperidge Farm whole wheat cinnamon bread-toast. I'm a terrible creature of habit and have these before I'm truly awake.
    2. Love TJ Maxx! Also Macy's clearance racks. Or my daughter's closet.
    3. Straight to clothes.
    Wishing you a warm winter!!

  30. I really loved these pictures, especially the one of the squirrel. You have a really cool blog.


  31. 1. start with tea, then see how it goes. 2. used to be gap, but lately i've been disappointed in their offerings. any suggestions? 3. gap gray cotton robe, or towel to clothes. depends on the day (and how fast i'm trying to get ready!)

  32. I am such a sucker for waterdroplets...love it....

    I start EVERY day with coffee...I cant function without it and if I dont people dont like me as much. If I have time (right then) then I have have two boiled eggs. If I dont have time I eat my eggs a little bit later.

    I'm not a big shopper and I"m not really an actuall 'go to the store and browse' shopper. At least not for clothes, shoes, etc. (Food and household stuff I can be in a store for hours). But for clothes, I am an online girl all the way..

    And shower...depends on the moment. I have a huge soft hotel-like robe that sometimes I just gotta be in for a moment and then somedays...I just go through the motions and get dressed.

  33. Beautiful image, Beth. I hope your spring does show up soon. It's been flirting with us. We have spring one day, then winter the next, then spring again.

    Let's see. For pants, I stick with Ann Taylor or LOFT. They fit, and I know I can find a pair in there. I'm just a bit annoyed that ALL they carry right now are skinny pants. You know, those that look good on really thin ladies but make someone with a little extra around the middle look very ill-proportioned. And after my morning shower, I tend to put my PJs back on until it's time for clothes.

  34. Love that timeless rusted image of the tricycle...and enjoy the warmth while it lasts!

  35. It's been a while since I've been here but you haven't changed a bit. Always a delight. Hope all the wedding planning goes well.

    Something different for breakfast every day, but coffee is a constant.

    Younkers, Lands' End online.

    Towel to robe to clothes.

    Glad I stopped by.

  36. Oh wouldn't it be nice if spring was really around the corner :-)

    Congrats on making such big progress on the wedding planning. You are GOOD!

    Breakfast: I hate to say it, but a Diet Coke and a granola bar. It's my shot of caffeine for the day.

    I shop at lot at Bloomingdale's and J. Crew. Kinda boring but I'm usually successful.

    And no robe, just a towel after a shower. It'susually too hot here for a robe.

    How about you?

    And I absolutely LOVE the bike photo. My grandfather was one of the founders of the old Murray Bike company-- I collect old tricycles and peddle cars. This one's a beauty.

    Happy New Year, xo jj


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