January 22, 2013

sweater weather, not.....

were you beginning to think that i had done a disappearing act that went horribly bad? no? oh that's good...because i'm here.

i can't really say i've been so busy doing other things that "posting" got shoved into the corner with my dust bunnies...but i can say that i just haven't had anything floating around in my mind that felt worthy of sharing. 
i blog surf every night {mostly on tumblr} for inspiration, but unfortunately that inspiration breaks into tiny pieces and gets swept away in minutes...so i start all over again and before i know it, days and then an entire week, have gone up in smoke. poof.

is it cold at your house? it's freezing here {hello negative temperatures} and all i can say is that there is not ONE part of me that is even a tiny bit eskimo. nope, not one part and sadly,  sweaters are not enough.

now, just because i'm still searching for what i'd love to write about and keep coming up empty handed, randomness. simple randomness.

1. i'm reading a suspense novel that i'm loving. "into the darkest corner" by elizabeth haynes.
2. i want the old american idol judges back.
3. i have been drinking tea for so long now, that i can't get it strong enough, so i always use two teabags {of different varieties} to make a really special flavor.
4. please, please, please send me your photography questions for next months photography posts.
5. we've been without cable and internet for two days {the tech is coming this afternoon} and i have learned that i am, without question, a TV {need background noise} junkie.
6. journaling has always been hard for me, so i started an on-line journal thinking it would so much easier, as i love typing, but i have failed at that, too.
7. we had our photos taken in a photo booth and i forgot how much i love those things.

if you could get a sharpie tattoo on your back
what would it be of.....


  1. Lovely building...
    I pariculary love the reflects on windows...


  2. I have thought about tattoos, although I will not actually get one. I suppose some cool heart design or something else with flowing lines. I like rounded shapes much more than straight lines so it would have to flow like that.

  3. I always love your random posts...they make me feel like we're sitting side by side with tea (and 2 bags? what's the best combination you've come up with so far?) and talking and laughing and staying wrapped up in afghans for warmth.

    No tv?? You must be going insane!

    A tattoo on my back? But I wouldn't see it -- so knowing me it would be something funny that whoever else was seeing it would be able to laugh about. That's just me being quirky!

    Stay warm!!! xo

  4. One of my doodles. Actually, I've been seriously considering doing one with the kids initials or birth dates in it. My daughter is a fan of tattoos, has a few... me, I'm not so much the fan. Unless they have REAL meaning. She keeps reminding me that I shouldn't judge something unless I've experienced it. I hate it when my own words come out of the mouth of my babe to bite me in the ass...

  5. A tree without leaves. That's the prettiest thing I can imagine "tatted" on my back.
    Sweater weather--this is MOVE SOUTH STAT weather!

  6. A sleeping dragon on my lower back with the tail curling down under the edge of my pants...not a cutesy dragon but one you might not want to wake up lol! Hugs! deb

  7. I would get my friend Sara's Choose Joy in her handwriting font... I am hopeful one day I will get the green light for this :) Do you have a countdown on till warm and color come back into your life? I always think if I can just hang on till March and by the time day light savings comes around I start to wake up and come back to life :)

    Photo q's... I would love to know your process for learning- did you take classes? Are you self-taught? Did you follow a blog or site online? What have been your biggest influences and how did you go about discovering them? Are there any specific rules you follow or ones you always break? ( I know these aren't really "tips" but if I could interview you, this is what I would want to know!) xxoo

  8. Hmmm.. well, I already have a tattoo of a phoenix rising, the size of your open hand, which I designed. So I wouldn't bother with the Sharpee.. I'd get a blazing sun up on my shoulder...

    .. now pick your jaw up off the floor :-)

  9. Sorry you've had some obstacles lately, especially with the cold temps. We don't get too cold here, but the rain will sometimes drive me around the bend when I can't get outside enough. The book you mentioned sounds intriguing. One other question I thought of, but it may not be enough for a whole post, is what light is best for wildlife: morning or afternoon?

  10. I've been in the same sort of blogging situation. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with this random stuff. I rather like it and I have to say I agree with the statement about the AI judges. I don't think I could deal well without internet and tv either so I hope yours is fixed by the end of the day. It's chilly in my house but at least I don't have to wear gloves and a coat. Just a warm sweater ~

  11. What lens or setting do you use for taking photos of groups of people? It seems my camera always focuses on one and the others in the group are a tad blurry.

    No tattoos for me. I've enough scars there already!

  12. Yes, sharpie tattoo of beautiful flowers for continual Springtime.
    Decided not to watch American Idol this time around because of the two women judges.
    I will definitely check out the book. I am a reading addict.
    Journaling is difficult to keep up on a daily basis for sure.
    Sweaters? I am wearing 2 of them layered. Searching for the sun to return and warm the ground.

  13. a swallow. ( i love their shape and the way they fly)

    if you drink black tea, try to find PG Tips. it's so strong, I can't steep it for longer than 30 seconds.... i'm hooked, and i don't think i will ever go back.
    it's from England, but our local grocery store carries it.

    and, brrrrr!

  14. I'd have a heart flying up in the sky as if it was a kite....

    How do you sleep at night? So much tea would keep me wide awake for sure :-)

    Have you heard of "noise reduction software?" any suggestions or name? and what are they for in plain English, is my photography question.
    I am glad to see you are OK, I was kind of wondering xo

  15. Ok, most importantly, bring the old Idol judges back.
    The lines on that building are crazy.
    A tatoo? An Irish Cross.

    I hope you still have my other questions, but here's another. Is it acceptable in the photography world to shoot someone from below, for instance, kneeling down, aiming up at subject to get the sky in the background? Someone mentioned to me that is not good. Do you know what I mean?
    And, all those questions Vicky asked, I hope you post the answers to that interview for all to see.

  16. I am so with you about the original American Idol judges-- it was a fun show to watch back then. Now, not so much.

    I so dislike being cold and it's cold here in LA-- I know I should complain, but when it's in the 30s at night it's C.O.L.D. for us wimps.

    If I had a sharpe tattoo on my back I'd want anything to make my back look 20 years old again ;-)

    xo jj

  17. i love the idea of using two different tea bags to
    mix up special concoctions
    and your random posts are an art all of themselves
    and yummy to me!
    i'd have a hummingbird dancing around a red hibiscus blossom,
    very colorful of course.
    layers and layers of sweaters here,

  18. Oh gosh, that tattoo question has my brain all clogged up now. Probably some weird mix between a Celtic cross and a Texas star . I can't imagine cold that cold. Hope you find a warm place to snuggle and read!

  19. Cold as hell here and I just want to snug in with a good book and (like you) enough tea to float a boat. I'm on the aimless side myself yesterday and sure can't think what to post next... another day, I guess!

  20. My husband gave me a new digital camera for my birthday and the only instructions included are very basic, how to turn it on, where to put the batteries, etc. Every time I take a picture, it displays "processing" and the pictures are usually very blurry. I don't know what I'm doing! There is a disc in the box, so I'm guessing the instructions are on the disc. In the meantime, how do I get that "processing" feature off?

  21. Okay Beth I've got something to perk you up. Layers of sweaters right...no more my friend yet still you will be warm and snugg as a bunny. You might have heard about this brand and material, if not...go there now and you'll be a happy gal soon.


    I sure hope this works if not see: icebreaker.com They have the moste amazing stuff that'll keep you warm. I sell this stuff for over 10 years now and it's just wonderful. And hold you horses when you come say: 'I'm allergic to wool' couse this is different. Go find yourself a store where you can try it. I'm allergic to the regular wool yet not to this garnment and I am never ever cold again.
    Any questions do mail me about it and I can tell you tons and tons of info about this brand.

    So back to bussiness: a tatoo uh...what about a set of wings.....that would be cool.
    I'v already started off with a little feather on the inside of my right wrist. haha.
    Hugs Dagmar and have a wonderful Day.

  22. I'm having a struggle blogging, too. The rodeo is all that is going on in my life now. No new photos or interesting thoughts. January is a listless, hibernating month for me.

  23. Cold, cold, cold...but okay in my cozy hibernating house.

    Sharpie Tattoo on my back ? No, I want to be able to see it if I have it on me ! I am thinking about getting one for my 50th - in three years. Not Sharpie but the real thing. "Love is the answer to every question." in some cool script. Still thinking...;-)
    Stay cozy and get a bit silly, girl !
    Love ya !

  24. a heart

    it was cold in our apartment last night so i donned a soft warm cashmere hoodie and zipped it up to the neck .. i was still cold when i crept under the top sheet/quilted blanket/down comforter so i kept the hoodie on ... not even toonman whose body heat could warm a small country getting into bed made it warmer .. someone needs to figure out where the leak in the window(s) is/are and fix it ..

  25. Beth this building photo is stunning.

  26. It is cold here in Wales, minus 9 tonight. Thank God for tea, books and sweaters. Oh and blogs!

  27. - My sharpie tattoo would be the same as the real tattoo I would get if I had the nerve, a cat with a devil's tail. - 2 teabags sounds like a really good idea. - what is blogging if not online journalling??. - I can lend you some excess body fat to keep you warm. - I don't think I have any camera questions, well, I do, but I just wouldn't know where to begin....I guess with why can't I keep all that stuff in my head like I can for everything else?

  28. I don't relish the cold either, especially not when it's cold AND rainy. Hmmm. Sharpie tattoo? Aren't Sharpies permanent markers? I better use a water-soluble pen for mine!

  29. i use two different bags for herbal teas, but not for english breakfast (for that i use milk and cream!)

    we are wearing sweaters here (or we were, yesterday, but tomorrow will be warmer.)

    the only tattoos i like are the little vines that go around a wrist like a bracelet, or perhaps a hidden one behind the ear... no idea at all what i would get "sharpied" with...

  30. Oh, I would be lost without internet and tv ... also a background noise junkie. Drives hubby crazy!

  31. I stopped watching American Idol...it is definitely not the same
    After your "lovin it" review of "into the darkest corner" I downloaded it on to my Kindle...started reading it last night...OMG
    I also tried the on-line journaling because I much prefer typing over handwriting (arthritis is settling in), and also failed miserably.
    And being without internet or TV would be a little bit of hell.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth