June 28, 2012

it's thursday.....

 i'm in love with the summer salad at panera. 
it's the one with strawberries, blueberries, chicken and walnuts that all go swimming together in the most delicious poppyseed dressing. yep that one. do you know it?

well if you do, or even if you don't, it's the easiest salad to make at home. 
the only thing i leave off {from panera's version} is the fresh pineapple. i'm not sure why, but i do.
and panera even sells their salad dressing at target, so there's no way to screw this up.

 thanks to a little inspiration from kim, i took a rock out of our landscaping and
loved all over it for a little bit. i think it looks happier now.

my hostas are beautiful this year. 
i wish i had an entire yard full of them.

these totally nasty, disgusting things are back. 
japanese beetles.
really, why are they here?
ps....thank you, so very very much, for all of your prayers and thoughts for sophie. 


  1. I so know how appealing these salads that include fresh fruit can be - they are a summertime favorite of mine, and I could enjoy them all day long. Just yesterday I made a salsa that included fresh plums from a friend, Ranier cherries from another friend, zucchini, serrano peppers, avocado and spring onions. It was delightful on grilled mahi mahi.

    I hope that Sophie is having a good day.

  2. AnonymousJune 28, 2012

    I see no purpose in Life for those Japanese beetles. They love my roses, which are just now really blooming abundantly. I feel kinda silly, but as soon as I see one about to open up, I race back inside the house, grap my snippers, then run back out and snip the bud before the beetles can eat it. I always feel like I won that round with those insects.

    But leave it to you to make those beetles look gorgeous!

  3. You made even the bug look beautiful.

  4. My friend and team teacher, Lisa, and I went to Panera yesterday to celebrate the end of our school year. That is Lisa's favorite salad and yes, she had it yesterday. I will have to try it now! Love to you and sweet Sophie.

  5. that salad looks delicious. the rock is decorated so nicely and the beetle looks as though he/ she is ready to dive off that weed tip. such beautiful flowers/ photos. have a great night~

  6. Oh that salad sound delicious! Hope Sophie is comfortable. Have a great weekend!

  7. That is one of my favorite salads, next to the Strawberry walnut one from TGIF that I also make at home all the time...

    And Japanese beetles are evil little buggers.

  8. That salad sounds so refreshing for summer. Love the shot of that beetle. Hope it's not destroying any of your lovely flowers.

  9. Ahh! I almost forgot about those Japanese beetles! They haven't shown up here yet but they are sure too:(
    Hostas have to be my favorite flower to grow in my very shady yard...they need absolutely no care and look great every year!

    That salad looks so yummy!

  10. I love those salads, too, and fortunately (or unfortunately) have a Panera way too close to me. I'll have to try this at home. And those beetles.... very cool looking through your lens.

  11. Nice pictures. I've notices that pictures makes one's blog more engaging and interesting.

    Ed Butowsky

  12. dressing on the side please ..

  13. The salad sounds delicious. I'm munching on a cereal with fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries as I type.

    The beetle.. that too bad but you've got to admit he looks rather cute hanging on with his back legs like that.

  14. I DO know that salad! Love just about anything at Panera Bread.

    Your hostas really are beautiful. We actually have too many in certain areas, and trying to di them out to move them is almost impossible. The roots are amazing.

    So, the creatures have arrived (beetles). Ours usually come on the roses in mid-July.

    You have a great weekend.
    Hugs to little Sophie.

  15. AnonymousJune 29, 2012

    I've never eaten that, but it does sound really good.

  16. Gorgeous hostas! Thanks for the tip on salad dressing at Target. Now if my Target just would open. It is closed for a couple months with a remodel.

  17. Yum! Will look for the poppyseed dressing next Tarjay trip.
    Pretty rock wrapping!
    Love hostas too- huge bang for the buck!
    Keep those bugs more than a lens length from me!
    Love to you beautiful!

  18. Is that the same as a June bug? Kids used to tie thread through their wings and let them fly like on a kite.... I never did but others did! Sounds like you had a marvy time!

  19. beautiful berries!
    (that beetle...I think I met him
    that salad looks amazing....I love summertime eats.
    wrapping some prayer around sophie and you all,

  20. Love, love, love photos of food! The beetles, however, can stay over in your neck of the woods!


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