June 7, 2012

because i've been very precise lately....


it's funny how the moment you walk in the door after vacation, your real life is sitting there waiting for you. granted it has a bit of "oh really, back so soon" attitude written all over it, but deep down, it's doing a happy dance with a little bit of the "sprinkler and the grocery cart" mixed in and is wildly ecstatic that you're home.

technically, i'm a home body. 
i'm in no way introverted and am normally considered extroverted squared, but i like my house.
well not really this house so much {as we'd love to build something new} but i love the feel of home.
and my true, hug it to death and french kiss it, love....my bed, my sheets and my pillow.

the farmer's markets have started and this weekend....wait for it....
pick your own strawberries!!!

i've told you before i love doing laundry. 
seriously, gather up all the other things that need to be done, squash and mash them up into a tiny ball and let your dog slobber and chew all over it. but let me do the laundry.

right after we got home, a friend of mine had a "girl's lunch" with an amazing chicken salad 
and we talked about 
"fifty shades of grey." did you read the trilogy yet?
okay fine, we also talked about our kids and hubbys and plans for the summer, all while taking turns, since five of us seem to run all over each other with our conversations {in a good way} 
but fifty shades was the 
juiciest, maybe i can't make total eye contact with you when saying "red room of pain," part.

i'm still stuck on and still using lightroom 3,
but wow, did the picmonkey boys ever do an amazing job. i mean really, picnik who?

happy early weekend everyone


  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2012

    HA! Yes.... Picmonkey did a great job because they are the same people as Picnik. Yep...same people. I love their new stuff but still waiting to see if they do more. I would love to be able to use my own fonts instead of the ones they offer. Theirs are so limiting.

    Great photos today, and nope... have not read the book YET. LOL

  2. Beautiful pink flower! I love that!

  3. I am having fun with PicMonkey...just a lot quicker to use than the Photoshop that I have:) When I ever get a new computer I will certainly get Lightroom.

    I don't think I am going to bother reading Shades of Grey...but then I just may change my mind:)

    Love your photos...especially that clover...Gorgeous!

  4. I love the pink flower...did you do that on Picmonkey? I like it too, but Piknik was liaised with the shop I print my pics from, now I have to save them to a file and then send them in for printing...but yes, they've done well!
    (And I am very much an intovert!!)

  5. I LOVE PICMONKEY!... and your photos are just beautiful here.. the silver bug!!! *LOVE*

    I haven't read the books yet, I know from all the hype I should probably pick it up.

  6. I'm going to have to head to picmonkey! Funny, the one chore I really don't like is laundry, if your ever Racine way, feel free to stop by ;-D. The photos are all Gorgeous!! Happy weekend!

  7. Lovely style. Always love to read and look at your blog...lots of fun.

  8. I am still confused about the pain part of the red room ..

    and I wish picmonkey had storage space I would gladly pay for it ..

    pain? really?

  9. Love the randomness of this and I'm heading over to Picmonkey right now! Still haven't read Shades of Grey...

  10. Almost couldn't keep up with this conversation, but loved it just the same. Love doing laundry too, but wish someone else would come and clean my house. The salad looks yummy! Your photos, as usual, delight me. Love your randomness.

  11. Gorgeous, luscious images here, Beth! Love the simple salad and its dof. Bought some strawberries today at the Amish market. Might make a shortcake tonight. Yummy! Enjoy your weekend ~
    We're starting to think about going to Maine. Didn't think we were going to do that this year, so am glad.

  12. Oh, the girls time sounds like wicked fun. I've been trying to read books of a more spiritual persuasion lately so I think the Fifty Shades series might not fit in with my goals. Am I right? :) Loving the photos and the sweetness of them. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. I love to be away -- but I love to be home. Although when you come home there is always a ton to do, catch up on... Rick and i still feel we haven't processed our vacation yet! As always, lovely photos. Welcome back!

  14. The soft pink flower is lovely. I would like your permission to print it out and hang in my bedroom. I will wait to hear from you. That is the soft feel I want in my new bedroom. Enjoy your Farmers Market. There is supposed to be one coming here to our little town this summer. I am ready for that.

  15. i can feel your joy, it's invigorating :))) i love laundry too and this collection of shots everything feels fresh and clean and soft <3

  16. Haven't read the book yet but I've sure hear A LOT about it. Might have to download it and see what all the buzz is about.

    Your pink flower is exquisite :-)

    xo jj

  17. Our own beds are heaven in a way, aren't they? I had to scroll back through your beach pictures. Have I told you that I absolutely love them?

  18. i'm a laundry lover, too.
    happy homecoming to you
    (enjoy that pillow!)

  19. You always manage to make the everyday seem soft and dreamy. Geesh.. even laundry!

  20. well, I zoomed right in on the I love laundry part of this post.... I have four loads here just waiting for you...


  21. These are lovely delicate shots, very airy. What are the twisty roots?

  22. the feeling of home... yes. i love this too. i hope i can create this feeling for my family, wherever we go.

  23. Such beautiful images, Beth, and if you ever run out of laundry, I can supply you with so much more!! :-)
    Sending you wishes for a great day ahead!


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