June 4, 2012

getting off the ground.....

maybe by now you've all gone running from my blog, covering your eyes and screaming,
"nooooo, not more beach photos."
that's why i started with this flower. just to reel you in....snort.

those of you who follow me or know me, truly know my love of finding and talking to strangers. 
and if i can get them to jump for me, ohhhhh, then that's a perfect day.

this family was beyond what i could ask for. 
they were sweet and smiley and didn't roll their eyes when i said,
"just one more."

but getting them all off the ground at the same time, just wasn't going to happen.
so in the photo above and the one below i had them take turns.
first the kids jumped. then just the parents. 
i mean, why not.

and then alone, one by one, the girls did their super jumps for me.
thank you-thank you-thank you-amazing family from louisiana.
you made my day.

i have a fascination with seaweed.
unless i'm standing in the ocean and it continues to wrap itself around me.
then i'm kind of grossed out.

we were sitting at the seaside sushi restaurant, whose eating area is literally in the parking lot, when this jeep drove by. i had been taking photos of the flowers on our table, so my camera was ready. 
i looked over at him, smiled and i got this in return.
under those foster grants, i know he's winking at me.
i mean really, you can't do the "finger gun thingy" without making a little clicking noise in your mouth
and winking. right?
and now honestly, you just did the "finger gun thingy" to see if i'm right, didn't you?


  1. Oh you're sneaky, yes you are...no I don't mean the flower photo -- I mean the hot hunk in the jeep photo!! But you went all out from the flowers to the hunk...and oh my...how did you keep your hand steady?? hee!!

    I'm so glad that the little girl on the left FINALLY got her feet of the ground...looked for a bit like she was struggling but once you went for "just her" she put everything she had into it and off she went!!

  2. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    Oh yes... the finger gun thingie... Love that photo! He's da bomb!! LOL

  3. Keep them coming Beth, any beach photographs is more than welcome here.

    The seaweed looks like an abstract sculpture, beautiful.

    June here...not so good ;-)

  4. great photos. And that nice, hunky guy was a great way to end the day:)

  5. well, june may be nice to you but its raining on me .. love the jumping shots, I may need to make my friends do that next time we're together .. yeah those two with the bad knees... heh heh heh ;)

  6. Um, no. Didn't do the finger gun thingy. Can't. Still stuck admiring your shot of the guy in the jeep! ;o)

  7. "you can't do the "finger gun thingy" without making a little clicking noise in your mouth
    and winking. right?"

    ha ha ha ha ha!!! Laughing out loud because a) you are soooo right, and b) I can see the wink and hear the click!

    Seaweed is pretty cool as long as it's not touching me.

    Jump shots always rock!

    Oh and the flower? You big tease you!

  8. you almost got something else goin' on behind those red shorts as well! ;-) my bad.

  9. The flower is beautiful, but honestly, all you needed was that Jeep shot to get all of us to shove our way in. You should know that! :) What a sweet jumping family!!

  10. *Finger gun click, click, wink* back at ya!

  11. Yes, of course I had to do the finger gun thingy while making a clicking noise and to see if my eye winked, and sure enough it did. Love this post.

  12. You're a hoot. I mentally finger-gunned you but the wink was automatic. ;)

  13. Gorgeous flower did reel me in, but then I like your jumping photos too. Haven't tried the "finger gun thingy", but now I will watch for it. June, not so good here yet, but then again sometimes we don't have summer until after the 4th of July.

  14. Sitting here with this huge smile on my face from reading this full-of-happiness post. And that photo at the end was icing on the cake. ha!!

  15. Awww, I love the jump shots! You have no fear asking people to do that, do you? I'm too timid. And yes, I did the finger-gun-thingy in my mind. Haha.

  16. HeeHee! Great shot and I am sure you made his day:)

    Fun fun fun juming shots too....and that flower just took my breath away I have to add:)

  17. Very cute! Yes, I did the click thingie, but very quietly.....to myself!

  18. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    you know, i think you should have switched photos - the first and the last... and then you would have reeled in even more visitors! ;)

  19. Hi Beth!
    So far, I am loving you !
    Keep up the good work.
    Love, Kim

  20. You take lovely photos. I like your style.

  21. You began and en dec with a surprise-- A love delicate one and a very, very cute one ;-)

    Families jumping has got to be a very hard shot to get. This looks like a sweet family and a gorgeous day at the beach.
    Keep up the good work, xo jj

  22. LOVE seeing all of these photos from seaside...just beautiful! and makes me long to go back sooner than next winter :)

  23. Your beach photos are wonderful Beth!!
    They are so cheerful. anyone seeing them would just have to smile.

  24. ha! smiling.
    and june, yes, me, too.

  25. Hi Beth,

    I just caught up on your vacation photos.... What a wonderful time your beautiful family had.

    A big congratulations to one and all on your daughter's engagement. That's great news and I'm thrilled for all of you. And.... your daughter looks A LOT like you :-)

    It's great when a family can actually enjoy the time they spend together and make for a quality getaway filled with wonderful, heart-felt memories.

    xoxo jj


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