April 13, 2012

what did you say....

since i've been playing in my studio,
i feel the need to declare that "creativity requires a mess."
{umm...hi honey, i love you}

 do you ever wish you were a better listener? i do. all the time.
i swear that sometimes my thoughts are like a raging river in my head, flooding my ears and preventing me from grasping what is being said to me. 
i can look you in the eye, watch your lips move, nod my head in agreement and yet my thoughts, that i must somehow believe to be more important then your words, won't cooperate. 
they won't wait. they have no patience whatsoever. 
and then they team up with my tongue in a "hey, what about me" kind of way and take off in a full sprint for a cross country run. it's rude. 
i am working on being a better listener.

i don't care for silence. i consider it a void that has to be filled with something. 
music is the best void filler.

when i go somewhere that has a specific time for my arrival, i'm early.
i'm always early. i'm never late. ever.
just saying
happy weekend everyone. i mean it. 


  1. i love silence better than music... :)

  2. I'm not a good listener. My brain is always thinking ahead of what I want to say, and I want to say them before the thoughts elude me and I can no longer remember what it is I wanted to say. I'm sure it's a case of needing to re-train my brain?? Who knows. I only know that it results in me not being a good listener.

  3. I have become a better listener in the last few years but still have a lot of improving to do. I am blessed with a dear friend, Darlene, who is a true listener. Love her for that !

    I hope your weekend is sweet, Lovely One ! Warmer but rainy here. That's okay - we need the rain !
    Love ya !

  4. Beth, It was so nice to read your post today, I thought it was just me! It's so good to know that I am not the only one who's mind is in constant motion, and who "sometimes" pretends to hear others when they speak;)

  5. The photo of the moss is stunning.

  6. Boy! Do I get it! All of it. Perhaps too well? ;0)

    Lovin' the picture pallet today.

  7. If you look at the photo of the wood again, it looks like a moose nose.
    Just saying.
    As always, I look at your photos and sigh...so beautiful.

  8. I love the quiet, and I am sometimes late. Oops...a confession. great thoughts about yourself it was good to 'get to know you'.

  9. I'm a good listener - it's one of my better traits. Also, silence is important to me - no music, please! Maybe we would compliment each other (or drive each other crazy). Actually, now that I think of it, you may be a lot like my husband - we've been together 46 years now. Love that pregnant-looking tree.

  10. I suffer the same mind-runner thoughts that get in the way of my listening. I'm trying. But my thoughts are peskier than whateveritisthatyouaresaying.

  11. i listen well, i think i need to learn to speak my mind more often

  12. huh?

    beautiful pics....love them.
    (and I heard you:))

  13. It is so nice to read this because I thought I was the only one so terrible at listening:) I too find my mind wandering when I should be listening...I too am trying to improve:)

    I do however require lots of silence at times...

  14. I think you just described ME! I have those same struggles with racing thoughts and words. Just today I introduced myself to someone new, but totally screwed up my words....felt like a dork! I just blame it on hormones....HA!

  15. my brain does the same thing.... it is soooo hard; but I'm trying too.

    i used to be on time, then after 14 years of marriage to someone who is never on time, I have slipped: sigh

  16. Someone once told me, that to be late for an appointment, is like telling the person you were supposed to meet, that I don't care 1 iota about you, your feelings or the time you set aside to meet me.Like you, I am always early. If you're 5 minutes early, you're late. If you're 10 minutes early, you're on time.

  17. I am always early to,....always!! Never late....just saying!
    And I hate to wait...hate it!!
    Love your photos

  18. What Mark said about time ... 10 minutes early is being on time.

    Have a great weekend.

  19. oh creativity totally requires a mess. it's the law.

    I have the same problem with the listening, i'm also working on it. it's hard.

    happy weekend to you!

  20. the photos feel like they are listening so well, i have a theory that although you may not think you listen well, you hear and feel everything <3

    the messy creative play is so much a part of my process, i love making a beautiful mess and then letting my left brain step in here and there and clean it up just enough to say what ever it is i'm trying to say :)

    i think i listen well and i know i also talk on top of my girlfriends words... i love it when they do the same, it can be some of the best conversations so full of excitement

    i used to be early all the time, i've learned to be willing to be late sometimes, it's so hard but it has helped me relax a bit :)

    wow, i had a lot to say today, i love how you stir me up and get me thinking about fun things to think about ~ happy weekend

  21. Oh I hate being late too! It makes me crazy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too. I mean it! :)

  22. I do love silence, but know what you mean about the thoughts in your head not allowing you the hear. I have been trying to do better with that also. Happy weekend back at you. Now I must run into my weekend.

  23. The first bird pic is amazing.....I love it.
    Your words? I hear what you are saying........

  24. I am actually a good listener. Or at least I like to think I am. Well, except when it comes to my husband, but honestly - there's a reason for that!

    It is rare that I am ever late. I am a punctual person. Always. Chronic tardiness is terribly rude.

  25. You clearly listen to the voice in your head which tells you that your eyes are seeing a beautiful photo opportunity. You never fail to give the right response... "click!"

  26. I like silence, on a cold winter morning, on a hot summer day when its just the buzzin of nature....but I also appreciate people who can fill that void, as I'm a lousy conversationalist!

  27. i think we might have been separated at birth ..


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