April 23, 2012

rotted out tree stumps....

i'm a natural light photographer and take pride in that.
unfortunately i'm a fair weather photographer, too.
so when the weather is just a bit too cool or windy, i'm a big wimp and stay inside.
april is being a bit chilly this year for wimpy me. just saying.

if someone twisted my arm and said i could only choose one thing to photograph 
in the woods, it would be fungi without question. 
don't you think they have the best disposition for something that usually grows in and around damp and dark rotted out tree stumps. i do.

i even think flowers found in the woods are prettier then flowers found out in the open.
what is it with me and the woods. 
well, it was an amazing relationship with lots of love until that deer tick came home with me. 
so now we're working on things. me and the woods.
a few more counseling sessions and we should be good to go. snort.

most of you don't get to see into my jewelry box, so today's your lucky day.
well, only if you're still here after that intriguing little fungi blurb.
i was told i was being a smart ass this weekend and was sure monday would send her butt running for the hills, but i think she likes it here.

keep your fingers crossed for me that tomorrow is warm enough, without any wind, to get out and shoot something beautiful. otherwise, i'm going to have find something more exciting then my jewelry box to share with you. wait. you should see my sock drawer.


  1. It's cold and windy here, a rude surprise after a week at the beach. My wife is worried that her flowering plants may not fare well as this Arctic front rolls through.

  2. wow! get that woman some warmth and sunshine! :)

  3. As long as it's not the underwear drawer, lol! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

    I'm like you. It was cool and VERY windy here today. Did I grab my camera and go outdoors today? Nope. Too windy and cool. Oh well, I made up for it the day before shooting over 100 photos in less than 30 minutes, oh yea!

  4. The woods! I hear ya. Been know to wander around the woods in my backyard with the camera....the neighbors think I'm a bit strange I bet. Come on warmth!

  5. Ha.. I prefer phair weather photography myself. No matter what, your photos are always lovely.

  6. rainy here today too so the only camera out was the iphone:)

    I do love fungi...great textures for photography!

  7. I do like the woods, as we're surrounded by them. Even better with really good bug spray bought in the states (we only have that wimpy Deet-free stuff here). I most emphatically however, do not like fungi, of any kind, they give me the creeps!! (And how do people eat them??Eewwiiieee!)

  8. I so love fungi ... so you can just shoot that as long as you like for me! I NEVER get pictures of it.

  9. I just love your sense of humor.

    I prefer fair weather myself. I am also a wimp when it's cold outside.

    Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow.

  10. You crack me up. But I do sympathize... my most joyous bit of the day is stomping through the woods with my camera. So far no ticks, but I know they're out there. I spray my legs with Deep Woods Off. Will that help? I sure hope so!

  11. you are so funny :)

    and a fabulous photographer. wish you were closer so i could tag along when you go out on photo hunts.

  12. Me too.. flash ruins everything!

  13. Soooo.... I was really hoping for a nice warm day, but with the offer of a sock drawer.... it's a toss up!! ha ha ha!

  14. I am a natural light person too ... but I dont mind the wind or the cold .. well I do but I am pretending here for the purposes of this comment and the direction its heading .. digressing is my favorite sport ... okay .. I dont mind the wind/cold if I am out and about with phriends and their photo equipment ..

  15. Too bad the cold weather is keeping you inside for now. But you still manage to get some fun photos.

    I look around here and think, what would I take a photo of in this little place? The magnifying mirror, the hand weights, the wires and plugs, the cat toys, my hats and visors, my dart board. Because of you I see things as more interesting and maybe would be fun to photograph.

  16. Hmmm, sock drawer...why not? I know you'd be able to pull it off ;-) making it both interesting and well photographed

    I like going out tasking photographs no matter what, the weather having little to do with anything for me. It's more how I am feeling in this head of mine, that is the real issue...

  17. The dag-blasted WIND this month. Good grief!
    I dig your jewelry, though.

  18. you are the best smart ass ever.
    i'm with you, i love the woods.

  19. You are so funny! I love your humor and can't wait to see the sock drawer. But I know, I just know it is going to get warmer and you are going to run outside to play.

  20. Hey Beth, I always love your photos, they feel like home to me.
    I spotted one of Nina's pieces in your stash, lucky girl!

  21. Cozy warm here today. Spring is quite fickle however.

  22. I love fungi. Maybe you never knew this. And when I lived in the mushroom capital of the world (Kennett Square, PA), I was in HeAVen!! Except for the *itch my husband was working for . . .

  23. This sounds weird, but your jewelry box is SO you! Can't wait for the sock drawer.

    Hey, I love moss and fungi, too. I love how you described their dispositions.

  24. okay... i read the posts after this one... and i saw no socks! i want socks!


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