April 19, 2012

muskrat love....

please tell me you remember muskrat love. 
i don't want to feel old all alone.
{suzie and sam. and they shimmied. sam was so skinny}

our son lives for and loves anything music. 
including old albums for his new {and recently found old} record players.
my parents are moving across town after living in the same house for 37 years. mom pulled out these old albums to add to his quickly growing pile of albums and the old record player {and an old rca radio} i found in my dad's garage.
score !!
the best part. our son loves something we grew up with. 
now granted, he couldn't really breathe without all of his high-tech equipment, but it melts my heart a little bit knowing that record players and old albums are what's making him smile the most lately.

what are these blossoms. 
they're in a beautiful tree right outside my studio window and i honestly don't know what they are. 

these i know. gypsy moth worms. gross.
their nest was on a branch in my beautiful tree. 
gross again. 
so i cut off the branch as my neighbor walked by and then he grabbed lighter fluid and a lighter and we burned those little suckers to smithereens. that's always kind of fun to do.

i'm still playing with my {lens} baby. i think i'll like her best at the beach. or a farm.
or maybe even the zoo. inside the house bores her a bit.

just another try at a "still shot"
{the wood is the top of my 100 year old table that i use for my desk}

the last three photos were taken at our cottage. it's for sale.
want to buy it.
{no my antiques are not included. well maybe if you really beg}


  1. Gypsy moths are bad. Hubby always gets rid of them too. Your photos are lovely today.... I don't know what the blossom is for certain though... sorry.

  2. I loved Captain & Tennille, I had her haircut and the choker beads. My daughter likes a lot of our "old music", my son likes some (not classic rock and roll), my youngest doesn't like any of ours ( I have to like his though).
    Flowers are pretty, but I haven't a clue.

  3. You really captured the two-sidedness of nature e.g. the beautiful blossoms and then those disgusting worm things.

    Captain looked kinda cute back in the day.

  4. Oh captain and tennile? I loved their music, that brings back a ton of memories. wow.

  5. I do remember but get sad every time I think of them.
    Doesn't it make you feel good when your children take an interest in things that you like? It warms my heart. I am back in Holland and will have time in June to read my blogs again. I have a new lens, too that I haven't used yet. Much to do in Holland. Friends from NY coming Sunday for a week!!! and a cousin from Tennessee coming the next week.
    This is my other life on the other side of the world. I also want to paint here, badly. :) Jenny

  6. Remember Capatain and Tennille but prefered the Carpenters big time ! ;-)

    Happy Baby playing !

  7. Oh, I am a Muskrat Love fan! I have that album and recently played it on a new turntable.

    But, like Kim who commented earlier, I really preferred the Carpenters.

  8. I always kinda dug Shaun Cassidy and his "Da Do Run Run". ; )

  9. Ewww those moths. But your photos...*swoon* so good! Oh captain and tennile...I watched them as a little girl!

  10. You are not alone in feeling old...Now I have Muskrat Love running through my head, and that's okay :)

  11. I love those last three pictures. #8 just does something to me. Maybe it's the bokeh.
    Not flowering pear, or apple, some kind of fruit-bearing tree is what I'm thinking.
    And your son reminds me of ours. Especially with the albums.

  12. Captain & Tennille.... they were on my record player, too. But my first album was of the Partridge Family. Did I really date myself just then?

    Would love the cottage.... May be too long of a commute.

  13. muskrat love? i saw your title i and i thought muskrat was either a place or a food, and knowing you it was probably not a food... turns out i was completely wrong!

  14. Beth?
    There is so much here in this post.
    You know that don't you?
    love to you.

  15. awwwwww.... Muscrat Love: you are not old alone :)

    I would have my heart melt if my child was enjoying records and my music:)
    and I didn't realize you had such a sadistic side.... poor little gypsy moths!

    would love to buy your cottage... just need to find me a sugar daddy and I will!

  16. I will confess to remembering muskrat love and really hating it:) On the other hand those Elvis albums look great!

    Love all you shots here...lovely blossoms! Lovely Lensbaby shots!

  17. aaaahhhhh....now i will be singing that song for days!

    i think maybe a crabapple?

    a few years ago i gave my son all my old albums, mostly Dylan and Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.

    my husband recently found a sap rock radio station and he is driving me crazy with it....but i have yet to hear any captain and tenille on it...

  18. I'm too old to remember Muskrat Love, although I do remember the Carpenters. Would you consider doing a tutorial on how you process your photos? They have such a unique look.

  19. I love your last 3 photos. o can we have some photos of your cottage it sounds lovely.

  20. I sure do remember that song.!!!
    Memory lane is always fun...esp. the music!!
    Glad he is enjoying it!!
    Bag worms...yuck!!! Glad you saved the tree!

  21. haha, yes. i remember that song! love your stills...

  22. Ugh--those nasty caterpillars! WE do the same thing to 'em here, too.
    I remember Muskrat Love. I prefer the sound of albums--that little bit of static scratch between the songs...

  23. Toonman has an awesome collection of LPs .. he'd have more has his late mother not stored them in the garage .. gah ... sigh .. and I do believe thats a crab apple tree ... or maybe not .. hey I'm a city mouse

  24. Yes, I remember Muskrat Love, but I remember it by America, not the Captain.

    Aww...you're selling your getaway??

  25. Last June we put some old records in a garage sale and our son quickly said I want them. So now they sit once again in our basement, but with a different owner. Is that what is meant by cleaning house and living more simply? Hummmm? How I would love a cottage by a lake filled with antiques, but Wisconsin? Hummm, again? Have a great day!

  26. Cottage for sale? Say it ain't so.
    Albums.....I was actually thinking of getting a turn table because I have boxes of albums. And I love your still shots.

  27. Well, of course, I remember the Captain and Tenille - and, in my storage unit, I have several of their album and about fifty more I insisted on keeping ( though my turntable met its demise long ago ).
    My oldest son ( now 41 ) is a music
    aficionado and has an incredible collection of almost every genre. He plays classical guitar and has for years...and that guitar goes with him whenever he is activated by the Air Force.

    Your photos are wonderful.

    I'm busy seeing all my friends in San Francisco and planning on going back to India. I hope I am not going to gain back one of the 25 pounds I've lost.

  28. Afraid i can't commiserate with the musci, never really heard of them, though I'm sure i'd know the songs. I do know those other records though, and how good it feels when sons take an interest in our youth. Did our parents feel the same way?
    I just can't picture sweet beth burning little worms to a crisp....and enjoying it!! (I would too)

  29. Oh...I really like the xylophone, itself and the photo :)

  30. muskrat love! gahhh....I so do
    laughing as I remember:)
    your baby is being so so good
    to you....those pics
    are incredible.
    amazing stuff, Beth.

  31. I love Muskrat Love, and I love that your son loves your music! Our middle son loves some of our music, but I'm not sure he would love Muskrat Love.

  32. When I left my old life to begin my new one with My Lion, I gave me entire vinyl collection to a friend to keep or sell as he thought best.

    It was hard for me to do it, but I realized I wasn't really using it any longer, favoring the ease of CDs. Now, I don't even use them any longer and have turned them in for cash, favoring my iPod for it's ease and portabilty.

    But, with ease and convenience comes a major trade off; the music has lost some of its depth and complexity because digital recordings can't capture those nuances.

    I'm glad to hear that your son, who loves music, is aware of this and takes the effort to hear it as it was meant to be heard. Good on him!

  33. How could I ever forget muskrat love?? Your cottage looks like an absolute treasure!!

  34. I used to love Captain and Tennille! Toni had a great voice! The Captain was majorly odd, but they worked!

  35. You don't have to feel old alone. I too remember Muskrat Love. I was in 7th grade when that song came out. I think it's kinda great too, that your son loves old records and record players.

    Love that anitque Xylaphone in the last photo. You're doing a great job with your lensbaby.

  36. Oh, I had totally forgotten that song ... I did so love it! Hubby has a huge album collection and all in pretty darn good shape.
    Sigh ... I bet your cottage is lovely ... is it the one in Seaside?

  37. OMG! I didn't realize those were gypsy moth worms! We had some in our yard, and I did the same....burn, burn burn. But I didn't know what they were. So thanks for enlightening me. And I guess I need to go gypsy moth hunting in the rest of our yard.
    Michelle Rutta Wahe

  38. Love the record album pics!!!!! So cool!

    Cottage for sale??? What the H?

  39. OH... I am sad about the cottage. Maybe you aren't? I hope not.

  40. Beth I love this collection of photos
    and especially the neat vintage pieces
    you have in your home!


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