September 29, 2011

when it all feels right...

when claire let georgia and myself know that she'd be coming to the states and wanted to see us again, my heart swelled up. last year was our first time meeting each other and i think it was love at first sight for all of us. something just felt right.

here is beautiful claire
originally from south africa, now living in dublin, she is filled beyond capacity with a love for life and people and writing and photography and laughter and travel. in case you were wondering, yes, i'm old enough to be her mother, if i had birthed her when i was 21.

by now you know that we made special plans to meet up with caroline
canceling plans were contemplated, after we woke up to a monsoon blowing its way through chicago, but we decided that even with winds that could blow me all the back to wisconsin, the rain wouldn't melt us. unfortunately caroline was only able to spend about 2 hours with us and i honestly feel like i hardly even talked to her. i've asked her for a do-over.

in wicker park we spent the afternoon talking and laughing in a tiny little coffee shop, who will probably ban me from ever coming again once they watch the security tapes and see that i asked people to get out of the way change seats, so that we could have a corner to ourselves. 
a huge treat, after meeting caroline, was also meeting georgia's brother and sister-in-law who live in the area and stopped by to see us. so with all of us in the little corner we carved out for ourselves, and cameras everywhere, photos being taken of everything and everyone, we proved without a doubt to anyone in ipsentos, that we were all total photography geeks. from an outsiders's perspective, i can't even imagine what they thought of us, or what we even looked like. crazy comes to mind.

when it was finally time to leave, the rain had let up and we soaked up some outside time. 
oh, and of course this is georgia, although claire and i now refer to her as 
new mama extraordinaire. 
so now on top of being an interior designer {which she isn't but should be}
and a vintage wardrobe consultant {which she isn't but should be} she is an amazing mother.

i have close ups of these strangers that i'll share later. i asked if could take their photos and of course they said "yes"
the guy on the right is a james dean look alike.
seriously, wait till you see his head shot.

georgia's home is amazing. it's warm and inviting and filled with everything wonderfully vintage. and now it's filled with the laughter of a baby. i call that perfect.
{look at him listening to his auntie claire}

this was taken right after a diaper change and right before we took him to the quaint little town of woodstock, where he got to watch us eat the most amazing crepes.

throughout georgia and her hubby's home, there are little vignettes everywhere. 
i took tons of photos but they barely show how incredible her home is. 

our last little time together

here we are in woodstock where we celebrated, once again, the end of a rainy day. 
obviously, we quickly learned that rain wasn't going to spoil our time together.

with the happiest, most laid back baby i have ever seen, we managed to really get out and celebrate our time together. 
but i have to say that dinner inside, with a buffet filled with trader joe's yumminess, 
claire's brushetta and georgia's hubby, was so special.

when i told sweet baby isaac it was time for me to leave....well this just broke my heart.
"don't worry sweet thing. i'll be back to see you very soon"


  1. What an amazing time you had and that "sweet baby isaac" just gorgeous. It brings back memories of another time in another coffee shop a year ago in Wisconsin. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures and links. I loved visiting everyone.

  2. I think it is wonderful the relationships you have made Beth, as much as you love them all, I know they love you right back...little baby isaac is the very cutest. have a great day.

  3. Looks like you had so much fun, got to love days like that. :0)

  4. Such a great time you have had ... girl time is the best! Love that little last pic ...

  5. Oh my, what a wonderful time you had! And that sweet little face is stealing/has stolen my heart...

  6. What an absolutely lovely blog. So happy to be your newest follower!

  7. How FUN- weather and all!!! Love the places you went to; good choices!

  8. oh, oh, oh.
    you are officially my official isaac photographer! i so love all of these pics of him...

    okay, so much to say AGAIN!
    first, you wrote beautifully about our time together. how did you wrap it all up so briefly while still saying so much... and in such a way that truly showed what a magical and special time it was? i know i won't be able to be so brief!

    how special are the photos you took in my home. i love them. you were such a sweetheart to do that. and how you made me look like a model in that sunglasses photo, i'll never know... 'cause i just don't look like that! it's my fave photo that i've had taken in a long time... since isaac was born. it looks so professional, beth! you are just good, girl! {stealing that one for fb, too!}

    thank you for all your kind words. i can't wait to post about our adventures, too. i'm starting now. my photos won't be as "good" as yours, but they equally show how much fun we all had!

    missing you and claire...
    ~isaac and georgia

  9. p.s.
    you are welcome back to my home ANY time!

  10. oh, one more thing...
    what cinner said in her comment... YES!
    we love you back just as much as you love us.

  11. I have been waiting for this post in jealous anticipation! Yes it made me feel even more jealous of your get together than I even thought it would! Looks and sounds like marvelous fun!

  12. Love this about blogland. and oh, that baby face. I know I said that already in the last post... but reeally. and the HAT!... and the BLUEST EYES!...

    and girl time, how I need thee so.

  13. well, i have a soft spot for chicago (having grown up with it as the "go to" city for 50's suburbanites.) and it looks/sounds like you all had a marvelous time - despite the rain!

  14. Baby Isaac is so cute...nice post!

  15. ohh so happy for you :) thanks for sharing the fun, you all look so content & comfy ♥

  16. Oh. My. Gosh. I loved seeing everyone, especially that beautiful little boy. What a love. So enjoyed the photos in Georgia's house. Everyone is so beautiful. What fun!!

  17. Man...I just want to zoom in on everything. Will you be posting more of her yummy house and all the vignettes? I love stuff like this. What beautiful women you all are. And what a beautiful baby boy. Love this meeting, this time you all spent together. Good for you for not allowing the rain to stop such an incredible time.

  18. all that wonderfulness...lucky you... and the others...and me for getting to peek in on the whole thing. my thanks!

  19. soooooooo much beauty!
    wow...pure gorgeousness,
    you four.

  20. time spent with you two goes down as those 'best days ever'.

    i soooo loved connecting with you both.

    thank you for the love you pour into me beth.

    you are precious.

  21. How incredibly wonderful that you all were able to connect. :)
    Remember that tinge of envy I was talking about when you got your iphone? Well, it is multiplying quickly as I wander through your posts.

    Little Isaac is such an adorable baby!


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