September 30, 2011

in no special order....

i just finished reading georgia's post about our time together in chicago and now my heart is all mushy and filled up. if you have the time, i really hope you can visit her and read from her perspective, how really special it is to spend time with other bloggers.

the three photos above 
are more little vignettes from georgia's gorgeous home

by now you know who this smiley little guy is

the three photos above are all from georgia's home. i couldn't get enough of it.

this was sitting in the kid's area at the coffee shop

from georgia's

sweet claire working on her amazing food photos

the two photos above are from when we were in woodstock for crepes

georgia's again. it's an addicting home. what can i say.

the little man not being very happy about claire heading to san antonio for a workshop and me heading back to wisconsin. can you blame him. lol.
disclaimer. i warned you i had 319 photos to sift through and thought this might be the last batch. wrong. gradually, more will appear, but i'll try and sidetrack you by hopefully adding some brilliant writing to go along with them. happy weekend everyone.
have you heard about the craziness happening here this weekend...the big 10 football game and our area being overrun with an estimated 30,000 nebraska fans who don't even have tickets to the game but just want to be present. with the economy being the way it is, i'd personally like to thank nebraska for taking up every hotel room within a 60 mile radius of us and eating in all of our restaurants and shopping in all of our stores. what a gift you are giving us.
but sorry
our badgers will beat you and it will be a very long drive home.


  1. Your beautiful photographs are your treasured memories of the awesome time you had together with friends, keep them coming :-)

  2. Loving your visit. The last paragraph made me laugh, which you often do for me - thanks! And now I am wishing for a meet up with blogging friends. I do have one in a couple weeks, but I am not sure it will be as fun as this one has been for you.

  3. Such a wonderful visit and fun to see it through your eyes.
    LOL at your badgers comment.

  4. More beautiful images, have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I hear that the Nebraska fans are paying $3,000 for scalped tickets - you do wonder... That little guy's face is so expressive. His eyes speak volumes. I love the shot of the dripping lights - dreamy. Don't get hoarse yelling for your favorite team, Beth.

  6. Oh so true, time spent with kindred blogger friends is valued beyond belief!!

    Little wonder the little man was unhappy at his favourite ladies leaving him!! ;)

    Enjoy your football weekend...stay away from the Nebraskans!!!

  7. keep the pics coming. I love hearing all about it. I am beginning to wonder what my home would look like through your eyes.
    better than the stylists who were just here for sure..I love your vision.

  8. yes... what oldgreymare said!! keep them coming. i want to see all 319. they are all special! i love the pictures you took of my home! i treasure them. and i love that you took notice of each of those vignettes... and that you took the time to photograph them!

    and that last pic of isaac! oh, my!

    have i told you lately how sweet you are? you are so special. i'm honored to know you.

    i adore the shot of the stringed lights in front of the building. and the crepe shot... making me want crepes for dinner tonight!

    go badgers!! {i can say that, 'cause it's college football, and not nfl. however, i can't say it for gbp... just wouldn't be loyal to the two bears fan boys in this home!}

  9. Sounds like a nice welcome to the Big 10 to me. :) That baby is SOOO cute.

  10. Oh that wonderful sweet smile just lit up my day....what sweet babies!

  11. Oh, how wonderful! I love meeting up with Bloggies more than almost anything. I am never disappointed and always leave refreshed and energized. Certainly this was your experience, too! Claire's home is lovely and I had to laugh at the photo of the lunch shoot! I always grin when I'm at a restaurant and seeing someone taking photos of food, because I figure they probably have a blog! (Or else a celebration!)

  12. ...made me smile. Thanks, beth. Go team. Love, kath

  13. Ohhhhh...loving these photos Beth! Glad your Badgers won! xoxo

  14. beth catching up with your blog this looks like such a wonderful time spent with friends! I am loving all your posts(what's new:)
    xo kt

  15. Oh, I do love visiting a gorgeous home full of the personality of its owners. Looks like Georgia's was exactly that.

  16. delicious moments captured by my favorite camera...he he he...NOT really...YOU make the magic happen behind that machine....I adore your eye for capturing sacred moments...thank you for YOU and sharing your talents with us


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