September 19, 2011

wait...take a second look

 we were at an amazing street fair this weekend. 
the kind of street fair where you have total sensory overload. visually that is.

here's a sweet little butterfly fairy girl. but wait. take a second look.
what's that in the background.

oh i see. it's a grown man. dressed up like a dog. 
wearing a collar and his leash just in case he gets lost. 
hello animal rescue. never mind.

he's a happy dog. smiling and wagging his tail. no need to be alarmed.

as we were walking to the willy street fair, from where we parked, we passed this elderly man. 
but wait. take a second look. it's a leprechaun. 

little did i know we'd see him again

where i could get a close up of him

remember an earlier post of mine where i confessed my love of dreads. 
well there were lots of dread heads on willy. 
i'm so jealous. anyhow. take a second look.

first, one more shot of the beloved dreads

now. wha la. a ferret. eating street fair food. who knew they liked things fried and greasy.
i think i want one. does anyone know if they make good pets.

okay this "take a second look" photo is too easy. it's just a great folk duo.

but still. they totally needed a close up. as they were amazingly talented and good.

is he advertising street fair food on his abs and chest

i think i need another look
 since this lady didn't bring her reading glasses and had to get really close AND in my way

hmmm. i think i've got it. 
"at plan B you can get a shot and a brat for $6"

sure enough. that's totally what it is. 
whew. i'm so glad it only took me 4 hunk a hunk a man photos 
in order for me to read this correctly. 
it would have been terrible if i had to stand there and look at him any longer then i did
~wink wink~


  1. OMG! i was in crowd and people overload mode, but you pulled it out for me with the last few shots! ha! whew! that's the kind of street vendor that's a bit easy on the eyes! :)

    oh, and ferrets - if you like to sleep at night, don't get a ferret - they're nocturnal, and if you let them loose, they'll get into everything!!!

  2. I love that you got close enough to see his Calvin Klein's and his scar!!!! I'm just wondering where he keeps the $6 brat!!! :)

    As for ferrets...ew...I think lots of people keep them as pets and they're "fine" but they are so not for me.

    Looks like it was an interesting stroll at the fair! Now excuse me, back to the brats!! :)

  3. Beth, you never fail to make me laugh. What a great eye you have and what a cool interesting place you live. :0)

  4. Makes me wonder what Plan A was. But nice advertising, nonetheless.

    Cool series of photos here. Enjoyed muchly.

  5. Buah ha ha ha!! That post had lotsa giggle power. And a ferret?!!!! Say it ain't sooo!!!! Don't do it (in my opinion). Have you ever smelled one of those things? Peeyooooooo.

  6. Thanks for clarifying that last image for all of us who need a bit more time to read things :) Love how you people-watch! You inspire me to get brave and bold with my camera next time I'm in a crowd!

  7. Did you have the close up lens with you or did you "have" to get real close? ;-)

  8. Love this series of pic.. that ferret is adorable. As for Mr. Plan B.. it's a pity that wasn't written in Braille.

  9. don't go there Sherry Smyth :)

    and holy crap he's hot: seriously, how does one get abs like that; his face isn't bad either and thank you sooooooo much for sharing that little bit of eye candy; I so need to move to Madison :)

    oh yea.... cool on the other shots too...

  10. PS: I heard ferrets are fun but smell.... I wouldn't go there....

  11. So funny. Love the hung a - and ferrets can be very mean. Not good with children. And they have a funny smell. But if ya' really gotta …

  12. I thought the happy puppy dog was great. You sure do have an interesting cast of characters up there in Wisconsin. And the Brat guy, I read it the first time.

  13. Bye-bye sandwich boards--now there are washboards ;-)
    Great shots--where would we be without variety?

  14. Ooh... I had to go back and look for the scar!

  15. I think that kind of advertising beats bill boards!

  16. This looks like such a fun day. Lots of good people watching which I totally get into. People are just the best entertainment and especially wonderful when you have a camera around to take photos and prove how wonderful we all can be.

  17. Regarding ferrets... they may be adorable, but they have a distinctive odor that I cannot stand. Even when they are de-scented.. and I know there is a better word for that. I know I might anger some ferret lovers here, but the smell has always grossed me out. People have said it's only the males that have that scent, but I have detected it with ALL ferrets, so I don't know that it's true.

  18. funny...most of the guys I know who partake of shots and a Brat look nothing like him!!
    Thanks for starting my day with a smile - and a fantasy!

  19. love it...LOL...all the way down the manly shot...

  20. hahahahaHA THANKS! love every bit. except maybe i love the hunky man more than the dog-man. just maybe...

  21. I want a shot and brat !! (Holy hip bones !!!)...

    Sensory overload indeed, my friend. The stuff sweet but slightly weird dreams are made of!

  22. ps - ferrets friendly pets, but yes, stinky !!!

  23. Ferrets in addition to being noctural also smell! Ewww. But I've known people that really like them...

    Ah, that walking billboard is my kinda ad! Yum!

  24. Laughing! He is nice eye candy, for sure! What's a girl to do but look closer.

    Recently I had the opportunity to do a fitting on my favorite male model. Oh, a little closer please. I always love a look at his tattoo eagle on his back waist. Wish I had my camera, I am sure he would have let me photograph. Hope I have a next time, my camera will be ready.

  25. Hey Beth, awesome second looks! Don't you just love having your camera at a cool street fair? Glad you shared it all, especially that hunka hunka!

  26. Always see some interesting people at street fairs.
    And then you get to see a hunk a hunk of man like him ... all worth it!

  27. Don't you love people-watching at events? I do. They never cease to delight!

  28. whoa. what more to say is there?

    you have cooler people where you live than where i live.


  29. What a great and eclectic crowd of people to zoom your lens in on. Real characters... the dog guy really needs to go away though.. LOL

  30. Fantastic photos and series

  31. tired and grungy mother of two drooling over the "brat" man.
    holy cow.
    My oh my.
    Thank you.

  32. What a great way to advertise. You live in a wild and crazy area, Beth, is all I can say. (Now - I must have another look at the Brats ab I mean ad.)

  33. lol! You are hilarious!

    What a hunny! I think I need to take a closer look.....


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