May 19, 2011

when the wind blows...

looking at these photos
 that i took on tuesday
reminds me once again 
why i try to never pose children for a photo shoot
i try to never ask them to smile or say cheese
i've learned that
"booger head"
"did dad just fart"
"did a bird just poop on my head"
work perfectly

just let kids play
just let them be themselves

to all you cat lovers
i about busted a gut when the extra kite string on the ground 
became a temptation that this cat couldn't resist

i mean seriously
this made me laugh out loud
to think that some people believe cats aren't helpful

when the kite comes down
you start all over again

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  1. These yell "Spring!!" Great captures!

  2. I love kites!

    However, I have to dissagree with you on never asking a child to pose or smile. My experience of shooting a 4 year old portrait session this past weekend where all he wanted to do was put his hands in front of his face or bury it in his mom's shoulders I had to beg, plead, and bribe to get a decent picture of him. I guess I should have brought a kite. ;)

  3. How true, you could never have posed that boy any better, natural is always better, in a lot of things. Those B&W photos...nice

  4. The cat made me laugh too . . . I remember flying a kite as a kid, haven't done it in too many years. Think I might have to give it a go again.

  5. Nice captures Beth! Feel like I'm flying that kite with him.

  6. Love the kitty participation. =^..^=

  7. Oh Beth!!! That first shot of the kite against the blue sky took my breath away!!!!! Absolutely incredible!!!! I've always loved relaxed shots of people instead of that cheesy grin on someone's face. I always look forward to seeing the new pictures that you post everyday and you truly inspire me to keep working on making my photos better. :)

    ~ Wendy

  8. These photos are wonderful, Beth. Gotta love the concentration in his face.. and that adorable feline.

  9. Looks like a great spring day for everyone.

  10. What a wonderful way to take a portrait! #6 is FABULOUS! Well they all are really:) And as a certified cat lover I have to say the cat added fun to the shoot:)

  11. you are a riot with your "insteads" of saying cheese... a kite, a child, and a cat... perfection!
    thank you. -xok.

  12. OMGosh--this is a Gold mine of color, action and Love!

    I Love it!


  13. Great photos, Beth. Love his concentration. But, for me, the cat stole the show!

  14. I love kites! What a great and colorful shoot!

  15. what a fun shoot...and yes, i love the kitty

  16. You caught the perfect example of childhood memories here...

  17. Very nice photos. Love the kitty photo.

  18. so many blue sky
    way up high
    kite flying
    never looked

  19. Beautiful shots, I have been thinking about going and flying a kite. I used to love it, makes me want to get out there. have a great weekend.

  20. What a fabulous series of photos!! Love them!
    And the cat cracked me up!!

  21. Nothing like a bright kite to lighten up a happy day!! Love the images..such fun!

  22. Great photos; love his expressions!

  23. Loved this one Beth. I'm gonna steal some of your lines here...did a bird just poop on my head....hilarious for kids to hear and start laughing....the best ever. Thanks my friend.
    ps. the last one is amazing.
    Hugs D.

  24. I love this post for so many reasons -- not the least of which is the cat reference -- that's hysterical. But it also reminds me of a wonderful day flying kites with Greg and Kevin when they were about 8 and 10. Lots of joy that day!

  25. These are so great..totally natural. And that cat! lol!

    I can't remember the last time I flew a kite. That would be a great thing to do to reconnect with the child inside. Right up there with blowing bubbles. :)


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