May 13, 2011

doing the nasty....

last week i gave you lion porn. this week boxelder bugs porn. 
you're welcome.

i took a new friend to "my pond" yesterday for the first time. i think she's in love with it, too.

why does this remind me of a palm tree in florida

it was just us two girls at the pond
we found this fungi to entertain us for a few minutes
{insert chuckle}

do you see what i see. those babies are so fast when startled. but i caught some of them.

oh mr. redwinged blackbird. i love you dearly.

turtle gymnastics. this is the balance beam and they were preparing for their dismounts.

i'm not sure what i love more. this pod or how cool the dried grass in the background looks.

you can never have too many redwinged blackbird photos.right.

oh spring and how you magically come alive. you make my heart smile.

this is a part of a dead tree. i guess you call that a log.

mr. robin i see you

cattails go hand in hand with redwinged blackbirds. in my world, you just can't get enough of them.

oh, mr. robin....i guess you see me, too.
happy weekend everyone
to toot my own horn just a little bit
one of my photos was nominated over here for her latest contest
toot toot


  1. Oh my you did get some great shots! I haven't looked at mine yet. Thanks for getting a picture of the Madphotogirl in action..

  2. Love those, looks like you guys had a great walk. Thanks for making me smile.

  3. I LOVE all of these - so beautiful, such a great selection! And congrats on your nomination! I keep my fingers crossed - it's an amazing one! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. What a fabulous photographic day you had! And we get to share your efforts because you are such a kind and generous person! Why do we deserve this? Don't know but I sure am glad!

  5. Well, Root, Toot, Toot! I'll toot for you too. Your photography is amazing and your stories make me laugh and cry and ooh and ah. Yeah for you!

  6. AnonymousMay 13, 2011

    i love mr red wing blackbird sitting in your perfect shot!

  7. beautiful pics! love the waterbug porn :)

    blair @ scsd

  8. Ah spring. It brings out the animal in all species! Great shots Beth!

  9. Toot toot! Congrats on PW's choice. Of course you should be included! Your photos are gorgeous!

  10. i KNEW there'd be turtles in there somewhere! :)

    beautiful shots! love seeing the robins - and yes, red-wings galore, show us more! :)

  11. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Beth!! Isn't this the most wonderful time of the year to take nature pics?!!? Thanks for sharing them with us. : )

    ~ Wendy

  12. You're soon going to have to change the rating on your blog. ;)

    That pod looks to be about the same as the one I posted a few posts back and I was told that it's from goldenrod.

  13. What a great walk -- thanks for taking me along! I don't know what it is about red winged blackbirds, but I love them too! And speaking of doing the nasty, the other day I saw two Canadian geese on the river (the ones in my second-to-current post) doing it, too! Spring has sprung!

  14. Your pond is magical - leaves, ducks, turtles, fornication...oops...

  15. Each of these photos screams out spring! I love the red winged blackbird and the sweet robins...and the shot of your friend has me wishing I had been more reasonable and ordered the brown Kelly Moore bag instead of spring green:)

  16. Glad to see some Blogger Blogs are back to normal! Wonderful shots, Beth! Love "the Nasty"! :-)

  17. Beautiful beautiful beautiful ~ Love the processing here. And kudos to you on the PW mention!!

  18. fantastic nature walk...THANKS! I love those lovey turtles!

  19. beautiful adventures!

  20. I loved your photos because (first they are lovely) and because I did the exact same thing myself yesterday. I went and took pictures at a garden, nature and farm community that belongs to a college but is open for the public.

    Finding the beauty in the smallest and simplest of nature. A wonderful day.

  21. I'm loving those baby ducks-- how sweet.

    Hope all's well in your world Beth. It looks like spring has sprung and Summer's on the way. Yeah.

    xo jj

  22. hi beth, lovely photos! the bulb like plant with the crisscrossing weeds is magical!

    texwisgirl suggested i swing by here and take a look. glad she did! :o)

  23. I think I love your pond, too. And yay for you over at pioneer woman! that first photo made me shudder, did you ever see the movie Naked Lunch? If you haven't, don't.
    love me some red winged blackbirds, too, and the hummingbirds showed up just yesterday!

  24. Hello Beth just went over the last couple of post. Wow your pics are as always breathtaking.
    And about the nasty ones....ohhh they only bring soft gentle sweet baby ones after that right?

    Hugs Dagmar

  25. Beautiful Beth, love the little ducks and they are fast. I have a robin that has been visiting every day for about a week now, I keep trying to get it on the camera, but it is a quick little he or she.
    have a great day and congratulations on your photo. hugs.

  26. AnonymousMay 15, 2011

    Such sweet photos of the ducklings as they scurried away from you. Lucky you were to have caught them I might add.


  27. i love when i find a place with so much to shoot, these are wonderful lucky you with that in your backyard.

  28. What a beautiful place to go picture taking. I can feel the peacefulness enveloping me from all sides.
    Gorgeous captures!


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