May 16, 2011

sharing the good stuff...

i've learned something new
i have always used my macro lens while in auto focus
{not auto mode, auto focus}
which has provided me with some photos i've really loved
now i use my macro in manual focus 
ohh la la
what a difference
on a windy day 
shooting anything outside that can move in the wind
is really hard to do while in manual focus
so it's not worth the headache
on a calm day 
or while shooting inside
use your manual focus and i think you'll be presently surprised
if all of you comment saying you already do this
i'm going to slap your hands and ask you why you didn't tell me this sooner
i think we need to share the good stuff with each other
so today
do you have 
special shooting techniques
a lens you can't live without
a camera bag that has changed your life
camera settings you swear by
that you want to share with everyone
as a comment
that i can republish on a future post
linking back to you
if you do 
i'd love to hear from you
ps....thank you all for the amazing amounts of congratulations from yesterday's post. you're the best.


  1. ~~~ i can't wait to here the tips....i need all the help i can get


  2. nothing special as I use a point and shoot ...

  3. oh, i'm an auto focus kinda girl yet... haven't gotten out of that comfort zone yet.

  4. I just got a new lens and still use auto focus with it but great idea to share all we can together. Awesome flower shot by the way :-)

  5. I don't think I do anything all that special. I often shoot in auto focus because my eyes aren't what they used to be. But then, I shoot in manual focus a lot too. I adjust the ISO and white balance until the color looks right. And then I tweak stuff in PS.

  6. I heart my 50mm 1.4. Shopping for a high power zoom lens for an upcoming trip and my head is spinning.

  7. After purchasing my macro lens recently I've been experimenting with both auto and manual focus. It's all a learning curve but it's fun practicing.

  8. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    just wanted to say thanks for the advice Im very new to DSLR world and have been too scared to try on manual focus but seeing what a fab shot you took has inspired me to give it a go please keep up the good advice as us neewbies need all the help we can get!
    Buttercup and Bee

  9. yea..... I have a few favorite lenses.... they are the lenses that my favorite bloggers use to post their fab pics :)

    would love to get into photography someday when there is a smidge more time and money on my side :)

  10. Oh great, now I'm gonna have to dig the owner's manual for my macro lens out of the bottom of the bag and have someone who knows how to read explain how to use it in manual mode! I keep all my manuals in the bottom of the camera bag just in case something quits working. The voices in my head are already talking about how funny this is gonna be! The one that sounds like Elmer Fudd keeps saying "See, I told you it's impossible to learn by osmosis!"

  11. Hubby just got me a sweet little auto-focus camera that fits in my purse. Love it! Crisp shots. Obviously, I am not a professional! Your photos are just beautiful!

  12. Next macro shot-I'm trying it in manual mode.
    Chip, you're lucky to have a manual; I bought my camera used and the only manual I have is written in Espanol. Not fluent in it! Oh, well, discovery is a great teacher.

  13. Thanks, Beth. I was being a goof. Like most men I have a tendency to push buttons and see what happens and only dig the manual out when disaster strikes.

    @Scrappy - My first camera was a Yashika that my uncle bought in Japan while on R&R during the Vietnam War. It came with manuals in in English and Japanese. Guess which one he lost before handing the camera down to me.

  14. This made me smile because I can only use my macro lens in manual mode, I am always jealous of the auto focus models, but when i bought mine, the older lenses that were really good but only manual were soooo much cheaper. However, as my eyesight keeps getting worse, I may be forced to step up to auto focus.
    But I do have to say that it is my favorite lens.

  15. I LOVE my new camera bag- blogged about it here:

  16. Ohhh you sit down cause you've asked for a bunch....I've got you the perfect gift to get for yourself. I've just bought a new camera bag at Kelly Moore (will do a topic on her soon) know when you're out there wearing all girly clothes and not wanna run around with some sort of lowepro (wich I do have too) like you're gonna hit the trails in the woods sports kind of bag? Well do go to her site and find yourself the most amazing nice girly looking bags EVER. Not cheap but so worth it. I've got the orange posey bag....yehaaaa.

    So there you go girl. Hmmmm...this post of yours might gonna cost you girl hihihih.
    Have a great day my friend.
    Hugs Dagmar

  17. funny...ever since I got my macro I have been shooting in manual focus because in M/A (that's what's my AF is called) it always want to do a jig before focusing in.

    No tips, but here's a fun photography tool for you to play around with for awhile!

  18. Beautiful photo!
    Sometimes I just take my camera out and play taking pictures on all the different settings. I have learned a lot that way. Unfortunately I have to repeat often as I forget. (Laughing to self)

  19. great tip for when i
    get tired of playing with
    my iphone.
    it is my favorite photography tool
    by far. i hardly use it
    as a phone.

    i could list a bunch of apps...

  20. beth... for now... i only dream about such wonderful things, and with my birthday coming up can only hope my loved ones might be listening to my "camera longings"...but i am listening to you oh so carefully, and feeling blessed by your photos. thank you for sharing so much. -xok.

  21. Hi there! I came over here because of Jill's 'Guess Who?'. I am really enjoying your photos. Beautiful use of light! I am sure I will be back!

  22. Thanks for the tip. I'll certainly try that.
    Awesome pics by the way.

  23. I've had a Nikon d90 for about 2 years that came with a standard 18-55 mm lens (blech) and I almost immediately bought a 70-300 zoom but it was only about six months ago I realized what I needed was a lens with a lower A setting. So I got 50 mm 1.8 AF and it is the lens that is on my camera almost all the time. I know when I need my zoom and I'm sorry I wasn't more conscious when I bought it to go for a lower AF (live and learn). Frankly, I find the body of nikons really heavy, and wish I had a Canon because they are so much lighter. Now I have 3 lenses for my Nikon I think I just need to strengthen my shoulders to walk such distances with it in tow! And I agree with you about sharing details. Someone might just poo-poo it, already knowing but life is a big melting pot of learning and you just never know what little thing you can learn in a casual reference. Yay for you!

  24. beautiful. i should take out my macro a lot more often than i do.


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