August 24, 2010

name that song.....errr, um starfish

"get a room" starfish
"tattoo" starfish
"he's just not that into you" starfish
"i'm a swan" starfish
"hey, where did everyone go" starfish
"hide and seek" starfish
"pig pile" starfish
please please please
share with me
your names
for these starfish
~it's just too fun and you probably see something i don't~
august break


  1. I'm loving the "hey where did everybody go" - it's so me. "Hide and seek" could also be "earth lovin' tree hugger starfish".

    And the gross pile of starfish makes me think of that phrase someone screams when you PILE on top of the "victim". Can't remember the phrase though. Can you???

    Great pictures. Makes me love starfish MUCH more when they're alive. :)

  2. I'm sitting before breakfast and shower cracking up out loud! Oh my gosh, you are too funny. I think your names for them are perfect. The pig pile finally broke me down! Thanks for getting my day off and running!

  3. all I gotta say is STARFISH SEX...I had no idea they were such frisky little characters! As always your photos are so gorgeous.....I am giggling now while pondering some new tunes!

  4. These photos are just spectacular! So clear and excellently focused...the subtle colors just spring out...Love the whole series even if I'm not great at titles or captions:)

  5. Picture 3 - the "look at my chicken impression...see my chicken wing?" starfish

    Great pictures!

  6. LOLLLLLLLLL I love He's Just Not Into You Starfish! LOLLLLLLLLLL I love you!

  7. Mr "Hide-and-Seek" looks like a Tyrannosaurus rex which has just lost his tail!
    BEAUTIFUL colours and photos!!!!!

  8. Honestly, where do you see these things! Every time I come here I am dazzled on one way or another, but this time you take the cake. Four star, my friend. Or maybe, since it's starfish -- FIVE stars!

  9. The fourth one down - I tried to fly and look where it got me.

    I will fly for sure tomorrow and can't wait for Thursday. I am looking forward to talking and laughing.

  10. Oh, it would be so hard to improve on your titles...hysterical! In the last one, I might see cow pile???, I dunno...

  11. *breathless* These starfish are so stunning! I had no idea they came in all these colors. Where in the world did you find so many?!

  12. Ok - tell me exactly where you found these "Purple Passion Pileup" starfish. I think I need to head back down to the Oregon Coast.

  13. Wow! These photos are amazing! Beautiful shots and really funny captions!

    - carla

  14. So beautiful Beth, these are amazing shots.

    For the big pile of starfish
    "Ok everyone- Group hug!"

  15. Such amazing photos...and I had no idea that starfish could be purple! Seriously. Is that sad or what?

  16. Amazing!! I've never seen starfish with such great colors. Wonderful..and WOW!

  17. These photos are incredible, my lovely Friend ! Really, really gorgeous. I think you just developed a "Starfish Book", with these, even if it does have to be rated PG. ;) I love what Paperbird had for the last one too !
    Big Love to you !

  18. You absolutely CRACK ME UP!!! Dying laughing here. I am going to have to send all my friends to this post. I wish I thought like you do.

  19. I love these photos! Your blog is lovely.

  20. get a room..lolololololol!!!!


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