August 2, 2010

me...and the bachelorette {UPDATED}

who's with me tonight
in front of the television
with no distractions
chris or roberto
come on
i can't be alone
my daughter thinks chris
i think it would have been frank
~silly boy~
he sure is hunky
thank god
it's not jake
poor strange can' vienna had to deal with him
she wanted him


  1. How is it i love this ore and more the older I get... I think of all the time i've spent cleaning in my lifetime and really, what does it get you?

  2. It's good to know what really matters:)

  3. Nice cuppa soothes the soul. The dust bunnies can be gathered another time.

  4. Sitting here, drinking my English Breakfast tea amidst the dust bunnies, and saying, "Amen."

  5. Oh I needed to read this today. have a great one Beth. take care. hugs

  6. hmmmm i'm thinkin' chris but i don't know...i, too, will be glued to my tv tonight!

  7. well beth...
    i have no idea what the tv text is about~
    but i adore that photo and the little verse.

  8. me neither Chasity....I don't own a TV, so this is all Greek to me. But I love the photo Beth!

  9. as long as the tea is good. : )

  10. I'm not too sure. I haven't watched this season, but from the commercials I'm going to guess neither. Hope I'm wrong though...

  11. Oh me and my whole family will be right there with you! (We really need to spend our time doing something of quality...)

    I am Team Chris! But I love hunky Roberto too. Jake drives me crazy.

    and the anticipation begins...

  12. well, the trailers and rag-mags suggest ali broke the rules. could frank be back on the scene?? me? i vote for chris.

    p.s. the phone will be off the hook tonight. ;)

  13. i would have liked it to have been Chris, but after that emotional crap she shared with us over Frank, I don't think either guy should take her IF she hands out a rose. Maybe Frank will come back...let the two of them have each other.

  14. I love seeing that I am not the only one already missing the writing part! Love your photo and the words on it. Clueless on the bachelorette part, but hope you enjoyed it!

  15. Well, the show's over here in Ohio, so I know the answer, but with the time diffference, I won't say. I thought she was classy about it. I was voting for the other guy, but I think now that she made the right decision. My husband got it right--predicted it early on. No he doesn't watch this show, but was subjected to it one night. He laughed on the phone when I told him he was right.

    I agree on the cleaning thing--a few dustbunnies never hurt anyone.

  16. It's too funny, I'm glued to the set and watching as I try to catch up. I liked Roberto so I'm happy and now I'm watching "After the Rose" - they just showed that incredible rainbow. That really was something!!

  17. fun chatting bachelorette with you! :)

  18. I was so glad it wasn't Jake. Chris or Roberta either one is better. She looked happy.

  19. Don't you just love it when women are in the driver's seat?

  20. This is too funny.
    This show was my guilty pleasure over the last few months, and as I watched the last episode, I thought of you! I really did! I think it was because we talked of Vienna and Jake, and I was wondering if you, too, were watching this season...and what you were thinking of the whole thing.
    I was secretly hoping for Chris...don't know why...there was something about him...but I knew she wasn't going to pick could see it in her body language and the words she chose.
    And I shamefully admit...the rainbow part made me cry.


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