June 11, 2010

your weekend outlook....

a sandy beach
on any lake in wisconsin
is a gift
we're lucky enough to have a little one not too far from us
this time of year
it's filled with college students who are staying in town for the summer
competing to see who can hold their handstand the longest
who look like they would much rather be napping
entertaining little ones
that scatter like a dropped bag of m & m's when their feet hit the sand
book reading moms laying on quilts
secretly wishing they could wear the bikinis the college aged girls look perfect in
families grilling dinner
old men walking their dogs
of course i was mostly focused on this little one
when he climbed up into the lifeguard's chair
how could i not take his photo
i hope however you look at the weekend
however the weekend looks at you
it's beautiful
perfect in every way


  1. Truly a prize winning photo in my eyes. I love the browns and the textures and the nice soft background focus. Your writing hits the spot as well. Fun twist of phrases and word pictures. So glad I stopped for a visit. Maybe the garden will be dry enough I can attack a few weeds this weekend.

  2. it sounds like you and i have similar types of summer weekends filled with water and relaxation!

  3. a promising future for that little one ... have a wonderful week-end

  4. Oh! thanks for taking us to the beach today...it's raining here but I can almost smell the water and feel the sand on my feet...do you mind putting some sunscreen on my back!! Have a wonderful weekend....

  5. It sounds lovely Beth, no water for me, but lots of sun and yardwork, and spf sunblock which you reminded me of last year. hugs to you. have fun. I am putting up my Tibetan flag this weekend too. thankyou again.

  6. sweet photo...perfectly wall-worthy!

    have a wonderful weekend...

  7. "..scatter like m & m's.."
    Really like that.
    This little fella looks small in the huge lifeguard chair. Hope the rest of your weekend is full of more new photo worthy subjects.

  8. This weekend I am taking my grandkids to see Cirque de Soleil!!! I am so excited about it. They will love it!

  9. oh that precious little King of the Beach photo! Have a wonderful weekend Beth....

  10. I can see why he caught your eye, and I'm glad that he did! What a beautiful photo, Beth. Hope you have a lovely weekend! xo Gigi

  11. as always - spot on with your photography...always.

    i dream of a place where i can see this...it makes me think of old days at my uncle's cabin and laying out on the floating pier with nothing more than baby oil and iodine. it's a wonder i have any skin left.

  12. We are still battling rainy spotty weather. Enjoyed this photo, arbinger of a whole season.

  13. I could do with having a paddle in the sea and spend a little time on the beach.
    Loved your post and you have a beautiful blog.
    Our mutual friend Joanna has suggested you for an interview 'victim' for my Suday Roast column. LOL
    I agree you would make a great roastee.
    Therefore I would be honoured if you appear on the show. I will send all the details by return.

    Please reply on

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    Now how can we refuse Joanna - she is a lovely lass and a great match-maker LOL. I shall nickname her, "She Who Must Be Obeyed".

  14. lovely description... and yes we'd all love to nap instead of entertaining the kids... is it that obviously.

  15. curiosity of a little one can focus an adults mind wonderfully, can't it? he's adorable. hope you have a great weekend also.

    that seagull below is a great capture. i'll be taking the photoshop class in July. i'm looking so forward to it.

  16. I love the simile "the little ones that scatter like a dropped bag of m & m's when their feet hit the sand." That's so accurate in its imagery. I also like the line about the moms. . . secretly wishing they could wear the bikinis the college aged girls look perfect in. I've been on that quilt reading and wishing so many times!
    Such delightful prose and of course an outstanding pic.

  17. I love it. And, as a teacher,I especially love summer in Wisconsin.

  18. Beautiful!!....and I wonder what he's thinking about...
    Wouldn't you love to know.
    Hugs and love to you,

  19. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

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  20. Oh this sounds perfect...enjoy the beauty this weekend!

  21. What a precious child, glorious photo and wonderful post to match.
    Thanks Beth.
    Happy weekend,

  22. It's a long weekend here so it is extra good for me! :)

  23. What a stunning photo, it is like every day you just get better and better...
    I am so excited about this weekend, I am going to the Thousand Islands for two whole days with just girls, yippeeee!

  24. beautiful shot and great post

  25. I just love the beach. The perfect place to spend summer days

  26. A beauty of a photo.. and lovely matching words.

  27. Ours is peaceful, quiet, restful... But perhaps not so wonderful as a weekend by the lake. Glad you have that, my friend. And that you share it here.

  28. Okay I must say I'm jealous. I envy your good weather. All we have is buckets of rain, and very high humidity....grrrr.
    No sun at all. And it's already half of june....

    Beth this is a great shot.
    Have a happy weekend. Hugs D.

  29. Oh, Beth....luv the mental picture of little ones scattering like a dropped bag of m & m's.

    I wonder what the little lifeguard was thinking about up there in the lifeguard's chair.

    Up here in northeast WI, the weekend weather has not been exactly beach friendly, but it's still beautiful.


  30. stunning summer capture ....

  31. I LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEE this image!!!!!
    Love it.


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