June 7, 2010

she doesn't quite understand stop....or stay

this is my sweet sophie
she's 13 now
has never really listened very well
after a torrential downpour
the sun came out
i wanted to play with my
"through the view finder"
sophie didn't really understand what i was asking her for
"stop and stay"
"run and play"
to her
first she was too close
closed her eyes since the sun was so blinding
then she got tired of me begging her to sit still
she wandered down the sidewalk
soon she came running back
right at me
with a
"like this"
grin on her face
as i moved to get out of her way

while she was taking a potty break
i took photos of the sky
our empty bird feeder
then just to show you how crazy fun the "through the view finder" thingy is
if you take a photo of something with words on it
they come out backwards
if any of you have an old kodak duraflex and want more information on how to take
photos using that and your d-slr {they have to be used together}let me know.
i'll give you a tutorial
if any of you can tell me how to make sophie sit still when i pull out the camera
i'd love to hear from you
did anyone else have problems with blogger yesterday and today


  1. There was no blogger service available for quite some time ... here at least. Love that little doggy.

  2. I got emails from a few people who were having problems with blogger.
    I had error messages when I tried to leave comments on posts. I thinks Sophie is so darn cute.

  3. Cute little lady ! And very informative photos, Teach !

    (Yes, Blogger was a bust for a while this morning - seem to have clearer up around noonish...)

    See you tomorrow! ;)

  4. love them and Sophie! so adorable! but I don't have a duraflex or whatever it's called. What is it?

    YES...i had issues with blogger yesterday. Their editor went bizurko! (I thought it was just me) I wanted to pull my hair out yesterday evening when the spacing was going bonkers!

  5. I've been posting so little that I really haven't noticed any Blogger problems...:)

    Love these shots....and Sophie too!...I saw a Duraflex for sale about a month ago and now I wish I bought it...

  6. sweet puppy...they never pose though do they!! yes overnight into the day it was out...

  7. AnonymousJune 07, 2010

    No problems with Blogger today, but I was gone for a couple of hours so could have happened during that time I suppose.


  8. i didn't have problems either but then again i was in and out today.

    cute shots

  9. I read a post where someone was having a lot of trouble with blogger today.
    These photos are cool.

  10. What a cutie pie she is... and I have no idea what equipment you speak of!I'm just getting to grips with taking a pic... any pic!!!

  11. wooo hooo.. you got your post up... :)

    and sophie is so cute.... :) really sweet.. and great ttv fun!!

    you are awesome!!

    ever since 2 1/2 years ago when andy had cancer surgery that the vet said would buy him about 3-6 months.... we've been letting him do whatever the heck he wants... and now it's a little ridiculous. when we are eating he barks at us.... lol.....
    calgon, take me away...... 'sigh'

    xxo, kim

  12. Sophie looks pretty good for 13, and I laughed when she didn't listen to you. I feel your pain. I have a Lab/Setter type of thing, Ginger, and when I call her, she stops, slowly, I mean slowly turns her head, I swear I can hear her exhale, exasperated at me calling her again. She then continues doing whatever the hell she wants.
    Great looking neighborhood.

  13. this is the first time i've been able to get on blogger for two days. some of my fav sites still aren't working. glad i could come to yours, though!

  14. sophie is so cute. Blogger puts all my added photos at the top of the post and i have to manually pull them to the right place ben doing that for a while now really frustrating.

  15. she is so cute, I love the way these photos look, so cool! they never listen when you want them to, ours is so stubborn sometimes, I know he understands what I want, he just chooses not to do it. Little stinker. They know how to work that cuteness!

  16. This is the best! I think I've said that before while here. :) And so glad I didn't try to blog yesterday - I would have been in such a bad mood.


  17. Sophie is a perfect lady ;)...
    no issues with blogger,alto I head other complaints...I posted fine...I think ;)

  18. This looks like a neat new toy to have, LOL

    I had trouble with posting comments today....either they wouldnt go through or it would tell me that there was problems and I'd keep trying only to find out I would comment like 3 times...

  19. Sophie is a cutie!!! What an adorable face! And I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions...I never could teach my dog to fetch...sigh...so I'm not the best one to consult...LOL...Great photos, though!! Always a real treat to see what you are creating!! Love, Janine XO

  20. Great shots Beth! Sophie is darling and I love your view finder photos...so cool! And I didn't blog yesterday...and kinda glad now ;)

  21. Love the photos of Sophie...she is adorable!
    No I haven't had any problems with Blogger as of yet. Should I be worried?

  22. Oh sweet Sophie. She is so love-able!!
    And yep, Blogger was a pain most of the day yesterday, it was my 1st day on Crescendoh and I wanted to post something about it, but couldn't get it to work till med afternoon. Ugh.
    Hugs sweetie!!

  23. Maybe it's all in her name...my Sophie who is 4 going on 80 doesn't listen....she acts like I'm talking to someone else. Great pictures!

  24. Love the viewfinder effect. The images turned out really well...in spite of Sophie's refusal to cooperate!!

  25. Sophie's so cute! Our dog will pose for the camera, right up until the moment that I click the shutter...and then she ducks, or bolts, or turns away. I think they know...

  26. love these! i do have a duaflex and i can't wait to start practicing now that i have a macro lens! <3

  27. Blogger was a booger yesterday -- couldn't work all day!

    Sophie on the other hand is not a booger but a beauty! With an attitude as all models are, but hey, you can't have everything!

  28. To funny! Maybe take pictures of sophie sleeping or when she just is waking up. That's how I get pictures of my cat.

  29. Awww doggies! My Archie is my favorite photographic subject. But he's a Yorkie, so he barely will sit still. haha

  30. Sometimes my kid acts just like that. That's how I know I've had my camera in her face just a little too much.


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