October 15, 2008

because it's that time......

Misty and I
thought we'd show you
what costumes
wearing this


  1. please don't make me walk the plank... lol.
    can't wait to get me some candy!

    you keep my heart light, thank you!!!

  2. oh youse twos!!! hahahahaha I'm loving it. Also, Ms. Beth of the Camera Bug Big Time -- YOU ARE SO ROCKIN' IT, HONEY!!!! I told you (if I didn't, I was thinking it) -- you are gonna be ADDICTED. But your photos are like you've been doing it all your life, so maybe in some part of yourself you have. Groovy groovy groovy -- when's the next photo shoot?

  3. Four star! Come to my house and I'll give you great candy treats! (though you look like a tricky bunch...)


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