October 21, 2008

and this added to my weekend fun......

film: 1000 journals

1000 journals is a film about people whose lives are touched by blank journals released into the world in 2000 by san francisco-based artist, someguy.

some people found a journal, some had signed up to receive one in the mail.

some worte in them, others doodled, pasted in photographs, or added art.

some kept them.

some passed them on.

there were no rules and no one really monitored their movements. and yet they are connecting and inspiring people worldwide. number 526 returned to someguy filled.

what happened to the rest ?

this film tells their stories.


I decided that I really wanted to see this film as I had purchased the completed book, titled: 1000 journals project

earlier this year

and loved the concept.

So hubby and I took off for state street on sunday afternoon,

to a lecture hall at the museum of contemporary art

and enjoyed every mintute of this film.

If it comes to a city near you

go see it


you will not be disappointed !!!



  1. That sounds fantastic!! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. yes! - would love to see this film
    thanks for the reminder - hope it comes somewhere near here...

    so cool

    xo x- eb.

  3. Loved the book, would love to see the movie! Fat chance it will ever be out my way, but perhaps a trip to Chicago could get it in front of me. Great shots of a great gal by the way!

  4. I would love to see this! I will keep my eye out for it.


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