June 11, 2008

when you're not looking.....

This is a spider bite.
3 days old...
When I went to the doctor
she said,
"yep" that's a spider bite...
~red at the bite site
~with a white bullseye around it
~and a red ring around that
and now I'm suffering having to take
horse sized antibiotics for 10 days
This morning our son left for camp
on a 6AM flight
headed to Indiana
Needless to say
we were all up very early
and the sun
was beautiful.
I stepped outside with Sophie
and this is what greeted me.
and then this shadow
welcomed me into my office.


  1. OMG what a creepy spider bite! Cripes, it looks like those brown recluse spider bites people send in the email...gonna do a blogasode (episode) on your trail to wellness? I LOVE your photo of the two wire shadows-kinda like you and your son-side by side! Speedy health to you and fill your days with art!

  2. Yikes -- that bit looks awful! Glad you're taking something -- hope they work fast! Great photos! Keep dry -- looks like we're in for it again over the next few days.

  3. AnonymousJune 13, 2008

    Love your photograph of the sunlight and your image with the little hat. Enjoy your web site. Trying to make my house more "cottagy" although it is a 50s rambler in Dallas, Tx.

  4. okay, how did that thing happen????
    hope it is better by now...

  5. Awww yuck--Beth! thats horrible! (hate spiders)
    are you still creating art? (you are one of my fav artists) I see your lovely writings here by the ton. great job!!!


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