June 13, 2008

holding on....letting go

I try to let go
of what I don't need,
but some things in life
must be squeezed onto
ever so tightly.
I'm learning
that holding onto "things" is not healthy
and I've actually gotten better
over the last few years...
enough so to even surprise myself.
I have boxes
of "things" that are packed
and ready
for a summer garage sale
and surprisingly,
I don't have
any bad or sad feelings
that my "things"
will go away, never to been seen again...
I'm learning.
I have too many
bags and purses filling my closet...
probably over the amount that is considered healthy by some
but slowly, one by one
I'm letting these go, too.
I'm learning.
What I do hold onto though
and find impossible to
let go of...
are my
wonderful, sweet, filling, lively, eye opening
These I cherish...each and everyone of them...
the good, the bad, the right, the wrong
I hold onto all of them,
as they are mine
only mine.
although my dreams and thoughts and ideas
aren't "things"
the weight of them is
and they are something I'm willing
to carry with me
everyday of my life.
I'm learning


  1. I am trying to do the same thing....just today I passed on a book that usually I would have had to hold onto. I want to simplify and enjoy the good things I have and not hoard stuff......

  2. I feel like I am good about letting go of "stuff", but Hubby says I am a pack rat. I admit that I am a "collector", but if someone admires something of mine, I am quick to give it to them. Easy come, easy go.

  3. I hold on to stuff that belonged to deceased family members...like their wallet. With all their pictures and ID cards in there. Luckily for me, I have not had that many loved ones pass on. But my goodness, I need to find the strength to let go! All the worlds great religions talk about how much freer we feel without the tethers of Stuff. Great post!

  4. I am trying desperately to do the same, though like you I'll not (and shouldn't) let go of my dreams. I am a pack rat (we art-types are,I think) and I can't bear to give away something someone gave me. I really must do that. And I try. Bit by bit.

  5. wonderful thoughts on what to let go of and what not to. i'm a total packrat, but i'm working on reforming. i think in my last life i was in the siege of leningrad, so it's not easy. simplify. simplify. simplify.

  6. I'm learning too.
    Some days I feel wide open, arms outstretched, like I could give it all up and care little and I know that what is most important to me can't be taken, lost, given, but always remains.
    Some days I feel clingly, holding on, clutching.
    I'm learning.


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