June 15, 2008

he'a a junior counselor at camp ....AND

this is what he looks like...
along with his senior counselor and one of
the dirt biking campers.

All cleaned up, he's now performing on stage....
and if I know him like I think I do,
I'm sure there was some
dancing involved.
I'll have to ask him when he gets home
what the stick was used for...
or is that pool cue ???
And as I sit here at the cottage
getting to view
the camp online photo album,
I'm thrilled to know that indeed,
he's a happy kid...
no longer the camper
that he's been for the last 7 years,
being a role model...
someone the campers look up to.
And I hope that at least one little boy
will go home and tell his parents
"I want to be just like my counselor someday"


  1. Great pictures..and you can tell that you really miss him! The dirt bike riding looked way fun!

  2. How wonderful -- I can tell that you're very proud of him! (Glad you explained dirt biking, though -- I was thinking creature of the dark lagoon!) Isn't it fun to be able to connect with photos so instantly via the net?

  3. This is so great!!!! what a kid!!!

  4. AnonymousJune 17, 2008

    Love the pictures....he's a great kid and if he is as wonderful with those children as I have seen him be with mine, they are indeed lucky to have him as their counselor!


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