February 9, 2014


i don't feel at all like i should be short on words, but i am. maybe it's because today is sunday and sunday is a day of rest? yes, let's just go with that. i'm resting. snort.

anyhow, i hope your weekend is turning out to be an amazing one, no matter what you're doing... even if you're doing nothing...and if you are doing nothing, i hope you're doing it with someone who means everything to you.


  1. I love your photos. I've been short on words myself. Unfortunately tomorrow is my tax appointment so today I'm driving myself crazy getting everything ready. :-)
    enjoy your day!

  2. Love the cheery photos. Working on rainbow looms with my child for Valentine's Day for her class. Yes, she means everything to me....

  3. Gorgeous green today! I'm looking out side to more white falling from the sky landing on feet of more white....but warm and cozy with my love. Happy Sunday!

  4. Sometimes you just don't need words. 'Nuff said ~

  5. Oh my, look at those delicious fresh vegetables! Love your photo. Ironically, I have winteritis so haven't felt like blogging.

  6. Green is a very nice color.
    With the snow storm and then a layer of ice we have been laying low.
    Working on a project that should have been done before Christmas.
    And dreams of warm, tropical breezes.

  7. You are doing a nice job of avoiding snow it seems. I've enjoyed my Sunday and the people I enjoyed it with.

  8. Green? Does that color exist outside of the produce section of the grocery store? Sorry, I'm snarky...this winter blows!!! xo

  9. that's funny - i just did a post on "red." i was short on words, too…

    (that ivy looks like the stuff that grows in my back yard.)


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