February 28, 2014

emerging in the woods

a few weeks ago i had the privilege to review a "new to me" company called printcopia and let me tell you, they are fantastic. their website is extremely user friendly and the only difficult thing for me was choosing a photo to use. i ended up picking a photo i "made" and am currently using as part of my blog banner and to say it's beautiful is an understatement. you see, the photo pictured here is actually a blend of three of my photos that i created and the fact that it was printed on canvas perfectly, pretty much blew me away. on top of it, the quality and weight of the frame that the canvas is wrapped on is the best i have ever seen. without question, i will be using them again and again and again and i thought it only fair to let you all in on the fun. if you want to do your own {free canvas} review, send me a note and i'll get you all set up.

{ps…the color is perfect, but the woods and my vsco editing changed it a bit}

her name is dixie 
and no, she's not coming home with me, 
but she sure knew how to make me smile.

mardi gras

this little spot on the water 
is the perfect place 
to rest, pray, wish, dream, nap, write, draw, paint, kiss, pretend, believe and talk. 
utopia, perhaps?


  1. I would love to do a free canvas review. Love yours!

  2. I want to be a butterfly!!

  3. With that smile on your face I think Dixie should have come home with you. Fantastic photo!

  4. Oh, what a gorgeous work of art you created with Printcopia! Really beautiful. It is so fun to see you still soaking up the beauties in that amazing place. Sending love to you!

  5. Very pretty--and so YOU!
    Ah, face painting. Why do I never indulge in that?

  6. I would love that little place by the water to do all those things.
    Sweet puppy and smile on your face.
    The canvas is really tempting and I may just follow up with
    you later. I have been thinking about doing some of my pictures
    on canvas.

  7. This is just stunning. I love both as a full piece and the banner.

    And, I'd be very interested in the free canvas review -- I'm not quite sure what that is, but it sounds like you review the product, right? I'd like that!

    Are you ever coming back to snow country?

  8. i adore that photo of you (and i do not know how you resisted the urge to take that puppy home with you!)


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