July 26, 2013

too far.....

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well it's friday and i guess if you're here, you survived whatever the week has thrown at you. my week has been filled with sleepless nights. i mean i sleep, but only for about five hours and after enough nights of that insanity, i'm going a bit mad. now granted, i've seen some beautiful mornings, but personally i'm guessing that mornings at oh, let's say around nine, after eight hours of sleep, would be just as lovely and my eyes would actually be open enough to really appreciate them.

the quote above i adore. it's how i'd love to be described. maybe it could be my epitaph. can you have an epitaph just because or does an epitaph have to live on your tombstone? if that's the case i'm in trouble, as i plan on being cremated. don't judge me. i know that probably seems a bit morbid, but i've been up since 4:30 and lack of sleep after multiple days gives you lots of extra thinking time.

join me in the august break this year? i do it because it basically doesn't have any rules, august is my birthday month and i love susannah, so it's a win win situation.

how do you feel about baby george? i'm pretty much okay if i don't see him again until his first birthday. don't judge me. it's the media's fault.

tomorrow it's going to be cold here. yep, cold they said. cold as in wear a jacket to the farmer's market. are you flipppng kidding me? we have hardly had "summer" and if i have to wear a jacker tomorrow, it won't matter where you live, you just might hear me scream.

have a great weekend everyone!


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2013

    I would rather it had been HRH baby Alexander instead of that horrible George name. Oh, and I can wait until his first birthday to see him again also because to be honest, tiny babies are boring... Don't judge me either, but they just lay there so they really are not too interesting to anyone other than their immediate family.

  2. I'm OK with George and totally agree on not seeing him for awhile.
    Your mind is all over the place when not getting enough sleep. That was me yesterday,
    finally got 8 last night - whew! Take care of yourself. Cremation is OK too, me too.

  3. I've purposefully avoided Baby George and his countless doting aficionados. Wear it out, people. Please.

    What a fabulous collage. Tasteful and seductive. I love your artistic eye. And yes, great quote to know and be known for.

    Sleeplessness comes and goes for me. But I'm up four days a week by 5, so it comes more than it goes. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I like myself, I really do. But I wouldn't mind at all if my tummy looked like that. Just sayin'....

    I must have 8 hours or I will take a daytime nap.

  5. Cold here, too, and headed up north soon enough. Very happy for Boy George and glad he's here and cute but I can hold off for awhile. Give these poor folks some peace! Lovely quote and I do hope you get some sleep -- I can relate to what lack of it does to a person.

    Cremation and a tombstone are not mutually exclusive. My aunt and uncle did both. A little redundant, but hey, it's their life. Or not.

  6. I'm good with HRH -- I've loved the whole thing. I'm Canadian, we're still kind of attached to the UK. But I like the parents and goodness me, I'd MUCH rather hear and see HRH George anytime than North West. George may be an old fashioned name with tradition and meaning...but it's a name and it makes sense...a refreshing change. Don't judge me either.

  7. There's way too much media involvement in everything these days... I'm sure little George's parents won't be parading him about and looking for publicity. I love the fact that they stayed in a smaller (I'm guessing) farm house during their first year of marriage. It seems they are pretty well grounded in spite of the media attention they receive.

    I think I would like your summer weather just fine. My blue jean jacket is my friend! I love the worn cotton against my skin. It's a little too hot for that where I am right now.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. oh that would be a good epitath, I think. I want to be cremated also when I pass on. The thought of a stitched up embalmed rotting body in the ground for years is so very unappealing to me. I'd rather my ashes nurture something else that grows. No wake either, I don't see that that ever leaves a good impression with anyone as a fond reminder of the departed. Just sayin.

    I am so over the nonsense of making such a big deal out of "the royal family". Yes, they are generally good people it seems to me. Especially this couple. They do good things for people with their various charities too. I would too if I were born into that money. What exactly is the purpose of a royal family nowadays? All that pomp and circumstance. And for crying out loud, how many babies were born the same day? Aren't each of them a tiny miracle and special in their own right? I'm over George, I'm over the whole ridiculous fanfare of the royal family. If we didn't make such a big spectacle of them, George's grandmother would still be here to appreciate and love him. You know, I think Harry feels the same way.

    We've had scorching heat and plenty of summer this year so far, I'm guessing you have not. I'm OK with wearing a jacket right about now :-)

    Boy, my comment sounds like a b*tch session this morning!..lol.. sorry.

  9. Enjoy August. You'll b e missed but I'll be right here when you get back.

  10. No judgement - I'm right there with you in sleeplessness and plans for cremation - but will part ways about Prince George (although "Georgie Porgie" - what were they thinking?). I'd rather see pictures and coverage of an innocent baby than the Kardashians, the political theatre and the Nancy Grace debacles that pass as 'media' in our country any day! But to each her own!

  11. Yep! I am playing August Break again this year...
    YEP! I need one more plate to spin...cuz that's how I roll.
    Are you screaming cold yet?
    Hugs Beth....warm and fuzzy ones!

  12. No judgement here, Beth.
    I'm with you on George. Give the kid (and his parents) a break already. The global media camping out waiting for his arrival was a joke.
    I'll be watching for your August Break. I'm lacking in blogging disciple of late so I'll be lucky if I crank out a couple posts let along photos daily. Oh well. That's what summer is for.
    xo jj


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