July 19, 2013

ramblings for the weekend.....

my pinterest boards held me prisoner this morning, but only for an hour. in the winter, it's an addiction, but only because i look for a place to bury my head that doesn't involve snow and cold...but in the summer, i love to walk away from my computer with a little "ta ta" as i look back over my shoulder at it. snort.

people are describing the heat and humidity outside as moist. i think maybe the word moist should be saved and used only when describing a cake...or a cookie.

have you read this. it's so good and i can promise you'll love it. if you don't, well then i have to put you in the "kind of weird" category.

i love ashley, her blog, her family and everything else about her. this is one of my most favorite posts she's ever written.

what are your thoughts on the song, "blurred lines" by robin thicke? they're saying it's the "it" song of the summer and it started a little discussion in our house last night when the kids were here and i started dancing to it. all i know for sure is that it's got the best rhythm ever and i want the guy in this video to come over and dance with me :)

happy weekend everyone. i hope you get to spend it with your loved ones doing whatever it is you love to do. i think i want to make s'mores.

all collage photos are from my pinterest boards and i can't give enough thanks for all the prayers from my last post.


  1. Love "Blurred Lines" -- it's "the" song of our Florida vacation with family from England...and they can't get over the fact that Robin Thicke is born in L.A. but has Canadian roots through his father (whose mother lived in the same apartment building as my mother). Great tune!

  2. Happy weekend to you, too, Beth! I'm not moist. I'm soaked!

  3. Hi Beth, I follow you on Pinterest and always love the things you find. You have great taste.
    I hope you have an easy and happy weekend.
    Big hugs,
    xo jj

  4. AnonymousJuly 19, 2013

    I love those collages...and also Blurred Lines! Very catchy beat!

  5. It's a nice tune and great to dance to. There are better songs out there, though. I've read that article before - funny!

    I'm not even going to talk about the weather. I'd just like to thank whoever it was that invented air conditioning.

  6. Ok liked all the links. Thanks!

  7. Great links, Beth. I didn't get to watch the video because my Flash needs updated. Saving the update for later. Have a great weekend and enjoy the s'mores!

  8. Oh my Goddess Beth...."Do. Whatver. The. Fuck. You. Want." is fucking hilarious!!
    Especially this line..."Take me with you...I am excellent at waving scarves around but even better at buying drinks with tiny umbrellas."
    I gotta share this stuff.....after I get down and blurry !!

  9. can't wait to check out your links. i love robin thicke and his killer beat is from a marvin gaye song "got to give it up" loving it all:)

  10. You know, I've purposely avoided Pinterest because I'm afraid it will be one more form of social media that I will get hooked on. Maybe one of these days I will look into it, but for now, my goal is to be outdoors as much as possible.

    I love your new blog header!

  11. hahahaha (snort)....oh that was a beauty.
    thanks for sharing Ashley and that riot of wisdom:)
    big glad sigh,

  12. That post was brilliant.
    The bingo part had me laughing.
    Actually, the whole thing made me laugh.


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