December 21, 2012

i wish i could tell you.....

i wish i could tell you: that this is what our winter looks like, but it doesn't. instead we are buried in snow. 18.5 inches of very wet and heavy flakes fell on us wednesday night and all day yesterday and with the winds, that caused blizzard like conditions, we are surrounded by mountains of snow.

i wish i could tell you: that this hawk was sitting in a tree in my backyard before the snow came, but he wasn't. this is a picture from one of my walks around the pond, back in october, that i forgot about.

i wish i could tell you: that these words are mine, but they aren't. i found this on tumblr.

i wish i could tell you: that i took this photo before the snow came, but i didn't. instead, it's another forgotten photo from this fall.

i wish i could tell you: that i have a big christmas tree in another corner of my house, but i don't. this is my charlie brown tree {that now has lots of presents under it} that we've used for years. i still like it and  it still makes me smile. the self-portrait is in front of our vintage mirror, that is filled with scratches and pitting just like an old mirror should be. oh, and my funny hand, on top of my camera, is holding the lens cap which makes me look like a bit of a dork.

i wish i could tell you: that this furry baby is wide awake, but he isn't. so sleepy.

i wish i could tell you: that this baby is mine, but he's not. he's my grand-dog and i love him enough to let him lay on my kitchen island for photos. yep, i'm a cool grandma that way.

to all of you who are traveling for the holidays, may your paths be safe and filled with light. for everyone, i hope your christmas celebrations are filled with more love and laughter than you've ever imagined possible.


  1. Hey cool grandma, I hope you have a very merry Christmas. Stay warm.

  2. I wish I could tell you how much I love reading your words and viewing your pictures.

    Oh yeah. I can!

    I love reading your words and viewing your pictures!

    We ended up with another round of snow and some wicked winds last night. No school again today.

    I love the pic of your hand above camera. Knew there was a lens cap there all along. Not dorky. Artsy.

    And your tree? Charlie Brown kind are my fave!!!!!

  3. I wish I could tell you that you never look like a I NEVER look like a dork!

    All that snow...snowman making go with your Charlie Brown adorable tree.

    And those words? I love them, love them, love them!!!

    Wishing you all the magic of Christmas Beth! xoxox

  4. btw...I LOVE your new banner!!! xo

  5. Wish I could tell you in person how I enjoy visiting your world. And love your Charlie Brown xmas tree. Perfect!

  6. Beautiful portraits here. Doggie and otherwise ~

    And I love your little tree.

  7. Sending you lots of light and love and wishes for a peaceful and beautiful Christmas. I wish I could tell YOU that at the snow is a figment of your imagination. Alas, I can't. So far, not much here -- I think it went north. And that's fine by me. It will come eventually ... it always does!

    Merry Christmas! Be happy!

  8. No new flakes here ... the snow kind anyway. Blessings for a wonderful Christmas.

    My tree qualifies as a Charlie Brown this year as the kitty has removed all of the ornaments from the lower half.

  9. I wish I could feel sorry for you with all that snow... but I can't, because truth be told, I'm coveting your snow. We've got buckets of rain here. Bleh.

    Love the grand-dog.

  10. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  11. With snow like that, I can understand why you look forward to your Seaside getaways. I love snow, but we seldom get enough to even build a tiny snow person. I bet it's beautiful up there though.

    Take care and stay warm!

  12. Snow fall here was little but managed to create quite a mess. I love your forgotten photographs. Wishing you the best of everything, Beth xo

  13. I wish I could tell you that i was the first one to be clever enough to start my comment to you with "I wish I could tell you" but I am not. I'm late to that party.

    Charlie Brown tree, I wish I could tell you we didn't have one here on the boat....but we do.

    18 inches, talk about a fast start to winter.

  14. Love love your new banner;
    Wish I could tell you I'm not jealous of your skinny minny cute little figure, but I can't :)
    Love the Charlie Brown tree, too

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  16. Wishing you and that beautiful family of yours a holiday filled with laughter and sweet love love love !
    Love you, Bethie !

  17. Love your Charlie Brown tree. I wish I could tell you it is not snowing here, but it is seems continually. The weather is minus 30 and should stay that way until after the New Years. brrr. I wish I could see flowers in my yard, but that is for another day.....Have a wonderful Christmas Beth. Soon you will be taking those fabulous beach pictures. sending hugs your way.

  18. I do so enjoy your posts, both your images and your words. Merry Christmas!!

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  20. I love that Charlie Brown tree!!! I wish you a very blessed and merry Christmas. xoxo

  21. Beth you always inspire me, elate my heart and brightens my soul. Thank you! These are beautiful!!!!!

  22. I LOVE your Christmas tree, Beth, and I truly enjoyed this post.

    I wish you and your family a truly magical Christmas.


  23. I wish for you much more laughter and love than you can even imagine. Yes, a cool grandma.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  24. i wish you a happy merry everything

  25. you look amazing, beth
    ....and I love your Charlie Brown
    all the merriest to you and yours wrapped in soft buttery peace,

  26. Merry Christmas, Beth...You, my lady, are such a inspiration to me in your work, in your life and in the joy you present through your photo's. Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

  27. your tree is adorable, and so are you. (but i'm sorry about your blizzard!)


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth