May 8, 2012

wait for me...

my older sister warned me. she said just wait until you're forty.
forty came and nothing happened. forty five. still nothing.
this year i'm going to be forty eight and it's happened.
i have to wear readers.
i've been doodling some tiny fonts on some greeting cards and gift tags that i'll be selling in the little gift shop where i take my "i often have too much time on my hands" photo related goodies to and i just can't do them anymore without having my readers on. then today i was writing in a graduation card and my eyes weren't even tired, but sure enough, everything seemed blurry. readers to the rescue. i just wish people didn't refer to them as "granny" glasses as that makes me feel old and hunched over. 
how about we start calling them "totally babelicious" glasses instead.

the babies are here. 
i didn't even see any nests at the pond and now there's the pitter patter of tiny webbed feet. 
the mama ducks are quite patient, due to all the foot traffic at the pond, but they never take their eyes off me when i'm squatting near the ground trying to photograph them. 

"wait for me, mama...wait"
did anyone else grow up with the same language classes i did, where we were taught how to use the words, "less and fewer" in very specific ways. does anyone else go crazy when you hear those words not used the way you were taught, or is it just me.
for example, i would never say, "there are less babies at the pond this year."
now granted, i type in all lower case letters, hate the way question marks look, so i rarely use them and use periods way too often along with who knows what other grammatical  mistakes,
but this one little thing bugs me. 
go figure.

the antique store i always go to, often has these bundles of string. i'm sure there's a name for them, based on whatever machine they go on, but i'm clueless. i now have five of them and i've wondered if this is a weird thing to collect. but with each roll only being two dollars, well obviously i'm over thinking this odd obsession of mine, aren't i.


  1. I buy a lot of the cute readers - you know - outrageous colors, leopard print, tye dye, etc. It makes me feel better and not so "old." LOL!

  2. gosh ~ are those babies adorable, or what? (I like ? marks!) And, if reading glasses make you feel old, just wait til progressives are needed! (The new bifocals) Well, you might not need them if you are only far-sighted and not near-sighted, as well.

  3. I got my "readers" at 48 too. I hear it's the beginning of other beauties coming with growing up...
    I can't wait ;-)

  4. Yes, the readers finally got me, too! I was always told 40, but they weren't needed until I was 49. So I feel like I got away with something for 9 years, Ha!

    Love those little ducklings. Adorable beyond words. :)

  5. You lucky dog, I had to start using them at 44.

    I'm not the grammar police, I have dyslexia and really struggle with understanding what to place where and how to spell so many words, but one thing that does drive me crazy is alot! a lot of people don't know it's two words!

  6. Beth.
    These photos?

    carry on.

  7. they wanted my in progressive lenses this year.... but I refuse til I'm at least 50! (44 currently)

    "less/fewer" doesn't really bother me but "good/well" does and misuse of gerund/participle does: "the car needs to be cleaned" or "the car needs cleaning" but NOT "the car needs cleaned".....

    soothing shots as well :)

  8. late 40s also. the good news is i still use the +1s all these years later. my boyfriend told me i looked like mrs. beasley - the doll from that old show family affair. i mean - mrs. beasley!

    he's lucky i still love him. ;-)

  9. My "thing" is "to" and "too".
    Love the string...I am drawn to items such as these as well.
    Wait until you have to wear progressives...sigh!!

  10. Don't worry about the readers...I am 45 years old, a grandmother and just got bifocals!!!


  11. bobbins .. if they work with a machine, I believe bobbins is what they are

    I almost never use commas or periods when I write posts I seem to be unable to use 'I' in lower case .. and I are always appalled at horrific grammar ;)

  12. AnonymousMay 09, 2012

    D's got readers, he calls them "cheaters." I think they look sexy.

  13. I agree about getting the super cool colorful readers that are like a fun accessory ! Arty Nerd cool, rather than grandma !

    Love your little odd obsessions, Bitchin Bethie !
    Happy Wednesday !

  14. If your readers have animal print, bling of some kind, or are cat eyes...totally babe-a-licious!

  15. AnonymousMay 09, 2012

    Oh my, I'm totally all over the "babelicious" glasses. I got mine last year, and it's aMAZing the things I can now see! ; )

  16. AnonymousMay 09, 2012

    Oh my, I'm totally all over the "babelicious" glasses. I got mine last year, and it's aMAZing the things I can now see! ; )

  17. Oh Beth, how I LOVE the dandelion photo. I'm going to use it for inspiration and try to capture my own dandelion shot.

    I have a drawer full of 'cheaters' in all colors and patterns. The down side to needing them is that you NEED them. I hate that I sometimes have to ask my kids to read something for me. Other than that, I'm having fun with my colored accessory.

  18. I say go for the really cool readers, why not make it fun!

  19. They're called granny glasses? For real? Glad I didn't know that until now. They're readers, as far as I'm concerned. I began having to use them last summer. Darn!
    Love that first photo. Love it!

  20. well, i had to get bifocals!!! or i can use readers with my contacts. neither one is perfect.

    the good thing is,, the readers come in lots of cute styles now... i meant, totally babelicious styles....

  21. oooh! so much to comment on, here.

    first of all, are you planning on just collecting the string? or would you like use it? i ask, because i just saw the coolest use of string/yarn on a blog earlier... she took string like this and wrapped a branch with it. then she made hooks and hanging rods with the branches. it was very whimsical. i would love to see what one would turn out like with your yarn. great deal on those spools! they look like they are in great condition!

    also... i'm only forty, and my eyes are going. i'm having trouble with both... especially my left. i'm concerned and very scared to go to the eye doc. don't wanna know what he will say! i guess i better go, though... before it gets worse. at about 30 years old, i actually went hoping my eyes would be bad, 'cause there were so many cute styles of glasses then, and i wanted to wear some! but the doc told me i'm fine and to come back in ten years.

    well... here i am. he was right.

    well, now that i have my blog font a bit bigger, i hope you an see my posts, now. =)

    how sweet are those little baby ducks? want them! isaac would absolutely love those!

    hey... are you up for a visit or a meet-up this summer? isaac said you better be!

  22. Readers can be hot...seriously. I have done a few boudior shoots and when the readers go on with the sexy outfit...well let's just say granny glasses do not come to mind! Lol

  23. Re: fewer and less - yes, yes, yes! It drives me crazy, but very few people seem to know the difference these days. And a lot.... but don't get me started. :-) Love your photos as always.

  24. Ditto what Alison said! And then I'll add in "anyways. . ." Saw a T-shirt recently that said

    Grammar Police
    To Serve and Correct

    It's perfect for my youngest son, who was well-schooled in grammatical niceties.

  25. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    you are forty eight? seriously? you look nothing even close to that.

  26. Precious little babies!
    I got BIfocals at 43... UGHsville.

  27. LOVE the string! I bet you end up surprised why all the things you can do with it.... Like your readers, I bet you have a bundle in every room.

    And I'm totally jealous. I needed readers and very good light since I turned 40 (a hundred years ago).

    The babes are too sweet :-0

    xo jj

  28. Beth, I have had glasses forever, but I thank God for the progressive lens, as I don't have to tell anyone how long I've had bifocals!;) I love seeing babies such as your ducks. New growth on trees, baby birds up in the eaves of my home,... It all brings me hope of new things to come, hopefully good things. And I am jealous of your string! It is a wonderful base for weaving:)Thank you for your posts, I look forward to them always.

  29. I'm totally with you on less and fewer. Advertisers can't/won't even use the correctly!

    As for readers, I call them my "specs" so no one really knows what I'm talking about. Hate having to depend on them, but I do like to read and look at cool pictures like yours. Love the baby ducks!

  30. I swear that I realized I needed glasses for reading on the day I turned 40...and it was downhill from there I'm afraid. Now I use expensive progressive lens that get stronger every year. I would get Lasik surgery or contacts if I could but they tell me I have the wrong kind of problem. I hate wearing glasses!

    Love those goslings though!


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