February 21, 2012

beautiful fascinations....

the beauty and innocence of children 
fascinates me

so do hovering seagulls

old dogs wrapped up from the late afternoon chill

bushes full of birds

this is my favorite photo so far this week and unfortunately i felt the need to protect it.
that makes me really sad.

this is my hubby with judy, our favorite seaside snowbird.

uniquely dressed people 
fascinate me

as do windy days

{when they're not mine}

short and tall washboard players 

twins with gorgeous hats

this man.
{actually everything about this man fascinates me and i kind of want to invite him over for dinner}
now it's your turn
what are you finding fascinating...and i mean really fascinating...on this beautiful tuesday.


  1. well, YOU, first off. and lovesick cardinals. (i love their love songs) and that seagull, looking like a prima ballerina (have unscrupulous folks been stealing your photos?) and your friend judy, who has that marvelous nut-brown skin that my beach-loving grandfather used to have... love her adorable smile, too :)

  2. How awesome your photography is and how they tell a story even it there were no words.

    Fascinated in how much love the lord has for us and has created all this beauty for our eyes and to know our eyes have yet to see it all.

  3. you. your photography,
    anything outside.
    that I am loved.

  4. hey gorgeous, I too had the exact same thought when I viewed "your favourite" pic, it is sad we have to think like that...but it is stunning!

    My favourite pic is of the hovering seagull....I was in awe of that capture...how on earth??? Simply beautiful :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  5. Fascinating: Founding Foodies--a book about our early leaders and food in America, my husband's office politics, this strange winter weather, my sons' imaginations.

  6. All the pictures are great but that first shot! What a doll! What an expression!!!

    Today I am fascinated by the wet, warm snow blanketing my back yard. I thought for sure winter was just about over. I am fascinated with the creativity of my darling daughter. I am fascinated with words and books and the mystery of the human mind.

    Hey, you asked!


  7. they are all lovely but that second one is my fave!

  8. I find you and your talent and your eye really fascinating. Honestly. You are really good at doing what you love and capturing that love with your camera. Honestly. ;-)

    I am also fascinated by a February 21st with absolutely no snow in NH. Feels good but also so odd at the same time.

    I am also fascinated how much time I can spend on the internet, and facebook and blogs, looking at stuff of all kinds and how I can keep how messy my house is completely out of focus most of the time...Until it finally just gets all in my face, like today. Sigh...

    Kiss John's cheek from me too.
    Love you, Beauch Bum Beth.

  9. Great pictures. I am continually fascinated by many of the same things. My fish fascinate me. I love how the tetras school and even when we add a new one to the tank, he (or she) falls in perfectly with the group even though they could not possibly know one another.

  10. OMG! you took off word verification! i wasn't even going to try to leave a comment, but thought i'd give it a go...

  11. First, I want to thank you for the old dog photo which looks remarkably like a Scottie and I hope that it is. You know me and my Scots.

    I am finding it fascinating that after having nine tubes of blood taken on a blood draw this morning, I'm still able to sit up and type.

    Beth, I vacillate between adoring you and absolutely hating you. It's all envy....truly it is. I am so amazed by what you are able to see and say. Truly, madly, deeply.

  12. You fascinate me - how your eye sees something and you know how to capture it to make it come alive in still form.

    Judy fascinates me from all you told us about her and I'm sorry that we didn't meet...but I love this photo of John giving her a kiss!

    I'm fascinated that I'm having a no winter winter and wonder what that is really all about.

    I'm fascinated that it is almost noon and I am still in my pjs and sitting in my bed having the most lazy of lazy days.

  13. Each and every one of your photos is a fascination, Beth! I love the "hovering" pic and the old dog with owner shown to the side (also old). Your portraits show so much personality!

  14. Each and every one of your photos is a fascination, Beth! I love the "hovering" pic and the old dog with owner shown to the side (also old). Your portraits show so much personality!

  15. Beautiful photos, beth. I love the windy day one!
    I am fascinated by a rare albino deer in my area. I saw it on Sunday evening, against an all- brown field, and I am still in awe. Bright white in all the dreariness. I think it means something more.... Happy beach days! K

  16. Oh, I love all these photos (and the teenager comment ..agree there!). My fave is that first one ... colors and the softness of it!

  17. Let's see, today I found our dog Scout fascinating as he hopped onto and settled into the couch just as my husband got ready to lay back down (post-surgery). How cold it can get in what seems like a matter of minutes. The smiling man you were fascinated with. I bet he has stories to tell. All of your photographs and how you view the world through your lens.


  18. Everything about you Beth. You and your Photos are "Fascinating."

  19. That seagull is fabulous!
    I can't muster up any fascination right now...my head hurts too bad, but I enjoyed your words and photos.

  20. Your people photos fascinate me...how do you find them and do you ask to take their pics? That kind of courage fasincates me.

  21. Yes, it is fascinating! :) Loved the titlle of the blog :)

  22. I'm fascinated by the tail feathers of your hovering sea gull - oh my, that takes my breath away. Also, by the promise of spring (almost reached 70 where I am today)!!

  23. Today I'm finding your bird shots fascinating. Them and every other photo in this post.

    What else I find fascinating is my ability to turn a perfectly good Tuesday into a rotten Monday just because a few things went wrong. Bad me.

  24. The hovering seagull absolutely stuns me.

  25. I'm right there with you, Kate. Actually....not much went wrong I am just beyond spent. sigh....

    your photos fascinate me :) that child is gorgeously symmetrical and you've captured her so beautifully and that man has a contagious laugh that I can hear in the photo. and, yes, you should protect that bird shot..... and all your others, too

    also, got the soundtrack from Midnight in Paris from Amazon (yay!) and that is making me smile. Decent movie with a great soundtrack

  26. Your photos fascinate me. I would love hearing this mans picture. Fascination was difficult to find sitting in my office all day. Now I am off to read for awhile and hope to find something fascinating there.

  27. I love all of these photos, especially the seagulls, but ESPECIALLY the hovering one... oh my gosh! What a unique and beautiful image!!

  28. You either have one heck of a lens, one huge rapport with children or both because your portraits of children unawares are simply stunning. Period. To the Max.

  29. Truly amazing shots dear Beth!
    It saddens me you have to post lettering over your favorite picture. Hummmm...what fascinates me on this Tuesday...the emotion that is evoked by both you and Jamie's imagery...you capture experiences and she captures stillness...funny how personality comes through the images!
    I am totally bummed...my computer is ill...no blog for awhile...keep your fingers crossed it is not terminal!

  30. your new header (love!),
    these photos
    and the travels of your days
    that take you to such
    wonderful places
    and faces!

  31. well, these photos for one! and grey. fascinating in that it is everywhere, pervasive, and i know that it is hiding lots of color to come.
    so there's that.

  32. Hey Beth, You know I'm a huge fan and honestly, I'm surprised you don't protect ALL your photos. You have such a great gift and deserved to be recognized for your work.

    As for amazing today-- Modern medicine and why we can't cure the common cold... of which I currently have a doozie.

    xoxo jj

  33. ...that photo you protected. Oh, I have so much to learn lol.

  34. Well....even though I'm reading this on Thursday I feel compelled to say that I am fascinated by the sunrise today...pinks, blues and a hint of red-orange...gorgeous. I could watch it all day...if sunrise lasted all day LOL

  35. Fascinated by the beauty and softness of your photos once again....Sorry you had to protect that photo, but it should be! Stunning....Lori

  36. Omg..that hovering seagull shot! And we all need to protectt our favorite photos from time to time!

  37. Cute pup in the blanket... hope he warmed up!


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