February 15, 2012

the angry ocean....

yesterday morning it rained. 
the kind of rain that soothed my soul but roughed up the ocean. 
like a barroom brawl. 
with scary deep voices in the background. and sucker punches.
left behind, was beyond beautiful. spectacular actually.

all any of us could do was just look.
the "girl time" was too short and as always, it takes me days to form the words that will try to describe our time together. but they will come, those words. and of course the photos will, too.


  1. In the meantime, I love these..... the capture of the seagull just soaring overhead... perfect.

  2. The first photo is outstanding, you captured the gull riding the wind.

    Oh to be there, the fragrance of the ocean and the mist in the air.

  3. One can never go wrong when relaxing at the beach, my favorite place.

  4. Your eye...your beautiful eye that sees what is there and what some of us might just miss for looking the other way. You found the words for this one -- bar room brawl...that's just what it looks like. But beautiful.

    And I agree. Girl time was MUCH too short! xoxo

  5. Wow -- what a fascinating shore. Lovely photos.

    Can't wait to hear about your girl time!

  6. We all may love the beach on a sunny day with birds trying to catch a lift on the wind but on stormy days you feel the true power of the ocean. To taste the breeze and salt that lands on your skin... You realize how small you are as a wave crashes.

  7. I know exactly what you mean by those days and I actually enjoyed that kind of weather at times, even more now that I get back home so infrequently.

  8. I hear you had a very magical time

  9. oh yes, i love those kind of storms... scary, yet beautiful.


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