January 30, 2012

blinded by the light.....

who challenged me last year while i was in florida
threw another one at me this year

"find someone to make sand angels for you"

well i think i get extra credit since i found three little sweethearts
who answered the "sand angel" call
the poor little boys didn't last very long though just laying in the sun,
as they were truly blinded by the light. so cartwheels and handstands prevailed.
thanks karen for your challenge. anyone else have something they want me to photograph?


  1. Aren't children wonderful to photograph? They make "real" faces, silly faces, innocent faces, clear as a bell faces. Don't get me started on how they stand, sit, etc!

    Sand Angels ....ahhhh..even a beach sounds so nice right now.

  2. Can we just bottle this kinda of energy? Put their adorable-nessness (its a word...I swear) into a compact to put on at will?? so cute...

    love the feel of these photo's. Gorgeous...

  3. lol...at first I wasn't sure what that first child was doing and then I started laughing because it just looks so darned cute!! The scrunched up faces from the sun as they dedicated themselves to making angels cracked me up...and then the hand stands...delightful!!

    FYI -- I am NOT doing that, no matter what you challenge me with!!! Angels maybe...hand stands...fugged aboudit!!!

    Oh...my word verification is beliz..okay no "e" but close enough!!

  4. How cute! And boys told to roll in the sand and make angels- challenge? I dunno... hmmm, could you write your one word using pieces of sea glass? Its what I want to do when I get to the beach :)

    btw: Über, super-duper annoyed at Picnik being taken away!!

  5. What fun photos, capturing boys in motion is no easy task! Believe me I know!

  6. Oh my gosh, how cute! Even after a day filled with seven and eight year olds, this makes me happy! Hahaha! People look so funny when they squint in the sun. I bet you can capture amazing squinty, sunny faces! Have fun in the sunshine, beth. I think I have to live vicariously through you this week, but I can do that!

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  8. Love these sand angels, how sweet to cooperate and play for a crazy lady. Now let's see what challenge could it be? I am thinking here. How about pictures of your toes just peaking out of being buried in sand. I am thinking more and maybe I will be back. Most importantly, just play!

  9. dummy me, had to correct my spelling...

    If it were not for challenges, we would not grow stronger in our faith and or in our daily life. You are growing and having fun all at the same time. I read about the pink Precious cottage and the challenge it was to find it but you did it, how confident you must have felt.

    "Sand Angels"... or as I see "Angels On The Sand" too.... you accomplished one extra that no one requested. This too is precious.

    Such an uplifting post!

  10. Very fun post...vacation suits you... : )
    The little guys are adorable...
    Lets see... things to photograph....hummm
    sand crabs, boats, more jelly fish, kites, birds, sand castles, write your post in the sand, your one word, a shark fin (just kidding)...
    What ever you do...It will be awesome!

  11. So 'happy'!! How can you not smile??

  12. So cute !!! Sand angles indeed !
    Oh, that light, that sand, that sky !!!

    I can almost feel it...
    Yeehaw !!!

  13. Summertime, and the livin is easy...beautiful. xo Jenny

  14. Awww, what adorable children and such willing subjects. I've been catching up on blogs this morning and most of what I'm seeing is snow and ice. Glad you are able to enjoy the sunshine.

  15. Did I mention I was very envious of you in previous comments? I know it is bad manners, but I am...really envious.

    Keep sending us sun filled photographs, Beth and sand angels making little munchkins :-)

  16. oh my little Hero would fit right in with your adorable models. He recently hadan eye exam and was told to wear glasses. At the optometerist, he tested his glasses by doing cartwheels around the place, just making sure that the glasses stayed put even when he was bouncing around all over the place.

  17. Oh, thanks. I needed that on this snowy, sleety, greasy day! Love your photographs!

  18. Now how did I miss this :-)

    You did a better job than I had wished for!


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