January 28, 2012

after the storm....

a few nights ago, an early evening storm rolled in.
unfortunately it brought it with it, jellyfish.

now granted, they are amazing to photograph. but oh they're gross.

thankfully the beach is wide and you can still walk barefoot. carefully.

these little unassuming guys have tendrils and from what i understand,
they can still sting you even after being washed ashore.
{does anyone know for how long that's possible}

my apologies. i know. this one is extremely phallic. 
oh and don't tell me, "what. i don't see it" because i know you do.

most of them are blue in color

some of them are lonely

some of them have families

all of them make it impossible for me to take sophie's leash off
when we're walking on the beach.
but am i complaining. absolutely not. 
after all we're walking on the beach for pete's sake.
 taking photos and laughing and eating ice cream.
life is good


  1. that phallic one looked pretty lonely...probably chased all the ladies away...like a guy walking along the beach in a speedo...hello ladies..I am here!!!

    Hard for Sophie having to be the leash but much better that, than being stung!

  2. wow....never seen blue ones!
    sorry they've crashed the party
    and glad the beach is wide.
    enjoy the untainted sand,

  3. That color is so pretty!
    Yay for warm barefoot beaches!!!

  4. It does seem like they can sting for the longest of time. Take care, ouch! and watch that Sophie too. Enjoy the ice cream and laughing.

  5. I think these came form Texas. They're on the Port Aransas beaches. Enjoy but watch where you step. xo Jenny

  6. I've heard about the jelly fish problem down there...timing is everything...they do make really cool subjects for photos though! : ) and...it sounds like you are having fun...much better than snow and cold...I am sure...I will be heading to the tide pool tomorrow morning...wish you were on the west coast beach...so we could go together...and you could teach me a few things...can hardly wait to hear about your picnik replacement...enjoy your vacation!
    PS....No Jelly fish here...

  7. Now that is definitely the life...beach..sand and sun and ice cream?? Sigh!! Blissdom for sure!

  8. oh beth, your photos are always worth th look!

    love all of them!

  9. Since I have only been to a beach twice in my life, I would have thought it was seaglass and dummie me would have reached to pick it up. Awesome photography as always, you sure brought the beach up close for us that cant get there.

    Praying your day is blessed.

  10. Fortunately, don't have that problem here, but I have read about their dangers. There looked to be an awfully lot of them hanging out on the sand. Do they lay there and die or wash back out?

  11. That first photograph is gorgeous! As they all are! Beach walks are the best! Enjoy your day my friend!

  12. I thought the blue might have been the light catching on them, not seen blue ones before, very cool. Great pics but I not so fun trying to navigate around them I'm sure.

  13. Oh, this is wonderful. Love that you're on the beach. And some day, I'm going to get to see it.
    I sound like I'm inviting myself, don't I? Ok, well maybe I am. Some day!!

  14. beautiful, but so creepy. i've never seen so many wash up on our beaches at one time like that! are you on the gulf or the atlantic side?

  15. Oh my goodness!! I've never seen a blue jelly fish before!! I think they look like children were having a water balloon fight on the beach. Your photos are beautiful!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  16. Beautiful shots of these jellyfish, even the phallic one. :) The bokeh in that one is superb! In these photos I can almost smell the salty air. Glad you are out enjoying life on the beach.

  17. The pale blue and little veins I can see in some of them plus the texture of the seaweed - you got some unique shots, Beth. It's the good coming from bad, I guess. Did you say "ice cream?"

  18. Nope... no reason to complain about it. After all, the jellies were here on earth long before we were I would imagine... It's they that actually own the beach I guess. :-)

  19. see what? :D hehe is that were "blue balls" came from?
    x  x

  20. Oh wow..these jellyfish are amazing!

  21. Oh thank gawd, I'm not the only one that thought of sex when I saw your photos today ;-)
    Love these.
    xo jj

  22. You made those disgusting things look awesome!

  23. Beth,

    I have vivid memories of dodging the jelly fish with my little feet many, many years ago when vacation on the beach in Florida with my family.

    You captured it all so beautifully.

  24. I think they are Portugese Man 'o War . We saw them in Miami. Jelly fish aren't as pretty , and only sting in the water unlike these which I do believe have power on land. I'll have to google them now of course.

  25. Ok, I live on the ocean.. and I've seen lot's and lot's of jellies... but never in my life have I seen BLUE ONES!!!!!
    They are so beautiful! I would LOVE to see what they look like in the water!


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