October 2, 2011

and spin me, too.....

when life is taking us for a ride
all we can do is hold on
enjoy the wind in our hair
"is that all you've got. spin me, too"
last weekend 
we went to the apple orchard so i could play with my new lens. 
lucky for me, a girl that my hubby works with was there with her two daughters 
and they were pretty much game for anything i asked of them.
there are more, really fun photos, over here


  1. Great shot Beth -- I can feel the wind in my hair just looking at this..and wish I had a tire to spin on...then again, your thoughts sum up my life exactly as it is right now -- so I'm adopting this attitude...you spin me right round baby right round.... :)

  2. Love swinging. Spinning not so much. But I know what you mean.
    Spin on, Shiny One !
    Happy Sunday !

  3. Hey Beth, I'm sure you had great fun.
    Those girls are so cute! love the color but also that B&W shot.
    I went on down and checked out the next family there, how awesome are those boys! especially the two of them in the wagon cracking up.
    You are such a great photographer.

  4. I LOOOOOOOVE that
    "is that all you've got
    ....spin me too!"
    Yes, that is what I'll shout!
    Some of my happiest childhood
    memories come from tireswing time
    ...this is fantastic.
    One I won't forget.
    Awesome share....thanks!

  5. What a good idea! As long as I'm on this crazy ride...why not ask for a spin or two:D
    Thank you for this great outlook. I think I will do just that!
    I love the capture!!

  6. Love the image. Sounds like your out having some fun. Congrats on the new lens. I sold one of my cameras so Im a happy girl today. Let the wind blow. :) Have a wonderful day

  7. I love swings. Great photo.

  8. this really captures the joy of the day! I want to find a tire swing now!

  9. Oh I can remember being that kid. Wonderful shot, Beth.

  10. Adorable! I just took a bunch of photos of my granddaughter on a tire swing too...but none as great as yours!

  11. Looks like total bliss on her face!

  12. This is so joyous and fun!! I can feel the wind in her hair..hear the laughter in her voice. Inspiring!!

  13. What a wonderful playful moment you captured. Makes me want to go find a tire swing for myself. :)

  14. oh, to be that little spinning girl again! i miss those days. so precious! great capture!

  15. Perfection. That picture is a perfect picture of childhood - mine at least. It felt just that way.

  16. You know I would love a visit to an apple farm and love spinning with wind in my hair. Your photo tells a wonderful story.


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