October 28, 2011

and it continues....

the writer's block i spoke of in my previous post 
continues to hang on like a acrobatic performer in the circus
whose ropes have become all tangled
unfortunately as she holds on waiting for help
the floor people have started to clean up and have removed the trampoline below her
this is an instagram photo of a picture that hangs in my office
that i put on facebook this morning with the caption of
"in case you were wondering what to do today"
what will you do today to prove you exist
i think i'm going to have a date with my camera. 
i can tell that lately, she feels a bit neglected and that's just not right.
the happiest of weekends to all of you and your families


  1. Good idea! I always find a date with a camera to be a cure for whatever ails you. I love this photo and the words above it. Simple, yet profound.

  2. Hmmm, I am going to write and I am thanking you for giving me the virtual push I needed :-)

    Thank you beth

  3. When you write so eloquently about your writers block my BS radar starts beeping... no matter what you say I feel your heart ~ that's all I'm wishing for in anyones post and your photos always make me swoon :)

  4. I think my thoughts were in keeping with yours... yesterday :) Isn't it awe inspiring that when our words get stuck... we have other creative outlets that may just bring our words back to us in a whole new way?

    Can't wait to see!

  5. I have a date my my cousin. We're going to get together for dinner and drinks and a whole lot of giggling.

  6. how exciting... you are taking your camera out for a spin!
    today? on my way out to a fav coffee shop; picking up a to go joe and homemade granola bar & walking the beach - yep! there i exist vibrantly (nice to have a day off)...
    a beautiful weekend to you...

  7. You call that writer's block? That's pure genius! Love the photo. Even without the caption, it stands plenty strong alone. Happy camera-ing (or something like that).

  8. thanks for a thought-provoking push.

  9. i hope you and your camera have a fabulous date. i know you'll share photos of your time together...

  10. Prove I exist? I'm going to hide away in my little hole and see if anyone notices I've gone missing... That way I exist because somebody else has perceived my non-presence. In less philosophical terms I've dragged out all my daughters newborn baby clothes and have been sorting through them for the arrival of daughter 2 in six weeks. I like leaving things to the last minute. It gives me a rush and I feel aaaaallllliiiiivvvvveeee.

  11. Beth, sounds like we're on the same page . . . I've been experiencing writers block too. I headed out to one of my favorite spots this morning with my camera and it was beautiful. :0)

  12. good question.
    no really.
    i think my answer for now will be: i will breathe.
    have fun on your camera date!

  13. Old fashion wisdom from my grandmother who I called Bubbie (short for Babushka or grandmother in Russian) : "If you don know vhat to do, do nothink."
    Taking pictures and/or doing other stuff you love is sure to move the writer's block eventually !
    Be gentle with that gorgeous self ! Have a fun weekend, Beautiful Bethie !

  14. Oh no - camera must not feel neglected!! ;o) Enjoy living!

  15. Neglecting the camera? Oh no. You must be in a funk. Prove you exist today and show us the photographic evidence tomorrow.

  16. This is writer's block? I love the description of the acrobatic circus performer. I can't even write that on a regular day.

    Love your instagrams. I'll let you know what my weekend holds . . . enjoy, my friend. xo

  17. Have you noticed how beautifully you have written about "writer's block", and how you have touched all these people? Methinks you are tricking yourself! Maybe you are mistaking a project's need for some fallow time with you yourself being blocked?

  18. Will your camera get to second base? hmmm?
    Sorry I'm still in a bawdy mood from the volvo V**va thing....
    Have a delightful weekend.

  19. You seem to be feeling better - I don't know what is being blocked by your block, but at least you are still writing. May you find ease with it - and have fun on your photo date!

  20. May your weekend be spectacular!

    What have I done to prove I exist today? Hummm? I washed my clothes and ironed them - I guess that means I plan on being around to enjoy them. Laughing!

  21. Hummmm, I love your writer's block!!!

    And your camera? You are so creative. Hope you are feeling better.

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  24. I had a very good day. I took my young horse to a new trainer so she can learn to drive a cart. While there, the trainer had her beautiful stallion hooked so I drove him in the arena. First time I've driven and it was such fun! I felt such satisfaction.

  25. Enjoy your photog day, beth! My day took an unexpected twist when I didnt board my plane to Boston afterall. Michael went alone, on crutches and told me to stay home through the upcoming Boston snowstorm, with my sore throat. Life feels odd today.

  26. oh, i love this photo, beth. wishing you a peaceful weekend and may she bring to you an armful of inspiration, friend. xx

  27. Busy weekend here....cooking, cleaning, two parties, yikes! I should be doing something more than reading blogs!:)

  28. Today I volunteered with a bunch of really cool people to help shelter dogs find homes :-)

  29. well, the floor people may be cleaning up but your audience is still here and your poetic description of your writer's block is beautiful and so let me say I don't think you are as blocked as you think you are :)

    hope you are feeling better :)

  30. Hi Beth- Thanks for the well wishes the other day- I feel so much better! I know that writer bkock feeling- BUT for YOU- even talking about it sounds good coming from you- you have such as gift with words and images. Have a cozy fall day ...

  31. judging by what i just read, you don't have writer's block. i do hope you have had a great weekend and feel refreshed and inspired!

  32. To prove we exist?? What a wonderful concept as I go about my day with my camera! And - a beautiful..ethereal image. The words will resurface..they always do!

  33. "prove you exist".....wow.
    That is wonderful....so strong
    it draws blood.
    I like those words; I guess
    embracing that we do exist
    is the forerunner.
    Thanks for the wonderful ponder,

  34. i have it too... thinking of you as you recover .. holding you close to my heart ..great mud run photos too!!

  35. love this photo and your words! hope you found what you were looking for this weekend!

  36. Even when you are plagued with writer's block, you find adorable witty things to say. Makes me not believe you. ;)


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth