July 1, 2011

for char....

i was recently in contact with char's sister again and mentioned to her that many of you had sent me personal emails regarding doing something to keep char's memory alive.
as a family, they will be making a book of char's photographs and words, for their own personal keepsakes and she thought the idea of all of us, keeping char's blog alive, was a fantastic idea.

after rolling around a few ideas, i decided that a blog badge would be something char would have loved. so i grabbed some of her photos, ones that i felt represented her the best and made six different badges.

for most of you, you can just copy and paste one of these badges to your blogs and add char's blog as the link to the photo.
for blogspot bloggers, you use "picture gadget" and use the link "charlaneg.blogspot.com
{you can see mine added at the bottom of my blog}

if any of you know how to make an html code for all of these badges and want to help me out with that, i would hugely appreciate it.
i'm thinking for some of you, that might be an easier way
{thanks to eva, you can go HERE if you need the html code for the badge of your choice}

also, some of you might need to resize the badge you choose. i tried to make a one size fits all size, but with so many different blogs, i know that that's probably an impossible feat.

so to char
photos and words and music and recipes
are missed everyday
the memory of you
will never be forgotten


  1. Beth, to link to her Ramblins blog it's


  2. Beth...what a lovely way to remember Char.

    ( i am not too good on the computer, but i sure am going to try this )

    sending love to you today, my sweet friend


  3. that's a really sweet thing to do for your friend...

  4. Nice to be remembered, and you have nice choices here.

  5. what a beautiful thing to do!!


  6. Thank you for doing this!!! Funny thing, just this morning I was thinking about her...and what was to become of her blog. I will happily post this on my blog. xoxo

  7. Love this Beth....and yes, I do miss her so much. I will definitely add a badge, but which one they're all so beautiful. <3

  8. Beth, what a good friend you are ... and generous of you to commit time for all to remember her by! Thank you!

  9. Such a wonderful thing to do, thank you.

  10. What a wonderful idea! I can put together the html code. I'll email you when I get it all done.

  11. Okay, I had to come back here to say ... it's added to my page ... thanks Beth, you made it so easy to do!!!!

  12. well done Beth! thank you

  13. If anyone wants the HTML code, I've posted instructions and the code over here: http://www.greystreetgirl.com/2011/07/badges-for-char.html

  14. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    You can find html code here.


    Lovely idea.


  15. What a wonderful idea! Thank you, Beth.

  16. Done, my friend ... thank you for being such a wonderful and true one to so many.
    This is a beautiful idea.

  17. You are so thoughtful.

  18. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    i did not know char, but i feel like i know who she was via having the opportunity to read/see her blog. i'm so sorry for the loss you and many others are experiencing.

    the badge and you are beautiful ♥

  19. Feeling down. And then I came here.

    Love this idea.

    Tonight, if I lived near you, I'd text you on your cell and ask you to meet me at the ice cream parlor. I would get chocolate reeces cup ice cream and you would get something equally decadent, only you wouldn't gain an ounce whereas I may as well just apply the ice cream liberally to my hips.

    * sigh *

  20. what a friend you are
    ....touches my heart
    to brush up against
    all the love
    going on over here.
    Just beautiful...that's what it is:)

  21. This is so absolutely wonderful! Thank you Beth! I am going to give it a try right now....


  22. I was just thinking today if you had any more contact with Chars sister. This is a wonderful idea. Thanks for doing this. hugs.

  23. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    Beth, this is such a lovely idea. I've been wondering what would happen with Char's blog, knowing that there is so much wisdom and beauty in both her writing and her photography. (and what a beautiful legacy and treasure she's left for her family)

    I feel very happy about this...thank you, thank you! I'll be displaying a "Char" badge with love.

  24. AnonymousJuly 02, 2011

    what a lovely idea, beth. what a beautiful way to remember her. you are such a gift. xx

  25. Oh, thank you so much, Beth! THis is wonderful!

  26. Thank you Beth, I just came across some of her comments in my inbox today and it still hurts.

    xo Mary Jo

  27. AnonymousJuly 10, 2011

    i am catching up after a fortnight of craziness of work. i think this is a alovely idea and i am going to add one to my blog. thanks beth!

  28. I surely do miss her. ;(


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